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Kyle Fitta

Vince McMahon Needs To Panic For WWE To Drastically Change

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I haven't written about wrestling in months now. I have had no interest in doing so, either. We all know the product is terrible. So, I am not going to inflict pain onto myself by watching it just to write about it .

Lately, I've heard people ask why certain things are the way they are in
WWE, though. Of course, the most popular question is why the Attitude Era can't come back.The answer to that is quite simple: It died 12 years ago, so get over it. Nearly everything that WWE has revamped has paled in comparison to the original anyways.

The Attitude Era was a revolution. Another one needs to happen to a put a spark back into pro-wrestling. WWE, obviously, doesn't need to attempt to revolutionize wrestling, as they are content where they are now, profiting nearly 50 million a year.

So, in order for there to be a drastic change for the better, McMahon needs to experience dire fear (similar to how he did when
WCW emerged and nearly put his company out of business), because history proves he either steps up his game when he feels feels threatened, or, even better, searches for advice from someone else besides his brown-nosers.

After all, that is what sparked the Attitude Era: He was desperate and looking
for solutions, so he started listening to people he normally wouldn't give the time of day. Like for example, Vince Russo, who kept pitching ideas to make the product more edgy and to stop following wrestling formulas. Because of this, albeit having a restricted roster, WWF survived WCW's reign of terror and eventually surpassed their popularity via listening to the fans, giving wrestlers unique gimmicks, and thinking outside the box by creating innovative ways to build conflicts.

In 2000, WWF signed several workhouses to give the product enough depth to give an impeccably balanced programming that displayed of prodigious wrestling and captivating sports entertainment. In addition, they also upgraded their head of creative leader after Vince Russo left by replacing him with Chris Kreski. In contrary to Russo, Kreski understood the psychology of wrestling and thought outside the box, came up with compelling , captivating and inventive ideas , and used storyboards to develop story lines that were layered and well structured as well. And without any surprise , the year 2000 were the Golden Age of WWF from a rating , profitability, and critically acclaimed standpoint.

But once the product
officially cemented itself as the cream of the crop, McMahon went back to doing what he wanted to do: He demoted Kreski from head-writer and replaced him with his inexperienced daughter, who didn't know how to book herself out of a paper bag. He surrounded himself with a bunch of people who wrote for his approval. He fired other people with extensive wrestling knowledge like Paul Heyman and Jim Ross and replaced them with people with spineless people who wouldn't disagree with anything he would have to say. He self-indulgently booked himself and his family into practically any huge angle that has happened in WWF in the past 15 years. He has allowed his son-in-law to overexposed himself and shoehorn himself into huge angles as well. And, most frustratingly, he has told the fans what they want because he thinks he knows what they want better than they do themselves.

If you still don't believe me, take a look at some of the more famous things that has happened in
WWE over the past couple of years. They've almost all been moments where he has had some sense of panicking. He brought back familiar faces like the Rock and Brock Lesnar because of the WM buyrates were sliding. He triggered the Nexus angle because the ratings were falling. He allowed the Summer of Punk to happen because Punk was going to walk out of the company.

Thus, if McMahon doesn't panic, he will be more than content to stay seated on his throne, disallowing anyone to question his decisions, and, more importantly, profiting off suckers who still invest into his less-than-stellar product.

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