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Can Anyone Convince Me Why.....

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....Paige will make it on the main roster??? I have my doubts.

For starters, she's English. American audiences are notoriously hesitant when it comes to deciding on how they feel about any wrestler not from North America. Think Cesaro, think ADR, think Sheamus, think Regal, think any Japanese wrestler. I'm going to go right ahead and say it, a lot of wrestling audiences need to be lead to water to know where to drink and even then they need to be convinced that they're thirsty enough to drink whats on offer. In other words, unless you give them the motivation to like someone, by and large they won't make the effort to find it for themselves.

Now this isn't a knock on the Yankee Doodles, just an observation of a large portion of wrestling fans and made on the basis that it will be very much up to the American fans since thats where she will be doing the majority of her live performing.

Getting back to Paige, I have seen she's a very engaging interviewee - but what will happen with the WWE reins properly on her? When she is bound by strict WWE TV guidelines and adherence to scripting? We've seen time and time again how WWE can all but strip someone of their own natural charisma in order to insert their own. So, in this sense, there's a very good chance that her natural charisma may be negated. Check out the difference between these two videos where Paige speaks - one just being her natural self and the "scripted/promo" one.

It's like night and day.

Add to all this the fact (and you Paige addicts surely can't deny) that she is not a conventional beauty. She is attractive, I can see that, not really my type but not bad to look at and most importantly, not in the cookie cutter mould of the typical WWE diva. I don't care what anyone says, look is a solid 85% of a Divas appeal.
Which brings me to the matter of skill and ability. From what I have seen (but mostly heard) she is a very talented wrestler. That means practically next to nothing in the Divas division in it's current state. You know it. I know it. It's undeniable.

I want Paige to do well, I really do. But I know any opportunities WWE offer are highly conditional and quite narrow to squeeze through. Maybe they think of it as their filtration system but are blissfully unaware that they are stripping out most of the nutrients along the way. So I'm putting it out there, in light of my reasoning, can you convince me why Paige will be a main roster success? Tell me how you would book her, who you might team her up with, any ideas that would help the Paige cause.

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  1. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    No... No one can convince the Almighty Rob of the Star of anything that he doesn't already believe to be true!!!

  2. Robstar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin
    No... No one can convince the Almighty Rob of the Star of anything that he doesn't already believe to be true!!!

    Oh it's you. Shut up.

  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    ...and it's reasons like this why you're behind a computer and not working in the business itself. Do you not watch NXT and see how successful she has become?
  4. Kajmere's Avatar
    Let me start by saying I like Paige, and I think not being a cookie cutter mold is actually a great thing going for her. I'm not sure how fans are supposed to get her on the main roster. Do you just mean like chanting for her and Twitter and stuff like that?

    I would imagine, and maybe I'm wrong, that it is a little harder for Divas to get on TV than Superstars. Not only are there less of them, but it's got to all boil down to politics (and probably sexual advances if I'm being honest). Also, hot girls on TV are a dime a dozen nowadays, it's not like this Diva is way more talented in the ring than the other one. IMO it comes down to purely politics. At least guys can just get really big and improve in the ring, the Divas, no one really cares about them wrestling, so even if you're decent in the ring, even if you're hot, you still have to be essentially randomly chosen by higher ups.

    Just my perception on how I think it works, maybe you disagree.
  5. Robstar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by T-Hughes35
    ...and it's reasons like this why you're behind a computer and not working in the business itself. Do you not watch NXT and see how successful she has become?
    So it's a given that she's going to have that same success on the main roster then? Come on, you can't be that naive. One does not follow the other necessarily.

    The main roster is a totally different ballgame because you have a lot of differentials such as airtime and storylines available to the divas, a whole different production crew, writers, politics - more than a few hundred people to impress at the one time. If you bomb on Raw, Vince is very unforgiving. You can be as over as hell and if Vince doesn't like you (Dolph Ziggler) then it's all for naught.

    I'm not saying she CAN'T. I'm questioning if she can. There's an important difference there, if you can spot it.
  6. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Sadly Vince is still narrow minded when it comes to the divas, and Stephanie is her father's daughter through and through. Paige has talent yes but so do a lot of stars on the main roster and very few of them actually get the chance to shine. I see no reason for things to change here in this case but if AJ can be a divas champ at just 85 lbs soak and wet, then anything's possible.
  7. Earthquake's Avatar
    ... Sigh! Good blog, always good to see something on someone who hasn't been a big subject in any kind of blog, but she hasn't even debuted yet. If you just speculate so far into the future nd bite your fingernails when she does debut you're not going to enjoy it. Just enjoy it a bit, we watch it because it is fun I thought. How about a blog on where you put over the view of the objects she has against her but veer away from "What if there's no hope" territory. They may be going a whole new direction with the divas (probably not), but they have a talented bunch coming through, she may very well be coined as the "spunky" one of that group, she is learning still and will continue learning until her career ends so she has plenty of time to attempt to improve on the promo's she is told to work around. It's your blog, I respect that, but looking so far into an almost certain doomed future is just going to wreck her development, and same with others you are invested in, and when something good actually happens, you're in danger of being more relieved when something good happens than actually enjoying it.
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