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Outside the Ring : First of Many

Outside the Ring : First of Many

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This is my first blog and I hope it wont be my last. Unless that killer shark gets loose again I think I will be fine.

I have stood in shadows for far too long watching all the wrestling I can endure and I can endure no more.

There is one thing that is bugging me so very much and that is the lack of events outside of the ring.
Now I don't mean CM Punk visiting ball games or going to comic-con, I mean like when there used to be fights in bars or they would visit homes and get attacked by the wrestlers they were feuding with.
Now I don't know why this stopped but it seems to and it takes away the unpredictability of the story lines, I would much rather see Triple H use his 'powers' to do more dastardly things then Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield. What if Triple H sent the Shield to attack Bryan at home or even Orton attack brie while she is out shopping, how about making Daniel Bryan late for RAW by making him get the Bus, then not give him a locker room or wrestling Gear.

It seems WWE is dropping the ball on the Heel Boss Gimmick and I think using events that occur outside of the ring could really give this story line some life.

What do you think should WWE bring back these 'Real Life' attacks and punishments or are you happy with the way things are going?

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  1. ArtfulOne's Avatar
    I kind of have to disagree. I like the premise of outside attacks, but they also look so staged.

    Its not like a cameraman is filming wrestlers drinking at a bar, and uh oh, here is an attack.

    But here's something I could work with.

    Take a Cloverfield approach to it. Maybe have Wrestler A attack B in a bar, and mid-fight, another wrestler C turns on a camera phone and records it. That would be slightly more realistic.

    - Artful One

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