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Can Anyone Convince Me Why.....

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....Paige will make it on the main roster??? I have my doubts.

For starters, she's English. American audiences are notoriously hesitant when it comes to deciding on how they feel about any wrestler not from North America. Think Cesaro, think ADR, think Sheamus, think Regal, think any Japanese wrestler. I'm going to go right ahead and say it, a lot of wrestling audiences need to be lead to water to know where to drink and even then they need to be convinced that they're thirsty enough to drink whats on offer. In other words, unless you give them the motivation to like someone, by and large they won't make the effort to find it for themselves.

Now this isn't a knock on the Yankee Doodles, just an observation of a large portion of wrestling fans and made on the basis that it will be very much up to the American fans since thats where she will be doing the majority of her live performing.

Getting back to Paige, I have seen she's a very engaging interviewee - but what will happen with the WWE reins properly on her? When she is bound by strict WWE TV guidelines and adherence to scripting? We've seen time and time again how WWE can all but strip someone of their own natural charisma in order to insert their own. So, in this sense, there's a very good chance that her natural charisma may be negated. Check out the difference between these two videos where Paige speaks - one just being her natural self and the "scripted/promo" one.

It's like night and day.

Add to all this the fact (and you Paige addicts surely can't deny) that she is not a conventional beauty. She is attractive, I can see that, not really my type but not bad to look at and most importantly, not in the cookie cutter mould of the typical WWE diva. I don't care what anyone says, look is a solid 85% of a Divas appeal.
Which brings me to the matter of skill and ability. From what I have seen (but mostly heard) she is a very talented wrestler. That means practically next to nothing in the Divas division in it's current state. You know it. I know it. It's undeniable.

I want Paige to do well, I really do. But I know any opportunities WWE offer are highly conditional and quite narrow to squeeze through. Maybe they think of it as their filtration system but are blissfully unaware that they are stripping out most of the nutrients along the way. So I'm putting it out there, in light of my reasoning, can you convince me why Paige will be a main roster success? Tell me how you would book her, who you might team her up with, any ideas that would help the Paige cause.

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  1. Robstar's Avatar
    I only comment this far because of the amount of fan groundswell she has generated thus far. I think that in itself could be the largest obstacle for her to conquer - the weight of expectation could cripple her before she even gets out of the gate.

    Beware the fans. They are wrestlings worst burden
  2. Earthquake's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar
    I only comment this far because of the amount of fan groundswell she has generated thus far. I think that in itself could be the largest obstacle for her to conquer - the weight of expectation could cripple her before she even gets out of the gate.

    Beware the fans. They are wrestlings worst burden
    Very very good point, couldn't agree with you more.
  3. Kashdinero's Avatar
    This same question could be asked of almost every single performer in developmental who had some sort of previous fan base before being signed. Solomon Crowe, Kalisto, Kassius Ohno, Sami Zayne, Adrian Neville.. What I will say is, in this day and age, the cream generally rises to the top, or close enough.

    The only Diva that has made any difference to the division of late is AJ, who is far from the norm when it comes to Diva pushes. I fail to see any Diva being handed as much opportunity as she has, so I'm skeptical of Paige's chances at becoming a megastar in that sense. She will however go on to have good performances in the ring, and will outshine many of the current roster. She will probably also win the Divas title at some point.

    If that is not "making it" in today's Diva division I don't know what is. AJ was a huge part of the DB/Punk feud, and because of that she was given the chance to shine in the ring. Which she has done. Remarkably. Will Paige get given that sort of push? Doubtful, but what Diva really does? AJ's push has been great because its such a rare thing.

    Either way, the girl will do good as far as I'm concerned, Robs, but perhaps you have a different definition of what constitutes as being successful. There's a ton of speculation surrounding Paige, and as we all know, that can be tough to overcome, but the girl is good, and in-ring-talent and Divas don't usually go hand in hand. Naturally people are going to be talking about her. It's what we come on the Internet to do.

    I wonder if they'll acknowledge that she comes from a wrestling family? That generally lends credibility to newcomers, although if said talent is clueless in the ring, it doesn't help in the slightest. Just look at the beastly Tamina lol.

    Anyway, she's still, like, way young, so I can't see her debuting any time soon. Wondering about her chances at this early point in her development is close to pointless. Ask the same question next year around March/April and we'll be able to see where she might fit in in the roster.
  4. Robstar's Avatar
    What I'm trying to get at Kash, is will she be as successful as she deserves? The "Paige-Rage" fans will no doubt cry foul when WWE fucks up the booking.

    I'm not sure if staying over long in developmental is a good thing or a very very bad one. Seems like Vince tires of people mired down in NXT for too long and giving anyone the belt seems to be a precursor to bringing them up, so the short history of NXT titles suggests anyway.

    As a foil to an evil AJ, as the underdog, I think is her best chance. I also think time might be near.
  5. Kashdinero's Avatar
    Is she 21 yet? I ask because I thought that was the minimum age for someone to debut on the main roster. If she is then I'm sure we'll see her soon. If not, then we'll see her when she is.

    I'm sure it's a case-sensitive thing as to whether someone stays in developmental for too long. I mean, just look at Leo Kruger, Kassius Ohno, Connor O'Brien, Corey Graves, and Xavier Woods. Those guys have been toiling away in Florida for ages now, especially poor Xavier (what's it been, like, three years? Lol). As for the calling up thing. I dunno, does winning a title mean they're next in line to be brought up? Just look at Bo. Dude's nowhere near ready for the main stage. Will he ever be? Seeing as I'm not a fan I'm going to reserve judgement as for me he's a big no-no in all aspects of his game.

    Paige vs AJ would be the way to go if speaking in logical sense, as I'm sure the matches would be great-to-off-the-charts, but is that what WWE look for in their Divas? Given her pale skin and goth-like appearance I could see her being teamed up with The Ascenssion, or someone equally as dark. Being paired up with a male wrestler (or two) would give her ample screen time to get over with the masses.
  6. Robstar's Avatar
    I really think pairing her with a guy, perhaps Drew (he really needs something to make me give a shit about him) or some other hunk, a little romantic angle perhaps where later someone could steal him and that would be her rival. Yeah I know it's been done but what hasn't?

    Ascension is another good idea or the Wyatts but you're right she really needs to be a face and I don't see those guys as faces. Perhaps the Shield if they turned, I could see her hanging with them, playing Rollins or Reigns girlfriend.
  7. Kashdinero's Avatar
    Even good ol' Wade, who wouldn't be hurt by a face turn. Lord knows the guy could do with the help. Granted it might be a push to expect the masses to get behind him, but, with the right sort of push, I could see him being more likeable Sheamus. Lol, a love triangle with Drew might help all three etch themselves into the hearts of the fickle WWE Universe.

    Regarding The Ascenssion. I know they're probs gonna debut as heels at first, but once they start pulverising folk left right and centre, I can imagine them getting very favourable reactions, so even if "our girl" is paired with them as a heel, I can't imagine them staying that way for too long.

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