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Kieren Lucas

AAW - Defining Moment 2013 review

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AAW - Defining Moment 2013

Knight Wagner vs Prince Mustafa Ali

The match starts off with a dropkock by Ali and a twisting corkscrew over the top. He conects with chops, until Wagner throws him into the ring post and a upricut. A backslide for Prince gets two and a Russian leg sweep by Wagner and a runing knee by Wagner. Prince hits another drokick and hits a michinoko driver for two. Prince hits a superkick and a inverted DDT for two. Prince conects with a 450 splash to get the win. Ok match but a bit slow at times. *3/4

AAW Heritage Championship - Christian Rose vs Heritage Champion ACH

Many people will know ACH from Ring of Honor and he is the current AAW Heritage Champion. The match starts off with some fast paced chain wrestling until ACH hits a dropkick and a series of chops. Rose finaly got some offense in when he throw him into the steel steps and a butterfly suplex for two. ACH hits a discus slap and so does Rose and ACH hits a discus clothesline. Nice sequence. ACH hits a slingshot ace crusher for two and Rose hits a footstomp to the face. Rhose then hits a Falcon Arrow for two and ACH hits a bicycle kick and a slingshot over the top and knees Christian in he face. The end comes when both wrestlers exchange pining sequences and with a roll up ACH gets the win. Still AAW Heritage Champion ACH. **1/4

Eddie Kingston vs Jimmy Jacobs

Both men still curently wrestling in Ring of Honor and want to move up the ranks in AAW. Jacobs starts things off with a nice spining headscissors and a roll up for two. They both exchange chops until Kingston hits a belly to belly suplex. Jacobs hits a suicide dive and Kingston aplies a chinlock. Jacobs hits a float over suplex and a top rope senton. Kingston hits a nothern lights suplex for two and a tbone in the corber gets the win. Jacobs labded badly in the corner and i think they quickly decided to stop the match. Strangly quick match, just started to get good. *1/2

Monster Mafia vs Team Ambition

The match starts off with Davey hitting a dropkick and Alexander hiting a shoulderblock. Page hits a shoulderblock and Oriley botches a armdrag. Davey hits a footstomp to the arm and Alexander hits a clothesline and Davey goes for a roll up but only gets two. Davey aplies a surfboard and a double camel clutch from team ambition. Oriley hits a knee to the stomach and Davey conects with kicks and Page hits the killer combonation.Davey hits a footstomp to the face and team ambition hit a double dragon screw leg sweep and Oriley hits a tornado DDT for two. Monster Mafia hit a backbraker combonation. Page hits a belly to belly suplex and a clothesline. Kyle rolls him up for a two and Richards hits a double dropkick of the top and follows that up with several kicks. Davey rolls him up and turns it into a t-bone suplex and a enziguty for two. They exchange strikes until Davey hits a springboard elbow which is caught by Page and turned into a sining belly to belly suplex. Davel aplies the Ankle lock and Oriley aplies the armbar and all four men again exchange strikes. page hits a rolling elbow and Davey hits a German suplex. He then hits a lariot and Alexander hits a superkick for two. All four men are on the floor and Oriley aplies the giliten and Davey hits a footstomp whilst Kyle has him in gilitin position. Team ambition hit a suplex into a superkick and Monster Mafia hit a double dominator to get the win. Superb, tag team wrestling done right. ****

Eddie Edwards vs Silas Young

The crowd are fifty fifty goin into this one and the match starts with Young hiting a armdrag and a rollup for two. They exchange pining sequences and they both miss a dropkick. They then exchange chops and Edwards aplies the dragon sleeper but Young gets out of it and hits a belly to belly suplex. They then exchange punches and Young hits a twisting springboard lariot. They both conect with a big boot and Young hits the killer combonation which only gets two. Edwards hits a codebraker of the top and a belly to belly suplex for two. Young hits a german suplex for two and Eddie conects with kicks and a backpack chinbraker. He then aplies a half boston crab but Young counters it with a roll up for two and Eddie again aplies the half boston crab. Young hits a vicios kick and a Nackasacki roll and a split legged moonsault get the win for Silas Young. **1/2

Keith Walker vs Michael Elgin

The mach starts off with both powerhouses conecting with shoulderblocks and neither man went down and then they both exchange forearms and Walker hits a northern lights suplex. Elgin hits a monkey flip and a suplex abd holds him in the air which is a great show of strength because Walker is close to three hundred pounds. Elgin aplies the crossface but Walker gets to ropes. Elgin hits a discuss forearm and a boot to the face. Walker hits a belly to belly suplex of the top and a standard suplex. He then hits a discuss elbow and Elgin hits a clothesline in the corber and a death valley driver into a backbraker. He then hits a deadlift German suplex for two and Walker hits a German suplex into the turnbuckle. Walker then hits three runing forearms in the corner and a german for two. He then hits a capture suplex and Elgin aplies the crossface and Walker rolls him up for two. Elgin hits a enzigury and Walker hits a German suplex and Elgin then hits a German suplex, then Walker hits another German suplex and Elgin hits another german suplex. INCREDIBLE! Walker then hits a spear and Elgin hits a discuss forearm and a powerbomb for two. He then hits a discuss backhand and a sitdown powerbomb to get the win. Great match and a superb German suplex conbonation. ***1/2

AAW World Championship - Arik Canon vs AAW World Champion Shane Hollister

This World Championship match and main event starts off with a armdrag from Canon and a dropkick from Hollister. Canon hits a chop and a belly to back suplex on he baricade. Hollister launches Canon into the baricade and Canon is busted open. Hollister gets him in the tree of wo position and hits a dropkick of the top. Hillister hits a tornado DDT for two and Canon hits a powerbomb. They both exchange strikes and Hollister hits a superkick and Canon hits a lariot for two. Hollister hits a bicycle kick and Canon hits the Curtain Call for two. Canon hits knees and a DDT and Hollister hits a running knee and a superkick for two. Canon hits a belly to belly suplex and a t-bone in the corner and a superkick. Hollister rolls him up and gets two and finishes him off with a superkick to get the win. **1/2

overall- 6.5/10

This was a good show. There was a few disapoitments such as the Jacobs vs Kingston match but the tag match and the Walker vs Elgin were incredible matches.

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