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WWD: Survivors, Goats, and Cena?

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World Wrestling Debacle: Suvivors, Goats, and Cena?

Hello fellow bloggers and blog readers, I'm Dennis and today I'm going to be writing a duel blog with a seasoned blogger here on EWrestlingNews, Bearkg88. This is going to be a continuation of our blog series, even though we haven't had a blog in quite some time. Today we are going to discuss five topics that are prevalent in today's WWE. I hope you guys enjoy! Now off to the first point of our blog.

Do you think John Cena should ever have a heel turn?

Bearkg88: So recently, on one of the editorials here on EWN, someone spoke about the fact that Cena should turn heel. This topic tends to send waves through the IWC, and while I am on the side that Cena should turn heel, it won't happen for a long time. Right now WWE is in a place where Cena is a huge asset as he is. I think if the time ever comes where Cena stops being the ratings magnet that the WWE believes him to be, I think then we will see him turn heel for the mere nature that it'll be akin to Hogan turning heel.

I don't want to seem too agreeable but everything you just said is true. John Cena shouldn't turn heel for the forseeable future and anyone who thinks so isn't looking at the larger picture. Right now Cena is a huge marketing tool. Everything that people throw at Cena is turned into a positive, look at fruity pebbles. Plus John Cena is the most requested athlete if I recall correctly for make a wish kids, which probably gives WWE plenty of good press. WWE needs Cena to maintain his face status for all the good things that he does outside of the WWE. Sure, when he isn't the man anymore and WWE has finally raised someone to the status he's currently at, turn him heel. But for now, in the present he should be a face and WWE would be naive to turn him.

Do you think a potential face turn for Cesaro would be successful?

This is probably one of the better questions we'll ask today but I'm going to have to lean towards yes. Antonio Cesaro is a great heel. He has everything going for him. He can speak multiple languages and he can play on the fact that he's not an american. While all these things are reasons to believe that he should remain a heel, I believe the WWE should at least try him as a face. Alberto Del Rio did very well with the gimmick of being a immigrant of America, looking to live the American dream and I truly believe Cesaro could greatly benefit from doing the same thing. Cesaro is a great speaking and I personally believe that his mic skills could get over with the fans. To add onto that, Cesaro has a moveset that screams face. The Cesaro swing gets the crowd to cheer for him. A great face turn needs a great build up and WWE already has one in place. Antonio Cesaro is teamed up with a former world champion in a team that is against immigrants for the most part. Even though they've made him the exception to the rule, I could see them turning on Cesaro. With all the tools Cesaro has plus the storyline he's currently in, I think it's fair to say that a Cesaro face turn would be successful.

I am on the opposite side of my friend here. I think if Cesaro turns face, it would be a short live success. Look at Santino. He is a comedy joke. I feel like Cesaro would share that same fate if he gets turned a face. Sure, he has the giant swing right now that fans love, but that doesn't justify turning him face. I think if anything, Cesaro should stay heel. He should eventually break from the Real Americans, and be given a good singles run.

I don't believe Cesaro and Santino are on level playing fields here. Cesaro has more of the look and a better back story than Santino ever did. Plus Cesaro can put on a better match and has more control of the mic. I think Cesaro's look and moveset matches closer to Alberto Del Rio. While Alberto Del Rio did turn heel again, I truly believe his face run was successful and I don't think there is any real reason to believe that Cesaro's face turn would be any different.

You use Del Rio as your example, and I guess that is where our opinions differ. You see Del Rio's recent face run as successful, I see it as dismal.

What Will Survivor Series Look Like?

So far, we know Big Show will go up against Orton for the WWE title, Cena will defend at Del Rio for the WHC title, Punk and Bryan will take on Harper and Rowan in a tag match, and that's it! We have one more Raw, and one more Smackdown before this event, and they only have 3 matches announced. I don't know about anyone else, but that is kind of sucky. Survivor Series is one of the big 4 of the WWE, and I wish it would be treated as such. I expect 3 to 4 more matches to be added, possibly. I see a diva's title match, possibly a title defense of either the IC or US title, a defense of tag team championships, and possibly some kind of match for Sandow. I hope we get to see some kind of traditional survivor series match, and not with the diva's. Hell, I'd even take a last minute addition to the show of a 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 match. It'll suck if Survivor Series doesn't have one of those kinds of matches.

Dennis:While I agree with Bear, I'm going to try to remain the perpetual optimist that I am. Big Show vs Orton could be a good match, but in all honesty it's probably going to be ok at best. Cena and Del Rio will likely put on a great match-up for the younger fans but probably bore the backside off of the smarks of the world. I think where WWE might do something interesting is with Punk and Bryan. I have a hard time believing that they will not make this a bigger match-up than it's already been made up to be. Maybe adding The Shield to the families team and The Rhodes Dynasty to the Punk and Bryan team would lead to a more interesting result. I think it's almost a necessity at this point. Survivor Series is part of WWE's elite ppvs and needs it's staple, the elimination tag team match, to be a great and worthwhile pay-per-view. Anything less would be a disappointment. The other title matches shouldn't be that great but I'm very interested to see where they go with Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow during this pay-per-view as well.

Bearkg: I don't see them doing anything with Ziggler during this ppv. Which is disappointing. If I had it my way, I'd add the Rhodes brothers and two members of the shield to the tag match, and make it a four team elimination match for the titles. Keep the spirit of survivor series in it and make it interesting.

Dennis: The tag match would be interesting but I think traditionally a survivor series has a larger team elimination match and I think this is WWE's best option for that match. While I do think the match you propose would be outstanding, I'd prefer to see a larger team to keep up the tradition. Ziggler might not be on this pay-per-view and to be honest, that might be more telling of WWE's opinion of him than if he were to be on the pay-per-view.

Where do you think the WWE is going with Daniel Bryan?

Dennis: As an admitted Daniel Bryan mark I tend to try to be partial. I know this sounds crazy but I truly think WWE has a huge plan for Daniel Bryan. My prediction is that Daniel Bryan will continue to stay relevant until the Royal Rumble but stay out of the main event picture. He will win the Rumble and take down the authority at WrestleMania. Everything is played out to work that way. Big Show is a viable feud in the mean time for Orton. Plus keeping Bryan out of the main event is smart for WWE because it keeps their mania event fresh, while giving it the back story it deserves.

I honestly think you could be right. There are dirt sheet reports which I take with a grain of salt, stating that bryan is to blame for the recent ppv draws and such. I don't buy it. I think the WWE screwed their fans with the crappy endings and fans got sick of paying if anything. Anyways I think you are right. Bryan gets put into a feud with the wyatts until the Rumble. I could see it coming down to punk and bryan in the Rumble with Bryan getting the win. Maybe even have a match with hhh at elimination chamber. Then face Orton at wrestlemania

Will Hulk Hogan appear at wrestlemania 30?

I say yes. Here is what I envision. Cena loses the title at tlc. He goes on to be in the Rumble match. During it, when he is dominating. The clock ticks down and boom, out comes hogan. He eliminates cena, only to be eliminated himself shortly there after. It leads to a feud between the two. I know. The match would be god awful. But there is a part of me that wants to see it badly. Plus I'm planning on being at the royal Rumble because it's in Pittsburgh. So fingers crossed

I think he will also be at mania and like you, I do believe that he will likely make his presence known at the Rumble. I think he'd be better off giving a rub to a younger talent(s) in a tag team match or in a singles match. I think Cena should face Taker instead of Hogan though. The reasoning is because I think it will be a bigger match and I think at this point in Takers and Hogans career, Taker vs Cena would just draw more.

While I think we will see cena vs taker at a Wm, I don't think it'll be this one. It's Wm 30. 30 years in the making. When you talk about drawing power, I think cena vs hogan would draw more rather than cena vs taker. But that's just my opinion

I think most people know that Cena vs Hogan would be a terrible match whereas there is hope for Cena vs Taker. While Hogan is the biggest face in the history of the WWE, Taker is the biggest name in the history of Mania thus at this years epic Wrestlemania, it only makes sense to have him face the man that has put on great mania match after great mania match. But just like you, that's just my opinion.

That concludes our 5 topics of discussion for today, I'd like to thank all of you who read our blog in it's entirety. I'm hope you had fun and feel free to leave your opinions of the five topics we discussed today in the comment section on this blog. Thanks again guys, and godspeed to you all!

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    I don't think Hogan should debut at the Rumble. First of all, we all know he won't win, and second, it'll be hard to keep it a surprise. There are already so many names that could and should return at it, including Sheamus, Henry, Misterio, RVD, Christian, etc (hell maybe even Rock, Brock, or Taker), but who knows, they may do it anyways.
    Updated 11-18-2013 at 01:02 AM by Kajmere
  2. Dennis's Avatar
    I didn't say in my part that he would actually be in the rumble match... Though I do see your point. I just think he should make his presence known at the rumble. Maybe screwing over a younger talent by coming through the audience or something...

    Also keeping something a surprise like that is their job... I'm sure they can do it fairly well.
  3. VanHooliganX's Avatar
    Top notch blog Dennis!

    Hoping you join us at SS this sunday too
  4. Dennis's Avatar
    Thanks VanX!

    I should be joining your live party for SS too...

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