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El T Draino 316

The Cena-Free Experiment

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Hey Everyone,

I've been rather quiet on the boards as of late, but as always, I've been watching and evaluating.

The post-Summerslam scenario was one of the most intriguing and hopeful landscapes I've seen present itself in recent memory. John Cena, the WWE's biggest asset, was knowingly going away on a multiple month hiatus. Part-timers like Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, and The Rock were gone for the foreseeable future. Even other big names like Mark Henry and Rey Mysterio were out of the picture. The months to follow Summerslam were to be filled with fresh faces in prominent storylines and an overall opportunity for members of all cards - jobbers to midcarders to nearly-main- eventers - to raise their stock.

I apologize if this comes off as negative, but truly, what fresh faces have been plugged into the main event scenes? For the WWE Title, its been the Big Show, Randy Orton, Vince McMahon, and HHH. For the WHC, its been Del Rio (still), Rob Van Dam, Christian, and it will be John Cena at the next PPV. That is 8 guys with well over 120 years of experience. Where are guys like Miz, Ziggler, and Sandow in the WHC picture? The last 2 matches Ziggler had against Del Rio, AJ interfered. Instead he's losing on Main Event and wrestling on Pre Shows. And that's a guy who had 70,000 people cheering for him at Wrestlemania in a match he wasn't in - and the following night garnered the biggest pop of 2013.

I know what you are thinking, duh, you forgot about the biggest player in the WWE Title picture, Daniel Bryan. For me, and I hope this comes across as realistic and not pessimistic, Daniel Bryan has not benefited from John Cena's absence - the point of this blog. In my opinion, the brightest Daniel Bryan's star has shined was the moment he knocked out John Cena and pinned him clean. That moment was pure wrestling euphoria - the culmination of a great storyline, passionate promos, tremendous in-ring wrestling, and a clean finish. Knowing how his storyline has continued since, I think Bryan would have benefited more from Cena hanging around to continue their feud than entering the angle he did with Orton and The Authority. Ask yourself what happened since Orton's music hit and he cashed in that briefcase. It is a collection of delayed happenings and an insufferable forcefeeding of McMahons and HHH.

  • The babyfaces waited nearly a month before they stood up to anyone, looking weak
  • When they finally did, they did it all at once, not allowing anyone to stand out. Justin Gabriel and Zach Ryder were in the mix, how could it benefit a guy like Ziggler or Kofi?
  • The Big Show literally cried for WEEKS before taking a stand, ultimately to knock out both Bryan and Orton, only to seemingly be on Bryan's side now
  • They've introduced an outrageous bankrupt/mortgage scenario that has no validity. Why don't they show his house being foreclosed or his kids feeling blue if we are supposed to give a shit? He had an iron clad contract and millions a few months ago, and now Stephanie McMahon owns his house? Jesus.
  • For every 5 times Bryan comes out and does his Yes! chants smiling like a guy who hasn't been completely dicked over for 3 months, he cuts 1 in ring promo. Where is the fuming, scathing promo in Randy Ortons face? His promo to Cena about him not being a wrestler was the most fire he's shown in this time period.
  • 3 dirty finishes at 3 straight PPVs - and a fourth is VERY likely to follow
  • 8 weeks of no champion, and they barely even mention that the title is vacated. No one is holding it.

Week after week, it has felt like a recycled rehashing of 'how can HHH insult or degrade Daniel Bryan this week?'. While all of this will eventually culminate in DB getting the strap, I think too much damage has been done. John Cena will be back in a week, and who looks better than before he left?

The ONLY person who's stock has risen is Cody Rhodes. And how hard was it? He was put in a challenging and interesting scenario, returned as a hero, and people gave a shit. When one faction is being an asshole to an entire locker room, the blueprint to build new guys shouldn't be so complicated. Make them tough and selfless and give fans a reason to cheer for them.

I'm rambling at this point, but really evaluate the landscape right now. The WWE title picture is muddied with HHH, Big Show, Stephanie, likely Vince, HBK, Randy Orton, and DB. 7 people. So the WWE's response to losing it's biggest name was to throw a whole bunch of big names into the picture? 7 big names doesn't equal one massive name, WWE.

Upper management's fear to give anyone but a seasoned veteran a prominent role in the main event scenario has been a massive missed opportunity. HHH, for me, has X Pac heat. I dislike the man and the performer, not the character. He's actually been decent in his snobby, corporate badass role, but I'm sick of seeing him. Let your stars shine, give the others a chance to, and stop trying to make yours brighter. If all of this ends and Bryan never gets that title, I'm genuinely bummed that HHH is as the helm(sley?) for the next few decades.

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    The upper card has the only well-constructed story-lines right now. The tag title picture gained steam, but after like 6 consecutive matches between The Shield and Cody/Goldust, it isn't as interesting any more. At this point, I'm hoping for an Usos win on Sunday.
  2. K2Jelly's Avatar
    This is honestly one of the few blogs that I can truly say has earned 5 stars. Very impressive observations and not because I agree with pretty much all of them but you look at the big picture for not just Daniel Bryan but for how this angle affects anyone else involved. And I'll take it a step further.

    Remember R-Truth? He seems to be doing well for himself despite failing to win the Intercontinental Championship TWICE IN ONE MONTH from Curtis Axel. This wouldn't bother me so much except that we ought to consider his pre-Battleground promo. It covers the insecurities that Stephanie McMahon brought to light about how he hasn't been champion in a while. Now, he's selling merchandise like some sideshow carny at a cheap ass county fair? Overall, just like with what's been going on with the Big Show and Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler and anyone else that's been involved with HHH/Stephanie, there's no damn consistency. At this point, we've seen Daniel Bryan's chain jerked way too many times so if he does indeed win the title at HIAC, it'll be less of a "Yes! FINALLY!" moment and more like a " No run-in this time? Great." kind of moment. I'm not going to say that John Cena is the reason for this inconsistent and lazy booking but if not, if Cena coming back makes any difference, I hope he never has another injury ever again.
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  3. Cross's Avatar
    I sadly have to agree with a lot of this. Sadly cause I do not want it to be true. I mean, I am glad they had the Corporation take over and it lead to a lot of babyfaces getting over, but it is not turning into that happy ending like we want it to (I hope this is what you were gettng at).

    I mean, why isn't Ziggler WHC?
    Why isn't R-Truth going to win the IC Title?
    Why is Kofi not getting that main event spot?

    There is a lot WWE can do, but hasn't. Cody Rhodes benefited the most out of this and I am absolutely fine with that. I am happy for him actually Heck, I am happy people (like myself) are actually popping for the Big Show. However, you have to understand only some people can get there. I think it has to do with the lack of heels. Who is a credible top heel people can beat besides Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, and the Shield? There are a lot more faces like Daniel Bryan, Big Show, Ziggler, the Miz, Kofi Kingston, the Usos, the Rhodes Brothers.

    Maybe I didn't word the everything the way I wanted to incase anyone disagress witth something I put. I will leave it at that.

    Oh, and by the way, the Shield seem deprived with this storyline. Every week after Summerslam to Battleground it seemed like Daniel Bryan would beat them every week.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I think the biggest issue is, WWE fears that no one will replace a top guy like Cena. Everyone wants someone like Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, etc..(I'm actually happy you threw the Miz's name in there.) But it seems WWE doesn't feel comfortable with it.
  5. thetheme's Avatar
    We DO have some of the power, but we have to show it in PERSON in any kind of way, including merchandice sales. It's not about booing Cena, it's about not having a reaction to him at all, not buying his stuff, and/or having heat with who he's against. Look at who is pushed and who isn't. Look at the crowd reaction to those people. We have to be emotionally involved. The WWE needs to know who we care about and most importantly why WITHOUT flip floping every couple of months.

    I do agree with A LOT here, but I think that the WWE has a plan to this. It's just that everyone has to be patient enough. If all of this would have been settled too quickly with Bryan losing the WWE title and never to be seen around it again, People would complain about it being a waste. I think that Bryan is going to win the Royal Rumble and go to Mania and get the title.

    Yes Cena is back in less than a week, but he is challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship, not the WWE Championship. Sandow MIGHT cash in on Cena if he wins, which will result in heat from the young Cena fans and marking out from the people that don't like Cena.

    It's not that the WWE is "scared" to pick someone to replace Cena, it's just a difficult task considering the fans. Lets think about this. MOST OF THE OLDER FANS ARE NEVER SATISFIED AND WWE KNOWS THAT. Look at the WWE the last couple of months...

    The Tag Team division has improved with a couple of exceptions, but most of the matches have been good with the serious teams. The Divas division has a champion that can get it done in the ring and that has a story about her reign other than she's just carrying the title. The I.C. Champion that can wrestle and that isn't all that good on the mic has a mouth piece. The U.S. Champion is backed by a group that watches his back.

    Feuds are being like they used to be. There are more build-ups. Titles are gaining value. Most of the heels are winning clean to prove their worth. These are the type of things that the fans have asked for and the WWE gets no credit for it. If Kofi gets pushed to the main event scene, people would bitch about it just because it's Kofi. There are some that were bitching about Bryan.

    When they build someone up, it's takes mere weeks for the fans to be tired of that person. Or if it's someone that they don't really like or think they shouldn't have been picked for the spot, fans complain. Even if the person puts on a good match. Some praise mic skills more than ring skills. Some get pushed because of the reaction from the crowd, heat or praise.

    Sorry this was more a blog/rant than a response, but I just wanted to give a different view on this.
  6. El T Draino 316's Avatar
    Hey guys - not going to reply to everyone individually, but I appreciate the kind words and constructive responses.

    I think a lot of good points are made. I tend to dwell on the negatives and downplay the positives. I'm admittedly a big Ziggler and Miz fan and it pains me to think that it's literally backstage politics keeping them from more prominent storylines.

    Rewind back to the Raw after Summerslam with the roster at the end of the ramp. Miz, Ziggler, and Big Show were the three babyfaces getting all of the focus as guys who the roster look up to. That seemed to fizzle in the next few weeks. Ziggler is at seemingly the lowest point of his career (in the past 3 years).

    And the Miz will surely be sacrificed to Bray Wyatt. He dropped R Truth over a year ago and it's like management totally forgets that he had a successful run as WWE Champ headlining Mania. Love him or hate him, he held his own in a storyline with the Rock and John Cena. I find it so frustrating that the opinions of 2 brains can affect the whole company so drastically. I get it, they are the bosses (HHH and Vince), but damn its tough when you are invested in certain performers who really love the industry.
  7. Deadpool's Avatar
    I think that right now WWE is in state where even people in management don't have a specific plan of action.Current storyline of Corporation is fine,although as it was said previously,it lacks that struggle and passion from top babyfaces. It isn't enough for fans to see Big Show snap and Bryan standing his ground against authority.I agree that Cody Rhodes benefited the most and without a doubt will be next in line for a major singles push because of it.But my biggest worries are not about guys like Ziggler,The Miz or Kofi,they are underutilized,sure but that's only fair since this storyline is already overcrowded.What I am worried the most is what this will do new superstars from NXT. I mean,look at Wyatt's,they are in their own zone,apart from anything that goes on,but even they are being held down.And god knows,what will happen to next guys who are in line to move to WWE main roster from NXT. My point is that with Corporation storyline,WWE has lost its focus.

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