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Retiring Sting

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As always, many rumors are running wild about a sting debut in the WWE.

I think the best way for all involved would be the following;

Firstly Sting must sign maybe a limited schedule to keep him in wwe for 2 wrestlemania's and have him debut the night after The Royal Rumble 2014 Kane in the ring cutting a Promo as a babyface. Lights go out, fog surrounds the ring and ramp and lightning strikes start. With the audience feeling that The Undertaker will be coming out to challenge Kane, Stings graveyard music hits. Coming from underneath the ring he beats down Kane with his signature baseball bat. Kane stands back up only to get dropped with a scorpion death drop - Closing segment of Raw.
This feud would lead up until Wrestlemania but at elimination chamber put him in a 1 on 1 against a mid carder and have Sting destroy him in 7 - 8 minutes then have a big battle against Kane at Mania.
Now this will give WWE 1 year to build up Taker vs Sting at wrestlemania 31.

I would firstly have Sting Money in the bank for the whc title have a few feuds then enter the rumble winning it next night on Raw cashing in his case to become WHC then announce he will face the WWE champ the Undertaker at wrestlemania Champ vs Champ. Emphasize that the streak has a legitimate threat, eventuall they put everything on the line title vs title and career vs career winner takes all in an iron man match, definitly needs to be controversy in the match but Undertaker to win 2-1 and Sting the original WCW Icon retires and also retires the wcw belt.

Wrestlemania 32 sting is inducted into the hall of fame.

Thoughts and criticism welcome.

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    I already gave my views on Sting in the other Sting blog, but I just had a comment about your last paragraph. Don't take offense, but you have Sting win MITB and the Rumble, just to face Taker (WWE Champ) at WM. Here's why it won't work:

    1. Assuming Sting comes over (and that's a huge assumption), he has been doing nothing but putting over talent, he's 54, he's not going to want to win all of these events that are meant for younger guys.

    2. Taker is not physically able to ever hold another championship again. He can get injured at the drop of a hat, which would cause him to vacate the title after one match.

    3. Sting vs Taker (if it happens, which it won't), will not require 2 titles, a Rumble win, and a brief case. The match itself would be enough of a headline, no need to sand bag the rest of the roster to set up 1 match.

    4. Who do you expect to carry the match? You are actually wanting Sting/Taker to face off in 18 months, when their combine ages will be like 105. No HBK or Cm Punk to carry the match, who will do it? Honestly I'm curious, I'm not being rhetorical.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    stupid, no championships need involved. The only match Sting needs to have is vs the Undertaker at WM. No more added bs, just give me Sting vs Taker and I'll be happy. MITB, championships, no need for it. Taker vs Sting matchup is big enough to not need props to make the first meeting meaningful. Do you not have the kind of respect I have for those two men? Taker hasn't had a championship needed to add intrigue to his match in 5 years. This being his first match in WWE something we didn't think we would see nor did we think we would see these two icons face off especially at the big stage at WM. 1 year build bs hurt Cena/Rock 1 if you ask me. I was far more ready for them to face by WM27 came around than the next 2. Just my opinion.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    4. Who do you expect to carry the match? You are actually wanting Sting/Taker to face off in 18 months, when their combine ages will be like 105. No HBK or Cm Punk to carry the match, who will do it? Honestly I'm curious, I'm not being rhetorical.
    Good Question lols!! But for us Deadman n Crow fans, do we need a spectacle of a match??

    The match will work purely on nostalgia of the two men...
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    @Topic..these two men doesn't need a championship match....ofcourse your idea of retiring WCW belt along with the WCW original retiring is good..but Sting doesn't need a championship n moreover WHC has lost its credibility so much that I would never prefer a legend winning it...
  5. second_city_sinner's Avatar
    Tbh this doesn't even need a big build up like your suggesting you have wasted all the belts and mitb and rumble there wouldn't be any other match at mania with importance, sting could appear at a raw before mania to be inducted in the hof or for a special appearance then have taker come out do the point to the WM sign (I know its been done to death but its effective) then just play video packages about each of their careers and about how this has been wanted for years till mania they are both such huge icons that no one will care about build up IMO.

    But I don't want to see this they both need carrying these days like has already been mentioned.

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