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Hell in a Cell: The Art of Timing

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This blog contains HiaC SPOILERS.

It's been awhile since my last blog entry. It has less to do with a lack of material (I have around a dozen ideas I'd like to cover) and more of a lack of motivation. But after watching last nights Hell in a Cell ppv, I figured, "eh, why not." So here we go.

Before I really get into it, I'd like to mention that I paid to watch the show last night. I know I didn't need to (there are numerous streaming options) but my mindset has always been that I have no problem putting money down for a card that I feel is worth the price of admission. Yesterdays card was, on paper, worth the investment. But then there came the problem of execution....

So let's talk timing. For those who don't know, the #1 rule of comedy is....




Timing is also, let's say, a top 3 rule of wrestling. Timing is the build, the anticipation, the pay off. Timing is what gets you out of your seat when the improbable happens. Timing is the little shake in your hands when you think "oh my god, it's going to happen!" Timing is Hogan over Andre. Timing is Warrior over Hogan. Timing is that first stunner to Vince. Timing is HHH tapping to the cross face. Timing is what makes a big moment feel even bigger.

Timing, however, is not....

1) Punk winning the title at MitB 2011, leaving the company (kayfabe), and coming back 8 days later.

2) Punk losing to Taker, taking his ball and going home, and coming back 2 months later to fight Jericho.

3) Cena having a "bad year" (IE: a year where he didn't hold a heavyweight title) and beating the Rock at Mania in order to get his win back.

4) Cena dropping the WWE title to Bryan, leaving for just over two months, and winning the World title in his first match back.

5) Daniel Bryan, the feel good story of 2013, losing a HiaC match to Orton after 1 super-kick (no main eventer, probably in the history of time, has been pinned after 1 super-kick).

These are examples of timing done very, very poorly.

Before I go on, let me say that I love wrestling. I really do. And compared to a number of my friends who like wrestling, I'm not all that hard to please. If the journey is good enough, I'll be fine if the destination is a little lacking. Like I don't mind that Orton won the title. I get it from a business standpoint. There are a number of strong baby faces at the moment (Punk, Cena, Bryan, Big Show, Mark Henry when he comes back, Christian can fill a void if need be) and only 2 strong heels not named HHH (Orton, Del Rio). Your number 3 heel in the company is the shield.... as a unit.

So Orton wins. Fine. But the entire storyline is built around that Daniel Bryan feel good moment. You've now taken away that moment four straight ppvs. And every time you take it away, it doesn't build anticipation for the eventual moment in the sun. It actually does the opposite because these losses and non finishes in no way build Bryan up. He's now been pinned after one pedigree and one super-kick. And we're now expected to believe in him as a potential main event star?

Let's look at other instances of timing from last nights ppv. Ryback losing clean to Punk.... Another not so great idea. It's not that Ryback should have won so much as this match should have never happened. Or, that is to say, it should have played out differently. What's the storyline leading into this match? Manager and evil villain, Heyman, holds a pin fall win over former protégée and good guy, Punk. Wouldn't it make sense for Punk to get his hands on Heyman and get that pin fall back? Instead you have Ryback, probably the #4 heel in your company, take the clean pin fall loss. And, for the record, no one should go on top of the hell in a cell unless they are getting thrown off/through it. Because anything besides those two outcomes will end in disappointment.

Ok. Last, and probably least, Kane. I think from a timing standpoint, Kane's return was actually fine. After all, he's expected to continue his pre-injury-angle feud. But.... I don't know. Bray Wyatt hasn't done anything since Kane left. He's just been semi-feuding with the Miz and Kofi. Nothing that makes you crave Bray getting his comeuppance.

Alright, I think that's it for now. To end on a positive note, everyone should watch the three-way tag title match. It was great.

Thank you for Reading. Feel free to leave praise, constructive feedback, or troll. If you're going to troll though, please have some style.

Song of the Day: Every Thug Needs a Lady by Alkaline Trio

Wrestling Move of the Day: The Steiner Screwdriver (aka. the most dangerous move I've ever seen)

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    The only constructive feedback/criticism I have on this blog is your claim of no main eventer being pinned after a single Super Kick. If you're referring to some of his many 5 star matches with Undertaker, HHH, Bret Hart, John Cena, etc...then yes.

    However, this is Daniel Bryan we're talking about. He is nowhere near that caliber, and probably will never reach that height.
  2. ejorbit's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    The only constructive feedback/criticism I have on this blog is your claim of no main eventer being pinned after a single Super Kick. If you're referring to some of his many 5 star matches with Undertaker, HHH, Bret Hart, John Cena, etc...then yes.

    However, this is Daniel Bryan we're talking about. He is nowhere near that caliber, and probably will never reach that height.
    I guess it depends on what you mean by "caliber." I certainly feel at this point in his career, it's reasonable to compare Bryan to a guy like Bret Hart. Great in ring, middling on the mic, not a prototypical main eventer from a size standpoint.

    The finish was obviously meant to protect Bryan, which is great. I just feel there are better ways to do it.
  3. Lupy1234's Avatar
    I am going to go on a rant for a little bit. Your point #1 is right on. The moment he came back, I stopped watching again. I have watched wrestling since the mid 80s and have seen the ups and downs. Nothing got me more excited than Punk's speech a few years ago. I really thought he was going to pull something magical off. Guess what...he did not. Punk is in it for the money and that is why he came back in 8 days. Nothing else. He, Vince, and the WWE screwed us like nothing else before. Everyone seems to be okay with it. Why? Is Vince so tightly wound that he could not bare to see his belt at any other promotion. That would be been the greatest thing ever. So, yes, the WWE turned me off again. I read the reports, keep in touch when I can..but until things get better, I would rather wrestle with my boys.
  4. Kajmere's Avatar
    I like the overall message of the blog, whether or not we all agree on the little facts. The thing with today's stars is that they have the possibility of blowing up overnight and becoming famous. Guys like Bret Hart and HBK didn't have social media and stuff, they had to take years to climb up the ladder. That's not to say that DB and Punk didn't work their asses off, but it's annoying when I see people say that they are among the greatest ever when they've only been on top for a few years combined. As unpopular as it sounds, I think that DB and Punk are both a little overrated. Not a lot, but a little. Are they 2 of the best guys in wrestling today? Yes, but that's not saying a lot. I also agree with the comment above about the Pipebomb being overrated. It was a good promo, but these people that are nutting in their pants over it need to get real. Punk is not the first person to break the 4th wall, not by a long shot. "Wow, he talked about Vince and said he wanted ice cream, this guy is the real deal!" lol C'mon people.

    As far as HITC and the current WWE storylines, I'm enjoying it. I definitely enjoyed this PPV more than the one 3 weeks ago. WWE is definitely doing a better job right now than they were doing last year at this exact moment, so perhaps we should take solace in that. The one thing that is kind of annoying to me is the Big Show involvement. I like his non-wrestling role thus far, but how is this supposed to culminate? A match against Orton or HHH? Does anyone anywhere actually want to see that match? Bc I sure as hell don't. Now it seems like they are trying to move Punk and DB towards the Wyatts to possibly make room for that Big Show match that nobody wants to see. We'll still keep watching bc there's plenty of other interesting happenings right now. It's really just like any other movie or TV show, you ultimately just have to accept it or quit watching.

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