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My view: Slammy Awards 2013

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It is that time of the year again where I hand out awards to the superstars who deserve it. It is the WWE Slammy awards 2013! This has been happening yearly on Raw since 08. Not every award given we agree with. This is my chance to speak my opinion. Give my view on the Slammy's!! Here is Slammy awards 2013:

Superstar/wrestler of the year: Daniel Bryan-No superstar has made an impact on WWE in 2013 like Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan made the tag division interesting again at the beginning of 2013. Than he went on to prove week after week, he can put on great matches with anyone. Classics with Cesaro, Shield, and even Ryback got him praise. Even delivering arguably the best promo of 2013 with John Cena on Miz TV before Summerslam. Winning the WWE title only to have it taken away from him.
Diva of the year: AJ-Despite not being on Total Divas, AJ is probably the most well-known entertaining diva on the roster. Which is why I wanted her to defeat Kaitlyn for the Divas title. I believe she was the only Diva besides Kaitlyn to be on our TV screen at Wrestlemania. Now the yearly thing is the kiss of death from AJ to look forward to next year. I mean it speaks for itself. Having mixed tag matches and storylines with other men. I think that has helped her big time to get noticed. Even putting out 1 of the best promos of the year on Raw to the Total Divas. AJ=on another level vs rest of the Divas roster.
Tag Team of the year: The Shield-Longest reigning tag team champions of 2013. Defeating the likes of Team Hell No, Usos, among others. Who else should it be?
Match of the year: John Cena vs Daniel Bryan Summerslam 2013-Arguably the most anticipated match of the year happened when these two top stars hooked up at Summerslam. Two different backgrounds, 1 bodybuilder the other, small pro wrestler. 1 we are sick of the other, we want him to take that spot. We want to have fun chanting yes ys yes! No more you can't se me for the past 8 years. Time for a change, we got it. Daniel Bryan defeated John Cena at Summerslam to become the WWE champion. MATCH of the YEAR!! MY OPINION!
Best Feud: CM Punk vs Paul Heyman-I would have liked to have said Cena/Bryan here, but with it being so short....I decided against it. Punk vs Heyman to me was the feud of the year. Come on, we all knew Punk/Heyman wasn't going to last forever. Punk is just too good to be booed for so long while he also is great on the mic. I wondered when it would happen. I was wanting Punk vs Lesnar 1 at Mania 30, but we got it at Summerslam for whatever reason. I wanted a long build up to it, Heyman turning on Punk at Mania. Instead did it at MITB, but still was a great one. From the moment he said, "its clobbering time" as Lesnar's music hit, to beating down Punk with kendo stick, to the end. I mean, the feud has been great even though some got tired of it. I enjoyed it!!
Rookie of the year: Bray Wyatt-No young talent in the WWE has delivered the kind of impact that Bray Wyatt has this year. From his promos, his entrance, even to his theme. He has been successful in entertaining us wrestling fans from the beginning. Winning it and dedicating it to sister Abigail is a must in this case. Follow the buzzards!!
Breakout star: Damien Sandow-I've mentioned in several posts plugs of being a Sandow fan with quotes such as "You're Welcome" among other blog posts. So why is Sandow the breakout star of 2013? I didn't expect him to achieve the success that he did. Yea, he loses every week, but winning the MITB? I didn't believe it was in the cards even though I wanted him to. Barely booked on ppvs up to that point including jobbing to Sheamus. Yes, being held back by Cody Rhodes being a team as Rhodes-Scholars. I did believe they would win the tag belts at some point. I hoped they would, but they didn't. I enjoyed their feud around Summerslam time especially when Sandow had to swim in the gulf of mexica to get back his briefcase.
Manager of the year: Paul Heyman-It is about damn time, we get this award given away. Now that managers are back, thank goodness for it. Paul Heyman has proved night in and night out that he is one of the best managers of all-time. Some say he is, I disagree, Bobby Heenan is for me. However, this award must be given away. It should be given to Heyman over other managers obviously. Hopefully the award will draw more heel heat along with a memorable promo on the show. Heyman has recruited new talent of Paul Heyman guys and proved he has managed talent to the top of this industry. Even picking up a W vs a former client CM Punk. Managing Brock to victory at Summerslam over former client. Now with Ryback and Axel by his side.....IC championship and a monster....YES!
Shocker of the year: Mark Henry "not" retiring-Who will ever forget the promo that Mark Henry did in the summer of this year. Monday Night Raw, John Cena in the middle of the ring. WWE champion, something Mark has never held in his career. The world's strongest man delivered the biggest and best promo in his career. The night he was going to announce his retirement. Talk on twitter friends are watching, hugging in the back with talent, and even dressed in nice clothes crying in the middle of the promo. Cena was delivered a worlds strongest slam in the middle of the ring as fans went nuts. People buzzing for days. Talent from other company's getting interviewed and asked about it. Certainly is a top 5 moment this year on Raw if you ask me. Top moment in Raw history actually....
Moment/Disappointing moment: Dolph Ziggler world title reign-Favorite wrestler finally wins after waiting so long than an injury took that reign away from us. All Ziggler did was lose and he still does for whatever reason. Took the belt off of him when he returned to give it back to the boring Del Rio. Ending the trio of Big E and AJ along with that. I thought it was too soon for both to end so! The moment however, when he won the world title is moment of the year if you ask me!

There you have it!! Crowning the Slammy award winning Superstars 2013. Agree or disagree with my selections? Who is the superstar, diva, tag team, manager, ect of the year? Best and worst moment, who broke out? Leave that and more in the comment section below...thanks for reading!

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Well, you have decent points here. I probably wouldn't agree with Sandow as the Breakout Star. Did he actually Break Out? I think Cody broke out a bit more than Sandow did. I would probably think a Diva from the show gets the Diva of the year award also. Other than that. Pretty good list. Not too many bright spots for these awards this year though. Overall, probably a bad year for WWE.
  2. grave's Avatar
    I think this are awards given by a fan of Daniel Bryan, witch is ok, but I think there are other options

    superstar of the year DBl: logical
    Diva: I think kaitlyn should get this one, since she got a lot better while AJ really got her big year passed year, but is a tie between these divas
    tag team of the year; shield nog argument there
    match of the year: to me it's the shield vs cody rhodes and golddust with their jobs on the line match, look at the crowd, best reaction in years to this match
    best feud: undertaker vs punk and the great paul bearer RIP
    rookie: Bray, he got only one match? but it's not like I can find somebody else
    break out star: I would go for the usos, they are finaly getting championship matches and about time
    manager: Heyman of course
    shocker of the year: Sandow cashing in and losing, never saw that coming
    most disappointing: orton vs bryan and the fast count, a fast count win for the new babyface? and no champion for 6 or 7 weeks? this was a chance to build a great heel, or even a new face beside cena, now we got a draw and nobody is build up by this
  3. Kajmere's Avatar
    Spot on list, although this is opinion, it's hard to disagree with any one of these. The only one I would change is probably Sandow, as well, as much as I love the guy. A single MITB win that resulted in a failed cash-in isn't really a break out. That category in itself actually has a lot of nominees (Big E, anyone in The Shield, Cody Rhodes, Fandango, etc.).

    However, the true breakout star of 2013, hate it or love it, is none other than Curtis Axel. The guy won gold (unlike Sandow), is aligned with the best manager in the business, and has wins over top names like John Cena, Chris Jericho, CM Punk and multiple wins over HHH. Additionally, Axel has numerous successful title defenses, and by the end of this month will become one of the top 30 overall longest reigning IC champions in WWE history. All this and he debuted his character in the end of May!
    Updated 11-08-2013 at 05:00 AM by Kajmere
    Nice blog once again.

    Pretty decent list. I would perhaps go with Roman Reigns as rookie of the year, the dude is a beast and has been nothing but impressive. That survivor Series showing alone could win him this award.

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