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No Turning Back for Corporate Kane

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Ok this is my first blog, so please be gentle guys !!

There are times when the WWE pulls a move that genuinely shocks you, The Ultimate Warrior pinning Hogan cleanly at Wrestlemania 6, Steve Austin turning heel at the height of his powers during the WCW/ECW invasion angle, and John Cena taking on the Rock in a once in a lifetime match……………………again ! Sometimes these shocks are good, sometimes they’re not so good, and sometimes, they’re quite simply bizarre. Kane strolling down the aisle in a suit last Monday night is definitely being filed under the latter category in my opinion.

I’d like to say it’s a bold move, really I would, but to me this is just another example of the problems WWE is currently experiencing in their storylines, problems that they are inflicting on themselves. The questions we have to ask here is…………..why are they doing it ?, where are they going with it ? and how are they going to get there ?

The “Why” for me is pretty straight forward. Logically speaking I can only assume that this is a road that Glenn Jacobs himself wants to pursue, otherwise why jeopardize such a well-established and “Over” character such as Kane. The risk here to the character is that it’s such a dramatic change, that it really is going down the road of no return. Yes it’s been done before, JBL and Taker have had sizable changes in their characters. Taking JBL for example, beer drinking bar room brawler to rich business man is indeed a jump…….but it was explained, and it’s not outside the realms of possibility for a change such as that to occur. It’s a bit of a jump, but wrestling logic will get you there. Likewise for Taker, Deadman to Biker was another stretch, but again, it was done carefully and a bit of faith and wrestling logic got you there. But with Kane, we’re talking deranged and unstable mad-man to “Director of Operations” of a billion dollar company………overnight, with little to no explanation along the way. No amount of wrestling logic will change the fact that this is weak and sloppy story telling. If the WWE need some muscle to don a suit in a corporate storyline, why risk such an established character when they have a locker room full of superstars who could do with the change even more?.

What makes all this worse, is the fact that Kanes absence was not unexpected. He was filming a movie and was written off the show via the Wyatt’s taking him out. It’s not like this was an unexpected injury and an “Audible” needed to be called. This was expected and presumably planned for which makes the move all the more mind boggling. Surprising the audience is a good thing, confusing them is not. It seems that the WWE have decided to go with Corporate Kane and have gone from point A straight to point D…….skipping out points B and C along the way. So instead of the audience going “Oh my God”, they’re going “Wait………….what?”

As of late, the WWE just always seems to be in a rush, jumping straight from storyline to storyline with little to no build or explanation. Much like a horney teenager, anticipation and foreplay have gone out the window as they fumble around in the darkness looking to get to the “Good Stuff”…………and much like a horney teenager I fear that they’re going to find out that they’re not gonna leave people satisfied with an attitude like that !

If you’re going to change Kane in such a dramatic fashion, then you need to thread carefully. Don’t insult the audience, plant the seeds and keep an eye on things to ensure you stay on track. Wrestling fans will make a leap of faith in terms of storylines if you give them the chance. In Kanes case there are so many questions that need answering…………how is he not unstable anymore?, Who made it happen?, what is his new motivation for serving the authority? These are the questions that need to be answered, to go from Dead Man to Corporate Kane. If nothing else, surely these are questions the Authority need answering before trusting someone with such a role ?

Worryingly the WWE seem to have decided that simply telling their audience that the big red machine is now a corporate business man is sufficient background to continue with this story. Its sloppy and lazy, plain and simple and it breaks the immersion that is so important for wrestling fans to experience in a good story line. In my own humble opinion, WWE creative needs to stop obsessing on the destination, and concentrate more on the journey. The ending to a feud or story line is of little consequence if the audience has lost interest before you get there !

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  1. Heavy's Avatar
    I mean logically they could say it's from Kane's personal life because in his personal time he is actually much into politics and it kinda makes sense to why he would change
  2. Eire Icon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    I skimmed through some of this. Let me first say, why the drama? Everybody wants to get upset over a present event that didn't hurt anyone. Example: Rock's comments towards Cena, Hogan claimed all that time building Cena up lost in the amount of seconds. Do you think any less of Cena now than you did before Rock's comments. Cena is still the man!

    Kane, no turning back with corporate Kane. Kane wasn't over, he hasn't been over for years. Kane is like the Big Show trying to find something to do because all they are are big guys who claim to be monsters. I like it, what, you'd rather him continue to wear that goofy mask either jobbing to the Wyatt Family or beating them. Both ways suck, where do you go from there? He has been goofy for the longest time teaming with Bryan because they didn't have nothing for him. Exactly when he teamed with RVD, Hurricane, and so forth. What is wrong with corporate Kane? Kane hasn't been a monster to me since 03 back when he was setting JR on fire, tombstoning Linda, and chokeslamming Bischoff off the stage. Kane wasn't over, he just happened to team with someone who was at the time. You actually believed Kane was doing great jobbing to Orton and Cena after the return of the mask. I didn't think he would wear a mask again, but he did so which was a big failure. If you have been through this since the beginning, Kane isn't going to be given the spotlight or the praise like he used it or not. Will Kane be a monster again? I figure he will attempt to go back to his evil ways, but he will never be the same Kane I remembered back in the early years when he was truly believable. I doubt Kane ends his career as corporate.....I highly doubt it. I suggest you take up some comedy with the over joke.
    Theres no drama.........its a blog offering an opinion, nothing more, nobody is upset here !!

    Kane is a credible character, an experienced wrestler who has been used in main events and could be used in main events again. My point were two fold. Firstly that the change is so dramatic, that logically Kane could never return to his former self as "The Big Red Monster"..........which carries a risk as that character is so well established. If you like the idea of Corporate Kane, well then fair enough no problem

    My second point was that the manner in which the change was made was poor story don't seem to have addressed that.........possibly because you only "Skimmed" the post in the first place
  3. Eire Icon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Heavy
    I mean logically they could say it's from Kane's personal life because in his personal time he is actually much into politics and it kinda makes sense to why he would change
    I'm not sure they want to acknowledge that Kane had a personal life, as much like Taker, they have kept his persona going. However I would say that any explanation is better then no explanation whatsoever so I would be open to them going down that road
  4. aweso_me's Avatar
    Im gonna say something and probably going to get slack for it. Storyline building is what TNA is doing good now. AJ and the BFG issue lasted a year. although at times they do drag on in TNA, they tell a story. The DB story just ended. we didnt get any resolution with HBK's involvement. we got nothing. i think if kane came back as glen jacobs, the story would be more intriguing.
  5. Tommy Thunder's Avatar
    I think this is just a chance for Glen Jacobs to explore a different avenue to what he's been doing with his character since he debuted.
    I fully expect to see him back as the monster again for a final run before he retires.

    As for the logic behind the transformation; don't be silly. There's no logic in wrestling.

    The brainwashed by Wyatt idea is actually an interesting one. He was carried away by the Wyatts after that Inferno match, so it's possible that they could explain that he was brainwashed by them while he was away.
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