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24 More Interesting Facts

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I couldn’t help myself. Although I said my last blog was the final entry in the fun facts series, this one is actually a prequel, so I didn’t lie. These are pretty much left-overs from my previous blogs. This set of trivia is mostly based on older, rare facts from back in the day. I’m sure some of these won’t be shockers to you long-time wrestling fans. I’ve lost count here, but hopefully this final entry will help me get it out of my system. I think you’ll like it.

The first person to win a world title in a Hell in a Cell Match was The Undertaker….in 2009!
That’s right, since the Cell debuted in 1997, all title matches witnessed the defending champion retain the world title. It took 12 years until Taker defeated CM Punk at Hell in a Cell 2009 for the World Heavyweight Title for a world title to change hands in the Cell. In the same night, Randy Orton defeated John Cena, becoming the first challenger to win the WWE Title in the Cell. Out of 27 total Hell in a Cell matches, only 3 have produced a new world champion, Alberto Del Rio being the 3rd. You can take solace in the fact that the upcoming match between Orton and Daniel Bryan is sure to produce a new champion, as well.

The Fabulous Moolah held the Women’s Title for over 27 consecutive years.
Move over Bruno, because this broad’s got your number. Moolah, who won the first NWA World Women’s Championship in 1956, held the title for over 10,000 days! After selling the title to the WWE, they decided not to recognize its preceding history. By the way, Moolah is also to this day undefeated at WWE Pay Per Views.

William Moody (Paul Bearer) actually worked in a morgue!
In the early 80’s, Moody decided to acquire a degree in mortuary science and even became a certified embalmer and mortician. His career was short lived, however, and he soon returned back to his true calling of wrestling. I guess his relationship with Taker was truly a match made in heav- I mean hell.

Matt Bloom (Sweet T) has appeared in 6 Royal Rumbles without ever getting a single elimination.
Currently, I would call Bloom the worst Rumble participant in WWE history. He appeared in the 2000-2004 Rumbles, along with the last one in 2013, and has never so much as assisted in a single elimination. It’s well known that most participants in the event are just “bodies”, but this is ridiculous. Even Hornswoggle has had an elimination!

AJ Styles, in addition to TNA and ROH, has wrestled for both WCW and WWE.
His true fans know that AJ had brief stints in the two companies in the early 2000’s. First, he had a quick stay with WCW, competing in a tag team known as “Air Raid”, which got eliminated in a tournament for the cruiserweight tag titles. Then, in WWE, he made multiple appearances on Jakked, only to turn down a modest developmental deal that the company offered him. They blew that one like a $2 hooker on a Friday night.

The Undertaker’s best man at his wedding was the Fake Undertaker from Summerslam 1994.
Good thing it wasn’t a kayfabe wedding or else it would have freaked people the hell out. Brian Lee, also known as Chainz from DOA, stood by Taker’s side as he performed his vows with his first wife. Not creeped out yet? Lee also appeared in a Bollywood movie as The Undertaker alongside Brian Adams (Crush) that went on to be 1 of the highest grossing films of the year in India. Go figure.

Scott Hall has never competed in a Royal Rumble in his career.
Scott Hall/Razor Ramon has never stepped foot into the Royal Rumble. Usually, he would be occupied with something else, such as the Intercontinental title. The odd part? The Fake Razor Ramon has competed in the Rumble more than he has.

Neither one of the Dudley Boyz have ever competed in the Royal Rumble.
A parlay from the previous entry, neither Bubba nor Devon have ever stepped foot into a Royal Rumble. They were always occupied with tag team opponents. So one of the greatest IC champs and one of the greatest tag team champs in company history never received a chance to fight for a WrestleMania opportunity.

The Rock has had a total of 5 reigns as a tag team champion….totaling a mere 24 days.
The Great One has had held 17 titles during his illustrious WWE career, 10 of those being a world title, and 2 being the Intercontinental Championship. However, his reigns as a tag champ have always been short lived. He held the gold 3 times as a part of the Rock N Sock Connection with Mick Foley, one with The Dead Man, and another with Y2J. Unfortunately, the longest of his 5 tag title reigns was a mere 8 days, with 2 of those reigns lasting only 24 hours. I guess sharing gold has never been one of his fortes.

The Rockers have actually won 5 tag titles in their wrestling career.
The tag team that put Shawn and Marty on the map, is known for never having won the tag titles in WWE. However, their careers were going strong before they worked for Vince. They actually held the titles in 3 different promotions, including the AWA, combing for 5 total title reigns.

Tito Santana holds the record for most consecutive WrestleMania losses (7).
After winning the opening match of WrestleMania 1, Santana took on a bit of bad luck, losing in every other WrestleMania match that he appeared in after that. Not until a dark match at WrestleMania 9 would Tito finally end the streak, unfortunately, fans at home were not able to witness him stop the bleeding.

Austin Aries is the only 2X Ring of Honor World Champion ever.
ROH doesn’t just hand out world titles like candy. As a matter of fact, there have only been 18 different world champions in the company’s 11 year history, meaning there have only been 19 total reigns. Excluding the current world champion, the previous 18 ROH World Title reigns average out to 222 days each. Now there is a title that has value. The longest world champion in company history: Samoa Joe at nearly 2 years.

Kane has never survived an elimination match at Survivor Series.
Despite competing in 8 traditional style elimination matches at the classic WWE PPV, The Big Red Monster has always been eliminated. He holds the all-time worst record in that match type, which is one of the biggest losing streaks in WWE PPV history. Hopefully, Kane will have a chance to redeem himself at next month’s event, assuming he both returns to television and competes in an elimination match.

Rene Dupree is the youngest champion in WWE history.
When he was only 19, Rene, along with Sylvain Grenier, known as La Resistance, captured the World Tag Team Championship from Kane and RVD at Bad Blood 2003. This made him the youngest title holder in company history. Not enough? Alright, in that case, the next year, Rene teamed up with Kenzo Suzuki to win the WWE Tag Team Championship, making him the youngest man to hold that title, as well.

The Honky Tonk Man was originally supposed to face Brutus the Barber Beefcake at Summerslam instead of The Ultimate Warrior.
The memorable match for the IC title was not originally supposed to have The Warrior in it, but he subbed in after Outlaw Ron Bass’s boot spurs sliced open Brutus’s head in a match at Superstars of Wrestling. This wasn’t the only last minute match change at a WWE PPV, but it was one of the most notable. Perhaps Honky Tonk’s legendary title streak would have continued.

William Regal was fired from WCW for shoot wrestling Goldberg on TV.
The match is worth a YouTube. It was supposed to be a squash, but Regal put up a fight in an attempt to make Goldberg look bad (something that Regal has publicly denied). You can easily see Regal giving Goldberg a hard time throughout the bout, including an “accidental” kick to his face.

Jerry Lawler and the Honky Tonk Man are first cousins.
The two wrestling legends’ mothers are sisters. I wasn’t too surprised when I learned this, considering the fact that they kind of look and sound alike and are both from Tennessee. They even feuded against each other back when they worked in Tennessee territories. Bad blood kept the cousins apart for years, but they buried the hatchet several years ago.

Sheamus has already had more televised matches than Shawn Michaels.
Since debuting in 2009, The Celtic Warrior has been quite the workaholic. Between Raw, Smackdown, ECW, and Main Event, he has tallied well over 300 total matches on TV, while Michaels has clocked in at around 250 total matches in his 15+ year TV career. As a matter of fact, HBK has only wrestled a total of 9 times in the history of Smackdown, which is less than any well-known veteran of all time that was employed since its existence.

The only 3 TNA stars to work for the company since its start are AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, and James Storm.
True TNA fans should know this. These 3 men have stuck through since the beginning of TNA in 2002. Founder and Vice President Jarrett, along with Styles and Storm (the 2 leaders in PPV’s wrestled), have been there through thick and thin.

Mean Gene dropped the F-bomb during the 1989 Summerslam broadcast.
It occurred live during an interview with Rick Rude and Bobby Heenan. A Summerslam set piece fell behind them, interrupting the interview, prompting Okerlund to blurt, “Oh, fuck it”. You can even hear Vince McMahon say “nice move” nearby off screen. He later claimed that it was prerecorded, and that the wrong tape was aired during the live broadcast of the PPV.

Razor Ramon was supposed to face Goldust at WrestleMania 12.
The famous Goldust feud with Roddy Piper that culminated in a Hollywood Backlot Brawl at WrestleMania 12 was originally supposed to feature Razor Ramon. The former IC champion refused to “lower himself” to a feud with Goldust, preferring to instead sit out of the event completely. Ultimately, his request was granted and a willing Hot Rod stepped up to the plate.

The faces won the main event of every Summerslam until 2002.
The WWE’s number 2 PPV did not have a heel win the final match of the show until the 15th event in which Brock Lesnar took the WWE title from The Rock. WrestleMania also had a face win every main event for the first 15 years (thanks to Hulk Hogan’s generosity in 1993). I am excluding Diesel’s wins in 1995, since technically he was a tweener. Regardless, I found the stat to be interesting, considering the fact that the entire 80’s and 90’s never saw a heel steal the show.

The longest women’s match ever on a WWE PPV was at Survivor Series 1987.
The first annual Survivor Series featured the only women’s match to hit the 20 minute mark. The team featuring The Fabulous Moolah and 4 others defeated a team with Dawn Marie, Sensational Sherri, and 3 others. I’d go into more detail but I’m already getting bored.

The only times the Undertaker has been pinned clean is by SCSA, Batista, Kurt Angle, HHH, Kane, and Kozlov.
Another one of those entries that will undoubtedly cause a wave of follow up research from readers, which, in all honesty, I kind of want in order to ensure accuracy. By my count, 6 is the current number of times Taker has been pinned clean. Additionally, The Dead Man has never tapped out in his career. Kozlov’s win over Taker is IMO the greatest upset of the 21st century, considering the fact that it was both a clean pin and a victory that only took a little over 8 minutes. I feel that the Kozlov-UT match is certainly one that WWE would take back if they could, being that nothing ever came of Kozlov. By far the entry that used up the most time on this blog, I had to be accurate (though I doubt I will be). So until I am disproved with evidence, the statement shall stand.

Please leave any comments or corrections. Again, thanks for reading and supporting these blogs. I just hope you’ve had as much fun reading them as I’ve had writing them. Be good.

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  1. The Hipster's Avatar
    Sorry, I am huge Tito fan, no lie. Many of his Mania losses were not his fault and many of his other losses, there was shadiness and cheating involved. He truly is one of my all time favorites.
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Hipster
    Sorry, I am huge Tito fan, no lie. Many of his Mania losses were not his fault and many of his other losses, there was shadiness and cheating involved. He truly is one of my all time favorites.
    Yeah he was a great wrestler, and he gets bonus point in my book for being a fellow Texan. You're right, he got screwed over a lot, and he was also used to make other wrestlers look good. Thanks for reading.
  3. Pagey21's Avatar
    Did brock lesnar never beat taker clean ?
  4. Kajmere's Avatar
    (Although my response time to these comments seems amazing, it's only bc I got several comments within 30 mins while I was poking around on the website lol)

    Brock beat Taker in a Hell in a Cell match, but Paul Heyman cheated for him throughout the match, essentially making it a handicap match. I know it is no DQ, but some of these omissions are judgement calls. My list is for absolute 0 cheating defeats.
  5. The Hipster's Avatar
    Kajmere, watch his shoot interview, you get a whole new look at him and his professionalism
  6. Kajmere's Avatar
    I'll give it a watch
  7. Cross's Avatar
    Another enjoyable blog as always. My hat goes off to you Kajmere. And not trying to be offensive to Cena haters, but Undertaker has rarely been beaten clean (and if I am not mistaken Kane should be added to the list from Night of Champions) and yet haters complain about how Cena rarely loses clean. Yes his character is stale, but it just seems hypocritical.
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