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Superstar AJ Styles: "New fans need to watch some old tapes!"

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After the recent pipebombs on Impact, it reminded me by how much disrespect AJ has received in recent years. Why does he get that disrespect? Is AJ really a Phenom? However, everyone knows for a fact he is a TNA original who has been in TNA since day 1. Fans, wrestlers, and so on have come and gone. 11 years later, having Dixie Carter on our TV screen. Verbally abusing 1 of TNA's few homegrown main event talent. Stating she can't remember the last time, AJ had a 5 star match. I'm wondering if she knows what a 5 star match is. It is time for me to defend 1 of my all-time favorites in both WWE and TNA: AJ Styles!!

TNA Original: AJ came on the scene in TNA, at the bottom. The opening match on the first ppv TNA produced. Went on to become the first X-Division champion which is to him his favorite accomplishment despite winning world championships. However, AJ quickly became a fan favorite due to how great he was in the ring. He was different, he didn't just pick some wrestler to match his style. He just came in with his own style. He was original, which seperated him from everybody else. Being different is a positive? Note to TNA! Had big matches even winning the NWA world title during the reign of terror that was Jeff Jarrett in the early days of TNA. If AJ wasn't great, he wouldn't be in the main event in 03 for the top prize vs the top dog. Facing the likes of Raven, Jarrett, and so forth for the NWA title. He was even in the ring with Sting, Lex Luger, X-Pac, and so forth in the early days. Again, he wouldn't be in that position, if he wasn't special.

New fans criticism: I've been watching TNA since 2004. I've seen his years in the X-Division with the likes of Joe, Daniels, and so forth. Been through the tag titles with various partners and even won world titles along the way. I think the newer who have come to TNA over the years are like, he isn't that great when us older fans praise him. Should I say, watching the product longer. I think that is an issue with the criticism. They didn't see the great AJ Styles, I along others who praise him have saw. Yea, he has great matches with Angle, Daniels, and so forth. AJ Styles, style is different from others. AJ made a living in the early days of TNA as a highflyer more so than a mat wrestler. That awe about him was that, his highflying. Rey Mysterio like, with his flying elbows to flips every which way. I mean, Mysterio today is nothing like the early WCW days or even early WWE days. You can tell by the matches on his DVDs. He has toned it down like other veterans have adviced younger wrestlers to do. Only perform big time on the big stages. Not everybody is Kurt Angle or Shawn Michaels who can have a great match with anyone. AJ certainly isn't on that level, but he is greater than he is given credit for. If the fans have seen the matches, AJ delivered that I saw, they would know the praise I'm coming from. You didn't get to see, the great action he delivered back in the day. I suggest go out and buy some TNA DVDs. You'll know where I'm coming from.

Poor use of AJ Styles: When you have your Angle's, Stings, Booker T, Kevin Nash, among others. It was the young guns like Joe and AJ who took the backseat as they came in to compete in the main events. You see how great AJ was teaming with Daniels, facing Daniels/Joe/Petey Williams/Kid Kash/among others. TNA made AJ a joke, having him be Christian's sidekick. Teaming with Tomko as a tag team that along with making him look like a joke at times. Even having him end Impact in a Turkey suit. After all that, he started to feud with Angle and even kiss Kurt's bride on Impact. Win the TNA world title for the first time, only for WWE talent to come back in, your Mr.Anderson's, Jeff Hardy, and the man who defeated him RVD! After that, Daniels, how many damn times does AJ have to carry his jock? Seriously? Daniel's career minus, not a long career in TNA. Now we are back, back to rebuilding AJ Styles after losing the triple threat match.

Dixie doesn't have a clue: I bet she sits there and thinks, talking about off air topics will drive us fans to watch. Despite her and other TNA talent take shots in the past for WWE copying ideas. You sit there and put down the #1 contender for the TNA world title after winning a 12 man tournament of the best talent you have. When was the last time you had a great match? Disrespecting not only AJ, you clueless baffoon, but also Kurt Angle, Aries, among others who have had matches with AJ in recent weeks and months. What does that say of the talent pool of TNA? RVD claims there is a different level inside the ring when it comes to WWE and TNA talent. RVD has had some good ones since returning to WWE. Is RVD right? So much for the draw that the MMA guys brought. When they were on ESPN, failed to mention TNA 1x. Ortiz and Rampage always been fans wanting to do this, in yet, SI mag says Ortiz sport he would have chose over MMA would have been a pro hockey player. So where does wrestling rank? Mistake, after mistake, time after time....proves month after month she has no idea what she is doing. If she did, would talents have contracts come up right before big ppvs like Roode's at Lockdown this year, Mickie James and Hogan before BFG. In yet, she expects no critics?

There you have it! Superstar AJ Styles! Are you a fan of AJ Styles? Agree or disagree with my opinion? Thoughts on recent pipebombs on Impact? Leave that and more in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Kashdinero's Avatar
    AJ, Joe, Daniels. What they were doing in TNA in 2004-2005/6 was amazing.

    But, in all honesty, all that truly matters is the here and now, and without the proper booking to position guys like that into having matches of that caliber, it's almost pointless having them there. Lets hope things change real soon.

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