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The Unified Championship

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On December 15th, it is booked, as of right now, that we may see a unification of the WWE and World Heavyweight aka WCW aka NWA Championship. I say this with trepidation because that is how creative have handled it. With keeping only one foot in, the authority keep asking themselves ‘should we really do this?’

So should they really do this? Yes. Why? Because no matter how you spin it, the titles will never be equal. The WWE for some time now has been the prominent title and very well should be. It is the title most of us grew up with and the one that the very biggest superstars (Hogan, Austin) have held (sorry, Flair). In fact, I would rather, and hopefully it ends up being, that this unified championship just reverts to being named the WWE Championship.

But what about the legacy of the NWA Championship? Well, there is already an official NWA Championship, though it doesn’t mean much these days and while I would like to count WWE’s lineage of the belt official, it really isn’t and shouldn’t be a ground to keep an irrelevant title.

The fact is, two belts cheapen both. Recently, Cena has made a push to perceive the World Heavyweight Championship as an equal to the WWE Championship but it doesn’t work that way. Whichever title Cena holds will always seem the most legit. We now see the WWE Championship as the lesser title. Like Highlander, there can be only One. There’s only one slot for a main event anyways.

For the better part of a decade, we have seen Championships mean virtually nothing. This is the right direction for reclaiming their prestige. Now if someone wins the Royal Rumble, you know exactly which title they will be shooting for. Before, when the Rumble winner was crowned, you thought ‘Ok, are they going to push him to the top for the WWE title or just feed him to the WHC?’ It lessened the prestige of the Rumble when you have to think in terms of that. In kayfabe terms, which superstar in their right mind would want to challenge for the WHC when they have a shot at being top dog. I’m sure you have to come up with excuses in your head like ‘maybe they feel like they’re not ready’ or the fact they get in feuds with the WHC but in the end it doesn’t feel real. Wrestling needs to play to our emotions and there is not one wrestling fan who would not win the Royal Rumble and not challenge for the WWE title.

So who should win at TLC? John Cena. If they are truly going forward with this and merging the titles forever. It should be John Cena who holds the honor. The reasons are obvious, he is the ‘face of the WWE’ and one of the greatest superstars of all time. 50 years from now when they allude to the personality of the original unified champion, you want to know who it is. Randy Orton has left a mark on our generation but future generations he will not. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some 2007-2008 Randy Orton, but as referenced in Cena’s promo last Monday, he’s gotten stale and lazy. This also paves the way to Wrestlemania, when the Royal Rumble winner gets to challenge John Cena for the one and only main event championship. It will feel big. It will feel official.

Ok so, what if I’m the WWE and want to back out of this, what should I do? A lot of people have come up with the obvious answer of each competitor taking the others title. Creative read the dirt sheets and try to come up with ways to out think the IWC, much to our dismay. My alternative is to have the lights go out and when the lights return, both belts are gone. This will give rise to speculation, who took the belts? You could run with it, much like Jericho’s return in 2012 with cryptic videos. That was exciting and would be fun to watch. Was it the Undertaker? the Wyatts? Jericho? the Shield? Sting? But we all know it would end up being Triple H.

In the end, unifying both titles is a good idea, even though the WWE may not think so. They should revert the prestige that the WHC has to the Intercontinental Championship like the ‘good ole days.’ What the creative team doesn’t understand is that you need to keep wrestling simple. Simple ideas. Simple match ups. Strong personalities. Push who is getting over, bury who is not. Surprise us every now and then. This is what worked in the Hulkamania and Attitude Eras. Two main event championships get in the way of that, get rid of it.

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  1. Erich Krems's Avatar
    While we're at it, we need to unify the US and Intercontinental championships. US title is where the European title was 10 years ago. No one cares. WWE needs three titles, World Championship, Intercontinental and Tag Team.
  2. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    The WHC meant as much as the WWE title does, when it was on Raw! Raw is the show that Uncle Vince cares about, thats why its live every week & Smackdown is taped on Tuesdays. When Triple H was WHC battleling Batista, Van Dam, Kane & Micheals the World title was the main belt. Once they moved it to Smackdown it became the IC belt & Cena became the face of the WWE & thats why we have what we have. Alot of the stuff Batista said about Cena was totally true. If the "Animal" hadn't been moved to Smackdown in '05 he'd have been the face of the WWE.

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