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A Dennis Blog: The Good Parts Of The Divas Division.

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A Dennis Blog: The Good Parts Of The Divas Division.

Hello members of the internet wrestling community, today I'd like to talk about something that isn't often talked about blogs here on eWrestlingNews, the divas division. Instead of giving you a generic rundown of the current roster that would make for a bland blog, I'm going to try to be a tad more entertaining. I'd like to offer you guys with the things that I do enjoy with the divas division first. Sure there are weak points about the divas division but in this blog I'm going to focus on the good things about said division.

Total Divas!

I want to start out this point by acknowledging that this show is bad. I'm not defending it nor am I stating that it's worth the watch. But, and as we all know there is always a but... The fact remains that I'm not the target audience for said show. They put shows like total divas on the air for a female audience, something that the WWE isn't that great at usually being able to reach to. Divas in theory could draw a portion of the female population into watching WWE's products. Giving them a show that is actually made with them in mind, as the target audience could end up drawing them in. High ratings for that show are a good sign of that market tactic working well.

Now that being said how does this show transcend to the regular product? Surprisingly well if you ask me actually. AJ Lee was able to do a pipebomb-esk speech absurdity of a reality tv show for the divas. It received wildly positive reviews in the internet community and I'll admit I found it wildly entertaining. Well as exciting as a divas promo seems to be anymore. Also because of that show it gave the general WWE audience the knowledge that Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan were dating, that the WWE used as a reason to turn Brie face during her latest run at the Divas title. That is an example of WWE using the total divas show twice in one storyline arc on it's flagship program effectively to get their audience more involved in said story. I think that's pretty effective if you ask me. Terrible show? Maybe, but effective at doing it's task and for that I'll say that the Total divas show is good for the WWE.

WWE's current divas are very talented!

This point will kind of link into my last point but bare with me, I'm not trying to be repetitive... They actually have their own warrants and argumentation. Admittedly the divas division has been lackluster for quite some time. Their matches are subpar in comparison to the competition or even it's prior self but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

WWE has quietly gained themselves quite the roster of divas. The current main stage roster is filled with talents that could put on a fairly good show even against the competition. I'd even go as far as to say that it's not a lack of talent that the WWE currently has in the divas division that makes this division so weak but a lack of good booking. AJ Lee is WWE's most over diva correct? But at the end of the day it's because she was linked into big storylines not because she put on great matches or even was associated with the divas division. WWE really has two options, give more divas some time with superstars to get the exposure or try to build them up through matches. Either way at this point I really do not believe that it's the talent themselves that are the problem but the booking of the talent instead.

Also WWE's developmental brand NXT is packed with talented divas. Whether it be internet darling Paige or Ric Flairs daughter, WWE has a ton of diva talent for the future. I'm very interested to see which diva is called up to the big leagues next and how she performs on the bigger stage.

PG Era leads them to be taken more seriously.

For those who have read my other blogs you have already got an outline of this point in the PG Era blog that I wrote like 6 months ago but I think it's worth rehashing this old point beings it's such a relevant point to the subject matter. While I know it might be controversial it's worth bringing up.

In today's wrestling the divas aren't overly sexualized. While divas like AJ Lee are pushed via their sexuality, the general principles that get over a diva seem to be more similar to the same things that get over a male superstar. Sure being good looking doesn't hurt getting a superstar or a diva over but actual wrestling ability takes a part in who people get to see on the screen from week to week. No longer is a divas role to be in a tiny bikini, no she actually gets her hands dirty in that ring. I think that accomplishes multiple things...

1.) It gives young girls someone to idolize. Growing up as a guy, I always wanted to be just like Jeff Hardy or Rob Van Dam but young girls didn't have that on the same level as someone like I did. A girl my same age who watched wrestling as a child would have had someone like power hungry Trish Stratus to look up to. I'm not damning Trish by any means but I think for a child someone like Kaitlyn would be a better role model than someone like Trish Stratus. If for no other reason than Kaityln seems more modest and is used less as a sex symbol.


2.) Because it's easier to allow younger children to watch the divas when they are dressed decent. I am getting to the age that I realize one day, I might want children. I don't know if I'd want my 7 year old son to watch the same things that I did at 7 years old. Times have changed and it's good that the product has changed to match the changing environment that our society has become. At least that's my take on that issue. Good on the WWE for making their Divas pander to today's crowd and not try to live off of the old one.


In conclusion, there are many things wrong with the divas division. But there is always a plus side to a downer in the world of wrestling and the three points that I've elaborated on during this blog are three things that I think the WWE is doing or has done to make the current divas division better. The highlights of a down division so to speak. I'd like to thank everyone who made it this far into my blog and I hope you join me on my next blog adventure, whenever that may be. Thank you and godspeed to you all!

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  1. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    Nice blog, great way of keeping it positive. i agree with you that yet the division has not been seen as the greatest in that last few years but there is a side that no one sees. These girls work as hard as the men training and putting in there time why not let them show it. I read previously about how Vince mcmahon yelled at the divas for putting on too good of a match and outshine the guys that is sad because he seems to have a one tract mind and wont invest in something he is not 100% hooked on. Not to say alll the girls are meant to be on top but a majority have the talent just no outlet to produce. again great job with the blog
  2. Dennis's Avatar
    I remember actually watching an interview that said the same thing. I think it was with Michelle McCool if I recall correctly. Where Vince made them go reshoot a match because it was too good on smackdown. I don't know if that's a common thing or not but if so, yea... You are 100 percent correct that they aren't getting the correct outlet to produce good matches.

    Thank you for the nice words about my blog as well.
  3. Guest's Avatar
    Everything that's wrong with the Divas division is not their fault, they are restricted to what they are allowed to do in the ring and this has been backed up by many Divas in the past. Gail Kim said that each week they were told what moves they were allowed and not to allowed to perform (no punches to the face etc.) Sofia Cortez said she was told to wrestle like a girl, not like a man. Michelle McCool told a story about having to re-shoot a match with Victoria on Smackdown because 'her punches and kicks looked too good' and about how she and Melina were scolded for their spots at Night of Champions 2009 (the DDT on the ringside barricade, facebuster on the floor etc.) So really, there's nothing the Divas can even do to improve their matches.

    Also, I completely disagree about Divas attires, today's Divas wear even less, have you seen what the likes of Ivory, Molly Holly, Jacqueline and heck, even Trish wore? far less suggestive than the attires nowadays. And the TV-14 era definitely helped them to get over, without the use of sex appeal, it allowed them to be uncensored in promos, get involved in physical altercations with the male wrestlers (Armageddon 2003, Stevie Richards constantly attacking and wrestling in matches against Divas) and even dabble in hardcore action.
  4. Dennis's Avatar
    Even if your point about them wearing less back then than they do now... Which I thinks a bit of a stretch to be honest... Divas like Trish were far more suggestive than anyone on the current roster are. Plus they had more provocative competitions and played to their sex appeal much more in the attitude era. Wearing less clothes doesn't mean that they are more sexualized by default. It just means they happen to be wearing less clothing. AJ Lee for instance wears much less than Trish wore, but anyone who told me AJ was viewed as more of a sex symbol than trish during her prime, I'd call a bit silly.

    But to touch on the far less suggestive would be a bit much don't you think? How many of the divas of yesteryear were on the cover of playboy? Not to mention how many of the divas were very clearly talked up by the announcers for their bodies? Does anyone remember "puppies"? haha... Sure, they might have been able to do more under a TV-14 rating. But that doesn't mean they can't do a lot now. Plus you aren't alienating an audience. Sounds like a win win.
  5. Robstar's Avatar
    LOL Divas. Nice try but you can't make me care Dennis!

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