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Booking Challenge: ROH Final Battle 2013

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Final Battle is Ring of Honor's Wrestlemania. Which is why I decided to do this as a booking challenge. I havn't done an ROH booking challenge in some time, which is why it is now time to give some love to ROH. 10 match limit max as always. So you know how this works, give your best card possible as usual. For those who don't understand the point of the booking challenge, please read the explaination right under this opening beside the *. For the booking challenge vets, here is my Final Battle 2013 card:

*The point of the booking challenge isn't to predict what the actual card will be. It is to challenge wrestling fans to give what card they want to see. Give the best card that not only they want to see, but others would like to see as well. There is no fun in predicting what the wrestling card will be because every card will be basically the same. The point is, you are the booker and you got the keys to the car. People complain all the time including myself about wrestling product. Put your money where your mouth is. You give me the card better than the actual card and dare I say attempt to have a better card than mine. Forget current storylines, give me your storylines and your best card you can deliver in the comment section below. Creates that competitive environment I want, I want the readers to compete with me. Give me their opinion on my card and I'll give you my opinion on yours. That is the booking challenge!! This will be copy and pasted on every single booking challenge since some still don't understand how it works.

Mark Briscoe vs Tommaso Ciampa-Which is more crazy of the two? Kung-Fu or the The Sicilian Psychopath?Face vs face, both deserve to be on the show. Why not? Not a big fan of who Briscoe really faces....Ciampa wins!
Maria vs Tara-After recent scene that happened at Tara's restaurant, sign for a match on the biggest show of the year. Why not? Maria wins for obvious reasons.....
Roderick Strong vs Jay Lethal-Strong: I sit back and watch wrestlers come and go. Wrestlers like Samoa Joe, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, among others. In yet, I'm still here. I'm still Mr.ROH and I sit back watch people come in to take my spot. Tired of embracing other wrestlers when they come in. They got to earn their spot when they come to my company. All Jay has received is oppurtunity after oppurtunity while begging injuries ROH officials left and right til he gets what he wants. It is time for Jay Lethal to learn what the letters here at ROH stand for: Ring of Honor!! Jay believes he has earned everything he has got in his career, including the ROH TV title, world title oppurtunities, and being part of Team ROH that took down Scum. I ask the question, where were you Mr.ROH when Scum was going to kill ROH? Hiding in the back somewhere waiting for oppurtunities to come to you instead of making them happen in the ring like I did!! I got Roderick Strong winning this because I want him to be relevant again.
Young Bucks vs Adrenaline Rush-Rush upset win here simply because Young Bucks are far more proven as a team than Rush is. Big win to gain respect and possible title match down the road.
TV title: Matt Taven(C) vs Mike Mondo-Truth Martini: Mr.Mike Mondo, you've been here in ROH since what? 2010? What exactly have you accomplished since coming here? Absolutely nothing!! Which is why it is a complete joke that Matt Taven has to share the same ring with you at ROH's biggest show of the year, Final Battle!! Come Final Battle, the beating you receive from Matt Taven will finally knock some sense into your thick skull. When that happens, you will go back to being a full-time cheerleader like you should have stayed in the first place. Mondo: I've scratched and crawled my way back from injury. Now it is time to prove to the world I belong here in Ring of Honor. At Final Battle, I plan on showing "No Fear" along with showing why I am "No Fear" Mike Mondo. It isn't just some catchy nickname, it I have "No Fear" because I'll do whatever it takes to win my first championship in ROH come Final Battle. By doing that, I will be proving I belong and prove all the doubters out there wrong. Mike Mondo wins of course!
3 way Tag title match: Red Dragon (C) vs Outlaw Inc. vs CNC-I got CNC winning here the ROH tag team titles with a pinfall over the the champs Red Dragon. Start of a great run as tag champs!! Been waiting so long, they finally achieve their dream on this big stage. Think it is a bit too soon for Outlaw Inc which is why I give the belts to CNC.
Kevin Steen vs Mike Bennett-Which piledriver is better?? Honestly, I believe Steen's is better even though I like both of them. I think it is time however, for Bennett to take the next step now that he is done with Brutal Bob with this new attitude. Beating a top guy like Steen would put him up higher on the card for obvious reasons. Steen is one of thee best ROH has today. Want Bennett there so, I give him the W.
Davey Richards vs Eddie Edwards-Whether they stick around for the final ppv or not after the recent tease that both may be heading elsewhere such as WWE. Why not stay for the biggest show of the year? In a sendoff sorta like Dean Malenko/Eddy Guerrero had in ECW before they headed to WCW? Amazing match, which is what I expect from these two great rivals. Bigger fan of Davey which is why I give him the W, but it really doesn't matter.
ROH World title: Adam Cole(C) vs Jay Briscoe(C) vs Michael Elgin-Who is the real worlds champion? Briscoe was forced to vacate the ROH world title due to injury. A new champion was crowned with 16 of the best wrestlers in ROH battled to crown a world champion. Adam Cole won obviously, but not only that, Briscoe was forced to hand the world title to the winner of the tournament. Cole gave him a superkick to the back of his skull. As of recently, Briscoe has been forced out of ROH until he is medically cleared. Ruling was made by ROH prez or w/e. Now Jay not only wants his world title back he never lost, but get revenge for the superkick to the back of his skull when he handed over the world title. Cole steals the victory as Corino's relationship is finally revealed as they are a team. By the way, pin over Elgin so Jay continues to feud with Cole over who is the undisputed champion. Cole wins!

There you have it! That is how I'd book Final Battle 2013!! Love, like, or hate the card? How would you book Final Battle 2013? Leave that and more in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!! Next:Royal Rumble 2014!!

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