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Aye so this is my first post on this site in general so yeah ahah. This post is just to test waters on putting my opinions on wrestling out there so yeah. We all have those "DREAM" matches that we would LOVE to see, but i am a fan of many random matches and i thought it would be interesting to make some matches that wouldn't be half bad if they happen. So here we go with TNA vs WWE matches that would just be fun to watch

Christopher Daniels vs CM Punk
-the promos would be HILARIOUS and entertaining, not to mention their in ring work is phenomenal

Magnus vs Drew McIntyre-these two are really great, McIntyre in my opinion is the most underrated superstar on the main roster that we see so often, and as often as we see him, we have not seen him given a single chance to show off his abilities. Magnus is amazing in the ring and can really bring it to any type of opponent. Again these are random matches that can just be for fun to imagine.

Samoa Joe vs Antonio Cesaro- Come on, I absolutely no reason to why this match wouldn't be amazing. Joe and Claudio. Two HUGE names from the indys and Joe could make Cesaro look even stronger than he really is and the technicality that this could entail would be beyond crazy.

Austin Aries vs Dean Ambrose- not sure if this happened in the indys, i think it has. but have their current characters together and the promo interactions could be pretty great. as you can tell, i like indy wrestling(although i am very new to it all). no brainer, i would pay good money to see this match on a big stage

Kazarian vs Seth Rollins- Seth is my favorite wrestler right now in wwe and bad influence is my favorite part of tna. why not? i do not see this match being boring. haha again all just randomness

James Storm vs Alberto Del Rio- Del Rio is actually great, he just hasn't done anything new in the last... ever. And James storm is always fun to watch.

Kurt Angle vs Daniel Bryan- dude come on...

Gunner vs Roman Reigns- both are intensive as hell and can bring some angry movesets out of each other.

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