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Kieren Lucas

First blog - CZW Night of Infamy xii

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First thing is if reviews aren't ment to be on this site I apologise but if not I hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave a comment.

Combat Zone Wrestling present Night Of Infamy xii
2nd November 2013
Live on ippv from New Jersey

Number one contenders match for the CZW Wired Championship
Andrew Everet vs Latin Dragon vs Caleb Konley vs David Starr vs Shane Strickland

This match is a perthect choice for a opener, especially for building hype towards CZWs biggest ippv of the year Cage of Death and the winner of this match recieves a Wired championship match at that ippv. The match starts of with Strickland hitting a bicycle kick and Latin Dragon hitting a headscissors. Strickland hits the first high risk move of the contest with a flip over the top rope. Star hits a nice spining Angle Slam and Everet hit a backwards huricanrana. That is a beatiful move when done corectly. Konley puts three wrestlers in the corner and hits a death valley driver into them. Konley and Starr exchange strikes, until Starr hits a DDT for two. Strickland then hits a footstomp of the top onto Everet to get the win. Strickland who got screwed out of the Wired Championship at Down With The Sicknes recieves a championship match at the biggest ippv of the year Cage Of Death.

Winner: Shane Strickland
Rating: 2.5/5

CZW Wired Championship - CZW Wired Champion Alex Colon vs Jon Silver

The winner of this match will face Shane Strickland at Cage Of Death and the match starts of with Silver showing his strength with a gorila press and three scoop slams onto chairs in the first extreme moment of the night. Colon then out of no where hits a sliced bread on the floor, which must have heart both men. Colon then decides to slow the pace down , which in my opinion is bad strategy as Colon should have picked up the pace as Colon is the smallest of the two. Colon misses a flying cannon ball in the corner and has a bad landing. Silver then hits a backbody drop over the top and back in the ring and Silver hits a frog splash for two. Nearly had a new Wired Champion. They both exchange strikes and Silver hits a brainbuster for two and a German suplex for two. Silver then hits a powerbomb for two and aplies the crossface using Colons own arm to choke him with. However, Colon gets out of it and hits a backwards GTS and makes Jon Silver tap out with the Camel Clutch. I'm looking forward to the Alex Colon vs Shane Strickland at Cage of Death, should be a great match.

Winner: CZW Wired Champion Alex Colon
Rating: 2.5/5

Sonzio vs Dave Crist

This match starts off with Crist hitting a dropkick and a suicide dive onto Sonzio on the outside. Sonzio shows his high flying abilities by flipping over the top rope onto Dave Crist. Crist then runs of the apron and hits both knees into Sonzios face. Back in the ring and Sonzio is in firm control of the match and hits a powerslam for two and a Russian leg sweep. He then hits a spear for a close two count. However, Dave Crist is on the comeback and out of no where hits a shining wizard for two and hits a standing sliced bread which also only gets a two count. Sonzio out of no where hits a massive big boot to get the win.

Winner: Sonzio
Rating: 1.75/5

Big Fusic vs Jake Crist

Big Fusic is Sonzios tag team partner and Jake Crist is Dave Crists tag team partner and I am expecting to see Sonzio and Big Fusic vs Jake and Dave Crist at Cage Of Death. The match starts off with Jake hitting a belly to belly suplex on the apron and a suplex in the ring for two. Fusic hits a nice upricut but Crist flips over the top rope onto Fusic to stop his momentum. Jake atempts a axe handle of the top but Fusic counters it into a upricut in mid air. They bith exchange strikes in the middle of the ring until Jake hits a superkick abd Fusic hits a big boot. Great physical match. Jake hits a tiger suplex for two and a death valley driver for two. He then hits a springboard moonsault to the floor but lands badly, stomach first into the barricade. Back in the ring and Crist hits a backslide and gets the win.

Winner: Jake Crist
Rating: 2.5/5

CZW World Tag Team Championship- CZW World Tag Team Champions Black Out ( Black Jeves and Roman Moriniho) vs 4LOKO ( Azriel and Bandido)

Black Jeves starts things off with a huricanrana and Azriel hits a armdrag. Already early into the match and Roman is slowing the pace down and hits a running bulldog. Black Jeves hits several chops in the corner. 4LOKO hit a splash sequence for two and now 4LOKO are now in control of the match abd Bandido hits a nice dropkick. Azreil then huts a slingshot flip into the ring for two and a belly to back suplex. 4LOKO are keeping each other fresh with frequent tags and Roman is being the face in peril. Until Roman hits a cutter and makes the hot tag to Black Jeves who exchanges strikes with Bandido until Bandido hits a backstaber for two. Black Jeves then hits a springboard cuter which still only gets two and then Jeves flios over the top rope and then Jeves hits his finisher to get the win.

Winner: CZW Tag Team Champions Black Out
Rating: 2/5

CZW World Championship - CZW World Champion Drew Gulak vs Chuck Taylor

I am going to be very biased in this match, I like Gulak but I don't think he is the guy to be the CZW world champion. Also, this is a good contrast in styles with Taylor being a high flyer and Gulak being a mat wrestler. The match starts off with some nice fast paced mat wrestling until Taylor hits a dropkick and chops in the corner. Taylor is in control of the match and is strangly slowing the pace down with an armbar. Gulak hits a superpkex and a axe handle of the top rope and a clothesline of the top and then flips over the top. Taylor then backbody drops him over the barricade and flips into the crowd twice. Gulak then hits a tornado DDT of the baricade into the crowd. Chuck then hits a suplex onto the apron. A this is awsome chant is started and I can't disagree. Back in the ring and Gulak hits a belly to belly suplex and Chuck hits a DDT for two. Gulak aplies the Ankle lock but Chuck gets to the ropes. So close thought the match was over, but luckily for me he got to the ropes. Taylor then hits his finisher the Wafle Wafle and Gulak lands head first into the canvas, how is he still alive? Gulak then higs a German Suplex for two and Taylor hits a big clothesline for two. Taylor atempts the Eat Defeat but Gulak counters that into the Ankle Lock and Chuck Taylor taps out. Great match, shame Chuck Taylor wasn't victorios.

Winner: CZW World Champion Drew Gulak
Rating: 3.5/5

Ultraviolent scumbag match - Devon Moore vs Drew Blood

A ultraviolent scumbag match is simply a anything goes match. Moore starts things off with a flip over the top rope onto Blood and hits a superkick. Blood then gets a stapler and staples two dollars onto Moores face and its hard to watch. Moore then gets the stapler and staples Bloods face. Moore then staples Bloods crotch. Why would anyone do that? Moore then hits a superplex ajd Drew Blood hits a backbody drop onto thumb tacks. Blood then belly to belly suplexes him into the thumb tacks. Moore hits a shooting star press for a two count. Both men now on the apron and Moore hits a face crusher of the second rope througha barbed wired board. At this point of the match both men are a bloody mess and you don't want to carry on watching but curiosity takes over and you have to know what they are going to do next. Moore hits a Macho Man elbow of the top for two. Matt Tremont comes out to help Drew Moore but hits Moore with a powerbomb! Drew Blood covers him to get the win. Great match, both men risking there bodies and a great swerve that came out of no where.

Winner: Drew Blood
Rating: 3.25/5

Overal: 6.5/10

When a show has the lowest rated match at one and three quaters stars you know its a good show. However, the highest rated match is only three and a half stars which is why I didn't give the show a overal better rating. One four and a half or five star match could have made this show at least a seven stars. But overal a great show with no bad matches just all good.matches, nothing more, nothing less.

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  1. SUZUKI-GUN's Avatar
    great review Kieren! thanks!
  2. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Great and accurate review. I'd actually bump the Silver/Colon match up to a 2.75 or 3 because Silver did a great job, but I agree with a lot of the numbers and reviews you gave. Solid job.
  3. Kieren Lucas's Avatar
    Thanks for the positive feedback guys

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