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My road to Wrestlemania......Part 1

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Hi guys, just a quick note to you all this is my first blog on here. Im from England and have been a wrestling fan since the late 80's, Mainly brought up on a healthy(mostly) diet of WWF/E with the occasional sprinkling of NWA/WCW, and the very modest amounts of ECW, TNA and ROH as a side dish.
Now I have bored you with that, I will begin my blog proper. It is about a way in which I would book the road to the granddaddy of them all. It is, of course, fantasy booking. You will have to indulge me on a few things. First I am working on the assumption that the rumours of Shawn Michaels wrestling again is true(I happen to think he wont) and the rumours that wwe will be signing Hogan, Sting amd Goldberg short term are true. So my fantasy Mania card is as follows:

Cody Rhodes vs Goldust (Intercontinental Title)

The Shield vs The Wyatt Family

Money In The Bank: D.Sandow, A.Cesaro, R.Mysterio, ADR, RVD,Y2J,Big E, D.Ziggler.

Goldberg vs Ryback

Undertaker vs Sting

Battle Royal

Brock Lesnar vs Sheamus

Daniel Bryan( Vince) vs HBK (HHH) Match for control of Wwe

John Cena vs Hulk Hogan

Cm Punk (Whc) vs Randy Orton (Wwe) Undisputed championship match.

Now its not just about the matches its about how we get to them. I will start my journey with Brock v Sheamus, The Rhodes brothers implode and The title unification at the Royal Rumble.

Rhodes Brothers: They are still tag team champs at this point but Cody has also won back the intercontinental title from Curtis Axel.
So at the Rumble they are defending against the Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Cody gets cut off as Goldust begs for the tag. Cody recovers, but elects to continuethe fight himself, rather than tag his brother in. The leads to Cody getting pinned and the title switch. In a move ala Bret and Owen Hart, an enraged Goldust attacks his fallen brother, thus turning heel and beginning the feud.

Title Unification/ Lesnar v Sheamus:
You will have to bear with me on this one. It will feature two false finishes to huge matches including the Rumble itself, which I know would not please everyone. So in a face vs face match John Cena vs CM Punk for the WHC. Cena get destroyed by the Wyatt family before the match, seemingly suffering a concussion, and visibly injured and clearly unable to compete, loses in about a minute to a reluctant Punk!.
Now in the Rumble itself all the wrestlers that have been in singles matches still enter. In a shocking turn most of the big stars are elimenated early. Come to number 20 and there are the likes of Slater, Kingston, R-truth ect in the ring. Out comes Brock Lesnar, destroyes everyone in the ring and clears them all. He standswaiting for the next man, as the clock ticks down to 0. Boom Sheamus's music(a darker version) hits and he is back from his long injury. Still as a bayface but more aggresive and no smiles. He hits the ring and he and Lesnar tear each other up. As 23 all the way to 29 come in Lesnar and Sheamus destroy them whilst still fighting each other. After 29 is elimenated, Lesnar and Sheamus double clothesline each other over the top. The ring is empty, but wait, Cm Punk the new WHC is number 30! all he has to do is step in the ring to win the Rumble while Lesnar and Sheamus are seperated outside the ring by security. So Punk as Rumble winner puts his Rumble win to challenge Orton for the Wwe title at Mania, and the issue between the two behemoths Lesnar and Sheamus . Punk's moves seem slightly heelish, but he is still a face, he just took the opportunity's presented to him.
Thats part 1 of my Road to Wrestlemania complete, hope you guys enjoyed it and keep your eyes peeled for part 2!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Problem with the concepts you present isn't happening. Yea, your Road to WM, but if you have a ppv called MITB, you arn't having MITB on Mania. I'd like to see a unification for this years Mania, but I don't believe it will happen. I figure both Cena and Orton hold on to the world titles til Mania. No chance or reason for a unification match if you have all those big stars on the show. HBK, Goldberg, Hogan, Lesnar, and Goldust + Sting's first WM. World title + WWE title match would probably make it even bigger than a unification match. Personally, Punk vs Orton ending the show of WM when you got big dream matches like Taker vs Sting and Hogan vs Cena. I don't give a flying crap how non-technical type of wrestling match either one would be. Do I expect a 5 star classic match? No, I picture it being about 4 larger than life personalities facing each other on the biggest stage of them all for the first time. Those 4 belong in a class of their own. Orton, Punk, whoever, as great as they one can touch them.

    Punk vs Randy has been done at Mania, I'd prefer not to see it again even though it is rumored. I'd rather see Punk vs Cena at Mania to be honest, great match, great atmosphere. However, if I had to choose between Cena vs Punk or know where I'd go.

    I give WWE a better chance of getting Sting than HBK wrestling again. HBK isnt coming out of retirement. Until, I see all these big names show up on TV, they shouldn't be eldgible for WM30 card.

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