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Dolph Ziggler: Has The Show Turned Off?

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So this week, I was thinking about one wrestler in particular, Dolph Ziggler. Now I will be the first to sit here and say I was one of those people who thought Dolph Ziggler was on the cusp of breaking out onto the main event scene, and once he did, he would stay at the top and be a star. I would have said that 6 months ago, now...not so much. Lets look at this year so far for Dolph Ziggler.

January- Dolph was still Mr MITB, he had just come off a win from John Cena at TLC, and he was in the Rumble, while being paired with AJ Lee and Big E Langston. He lasted 49 minutes, and entered the Rumble first. January wasn't such a bad month for Ziggler, but nothing that stuck out massively

February-We go into the Elimination Chamber. Dolph has an unannounced match with Kofi Kingston, he wins, but really, what does it do for him? Nothing.

March/April-From there, we get a small build up of Ziggler and Big E Langston teaming to take on Team Hell No. While I feel asides from the Shield, Team Hell No was one of the hotter teams in 2012/2013. Ziggler and Langston failed to capture the tag titles, after an ok build to the match. Here is where it gets better. The night after Wrestlemania, Dolph Ziggler cashes in his MITB case, and becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion. To me, this was the high point of Zigglers year, but as with all highs, there will eventually be lows

May/June-Ziggler was set to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Jack Swagger and ADR at Extreme Rules, but suffers a concussion and is pulled from the PPV. The match becomes a #1 contenders match. ADR wins, and sets up ADR vs Ziggler at Payback. After holding the title for 69 days, in his first title defense, Ziggler loses the title.

From there, Ziggler breaks apart from Big E and AJ Lee, he feuds with them, winning a mix gender tag match at Summerslam, and then goes on to feud with Dean Ambrose for the United States Championship, losing at Night of Champions, and then beating Damien Sandow on the Battleground preshow

That is the year Dolph Ziggler has had so far. Hell In a Cell is tomorrow, and Ziggler isn't even on the card! This is a guy, who goes from being the World Heavyweight Champion, to the guy on a preshow. He was getting cheers, when he was suppose to be a heel, and was involved in a double turn at Payback, something I've never seen happen in the WWE since watching. Now, I try not to read the dirt sheets, cause it is hard to figure out what is fact, and what is fiction. There was a report that Vince McMahon had soured on Dolph, because of Dolph's attitude. Whether I believe that or not, is up in the air, but there is no denying Dolph has had a big fall from grace.

Currently, I look at Dolph's future from an optimist and pessimist point of view. The optimist in me says "Look at Daniel Bryan, he loses at WM in less than a minute, everyone goes on how Bryan was screwed, it wasn't fair, ect", but, he goes from that, to the guy now challenging for the WWE Championship, the guy who in my opinion is the most over, right behind Cena(Cena to me is most over, merely for the fact that whether it is cheers or boos, he gets the biggest reaction). Bryan went from what many thought at the time as a low, to a really high. The optimist in me says "Ziggler is in that same spot, and who knows, in a month, in 6 months, in a year, he could be where Bryan is now"

Then, there is the pessimist in me. Look at some of the previous World Champions. Jack Swagger immediately comes to mind. The guy gets a World title run, it flounders, and so does he. He gets another chance, and screws up. I can't help but wonder if Ziggler is going down the same path as Jack Swagger.

So I leave it there, what are your views? Do you think we will see Ziggler go in a different, more up direction as time goes on? Or do you think his fate is sealed and he is stuck where he is?

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