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Booking Challenge: Survivor Series 2013

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The booking challenge is back! This time it is time to book Survivor Series 2013. 1 of the big 4, however Survivor Series really hasn't felt like a big ppv for some time. It is without question #4 of the big 4, but I bet some would argue it isn't even #4 overall. Some may say it is behind Extreme Rules or MITB. So bascially, I'm trying to give you motivation to give your best card here. For those who don't understand the point of the booking challenge, please read the explaination right under this opening beside the *. For the booking challenge vets, here is my Survivor Series 2013 card:

*The point of the booking challenge isn't to predict what the actual card will be. It is to challenge wrestling fans to give what card they want to see. Give the best card that not only they want to see, but others would like to see as well. There is no fun in predicting what the wrestling card will be because every card will be basically the same. The point is, you are the booker and you got the keys to the car. People complain all the time including myself about wrestling product. Put your money where your mouth is. You give me the card better than the actual card and dare I say attempt to have a better card than mine. Forget current storylines, give me your storylines and your best card you can deliver in the comment section below. Creates that competitive environment I want, I want the readers to compete with me. Give me their opinion on my card and I'll give you my opinion on yours. That is the booking challenge!! This will be copy and pasted on every single booking challenge since some still don't understand how it works.

Pre-show: El Matadors vs The Real Americans-Why not? I could have did a fatal 4 way for #1 contenders match for tag titles, but it was just a preshow match recently. If they have already faced by Survivor Series time. I'd say to spice some humor in it by adding the bull and Zeb in the match. Winners: El Matadors!
Team Punk vs Team Heyman: CM Punk, Tyson Kidd, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, & Chris Jericho vs Ryback, Curtis Axel, Paul Heyman, Drew McIntyre, Fandango-What we see is a chess match between Heyman and Punk as they recruit their team. High praise earlier this year calling Tyson Kidd a workhorse. Just returning from injury setting up Kidd to shock Axel on Raw by winning the IC title before Survivor Series. Kofi is a well-known friend of Punk's. Bourne another guy who doesn't get respect which is what Punk's team is about. Getting talented guys on his team who don't get respect they deserve. Jericho was involved back when Punk returned earlier this year. Ryback and Axel only real Heyman guys. It was kinda tough to build Team Heyman, but I think I did a good job. Fandango danced his way to victory in his first match vs Jericho at WM30. Why Drew McIntyre, why not? Paul has an eye for talent and introduces Drew. Reason he was chosen will be revealed after Survivor Series, but he will end up being a babyface not being part of Paul Heyman guys. Nor will Fandango....Team Punk wins, but Kofi gives trouble in paradise to Punk as Punk goes for the pin. Turning on Punk along with pinning Heyman to pick up the win for Team Punk after GTS. Starts Kofi/Punk feud! Note: Heyman is on Team Heyman, so Punk can finally get his hands on him.
Divas title 6 pack challenge: AJ vs Nikki Bella vs Brie Bella vs Natalya vs Cameron vs Naomi-Ever since, the pipebomb promo delivered by AJ. It has been about AJ vs the Total Divas. It is time to have a 6 pack challenge where she faces virtually ever single member of the cast of the show. AJ wins and retains her Divas title. Next night, brags about defeating every diva without anyones help. Tamina takes it personal, starts to slowly build towards a match between the two divas at a future ppv. Winner: AJ
Wyatt Family vs Rhodes Family-I know that the Rhodes Family is vs McMahons and Orton over the last month or so. However, HHH delivers a challenge to the Rhodes family since they were able to defeat the Shield to get their jobs back. They are going to face another family at Survivor Series. Music hits, as fans go crazy. I want Dusty to be at ringside for the match. Dusty vs Bray Wyatt is a dream like match. Could make it a 6 man tag or simply a tag match. Either way, Rhodes family ends up losing with Bray Wyatt giving Dusty Rhodes kiss of Abigail. Rhodes brothers argue of who's fault it was for Dusty getting hurt which takes him off tv. Slowly builds to their first bout between Goldust and Cody Rhodes! Winners: Wyatt Family
Team Authority vs Team Show-off: Randy Orton, Shield, & HHH vs Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Christian, & Mark Henry-Team Showoff was to play off the nickname of Dolph and Big Show's nicknames as I would have them as the leaders of the team. The superstar who is the sole survivor is the new #1 contender for the WWE title at TLC. HHH/Big Show=final 2. Show delivers KO punch along with a chokeslam from the shopw rope. Big Show to go on to face the WWE champion at TLC. Team Showoff won the match.
World title: Del Rio(C)vs Rey Mysterio-Just seems right with Rey Mysterio returning from injury, Del Rio being world champion. They must cross paths and over the world title. Talk of being the true Mexican hero in the WWE, not Rey Mysterio any longer. Rey can't tweet without pulling something. It is Del Rio's time, Rey is old news. Winner: Rey Mysterio, but all of a sudden out of no where from behind....Sandow attacks him. Cashes in WWE MITB to win the coveted world heavyweight championship. Feud begins with Mysterio through early January, doesn't face him at Royal Rumble. Final battle=Smackdown!
WWE title: Daniel Bryan(C) vs John Cena-Instead of getting a rematch with Del Rio, HHH gives Cena a WWE title match. A rematch of Summerslam this year. Cena never got his rematch. He tries to get John to join him, do what is best for business. Take the WWE title off Daniel Bryan that along with a makeover. Dropping his hat, sneakers, and shorts for traditional attire. Spandex and boots rather along with dressing in a suit for promos. Claims he should be a role model for kids. Does so a couple Raws. Survivor Series 2013, the night Cena permanently drops his sneakers for business. Cena doesn't continue it at Survivor Series, he wears what he always used to. HHHs music hits distracts Cena which causes him to get a knee to the face to start the match, but kicks out. Daniel Bryan wins via yes/no lock!!

There you have it!! My Survivor Series 2013 card, what is yours? Top to bottom, I think it is great! Like mine or not? What classic Survivor Series 5 on 5 match do you want to see? Main event HHH vs Bryan too soon? Leave that and more in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!! Next: ROH FINAL BATTLE 2013

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    You've only got two people in your WHC triple threat match
    Didn't even notice that before I skimmed through it to make sure no mistakes. Thanks for pointing that out. Meant just to be a singles match with the MITB cash in.
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