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Top 10 matches: Kurt Angle's career

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When you are known as a "Wrestling Machine" like Kurt Angle, you know it is going to be tough to make a top 10. A top 10 featuring his 10 best matches. 1 of the greatest in ring performers of all-time. I did moments first because the matches I believe would be harder. So I went back to the vault, looked at DVDs featuring the matches that are on the this list. We can argue back and forth all day on what should have made the top 10 and even the honorable mention. These are the best matches in the career of Kurt Angle! Why Kurt? He is going into the TNA Hall of Fame along with several others when his career is over. It is time to show some love to 1 of my favorite wrestlers today and yesterday. Here is the top 10 matches in the career of Kurt Angle includes both WWE and TNA:

HM: vs Eddie Guerrero WM20;vs Jay Lethal No Surrender 07;vs Desmond Wolfe;vs Benoit Raw cage match; WM17-I could keep going with the list of matches for honorable mention with Lesnar at WM19, Lockdown classics he had with Anderson, AJ Hard Justice, Sting, among others. Kurt claims his favorite match in TNA on his DVD was against Jay Lethal. So for the guys who will take shots at me for it being included, you're welcome! Benoit haters, it takes two to have a great match even though Kurt usually has them with everyone. Still believe his best rivalry was with Benoit, got to be included.

10.w/Benoit vs Los Guerreros vs Mysterio & Edge Survivor Series 02-When you talk about tag team wrestling, how often do they steal the show anymore? Well back at Survivor Series in 02, I'd argue they did just that. A 3 way for the WWE tag team titles that was also elimination style. The underdogs in the match, Los Guerreros left with the gold as they stole the tag team titles. The style of the match was fast paced technical wrestling at its very best. Which is what you gotta love about it. Benoit/Kurt Angle were the first team eliminated, however, they were part of a classic that I still remember.
9.vs Brock Lesnar Smackdown 03-1 of Kurt Angle's biggest rivals during his career, Brock Lesnar. Young up and coming superstar looking to make a statement by defeating arguably the best wrestler in the WWE at that time: Kurt Angle. 1 won NCAA championship the other chased after Olympic gold medal. Both achieved their dreams and joined the WWE shortly after that. Main evented at WM19, watching it live, one would think Lesnar broke his neck after shooting star. Lesnar got the best of that one battled at Summerslam in 03 where Angle won. This time, Angle vs Lesnar in an iron man match on Smackdown. A rare iron man match, how often do you see those types of matches? Some people call it the greatest iron man match of all-time. That right there, just pretty much speaks for itself.
8.vs Taker vs Rock Vengeance 02-The storytelling of the match is what I really enjoyed about this match. Some people call this match, the greatest triple threat match of all-time. This was a legit triple threat match, not where it was just a singles match. Meaning, 1 guy is thrown out of the ring while these two have a singles match for a bit. Finisher after finisher on one another. I think Rock hit the chokeslam on Taker, you know how that goes. It was a great match where you didn't know when it was going to end. Taker almost broke up the cover at the end. It was a lot of back and forth, no real rest period where 1 isn't involved for long periods. You know what I mean?
7.vs Shane McMahon KOTR 2001-When you put your DVD in, you see right before you get to the main menu, don't try this at home. It used to be featured if it still isn't in there with the belly belly suplex. That is what people remember about this match, Shane getting belly belly suplexed through glass at the top of the ring ramp. It was one after the other. Angle slam from the top rope, JR called it the damndest street fight he has ever witnessed. Kurt was recently interviewed about the match saying it is one of his top matches of all-time. I think he was asked about it in 2012 about his top 3 matches of his career.
6.vs Samoa Joe Genesis 06-We all know how great Kurt Angle is. Samoa Joe did as well, it was just the timing. Kurt Angle's debut happened while Joe was in the ring. The samoan submission machine, back in 06, the hottest thing in TNA. Joe's gonna kill you was still hot as was the crowd. Yea, TNA crowd said other things other than "This is awesome" when nothing happened that was awesome. However, they did chant it as fans at home watched them face off for the first time. The headbutt heard around the world is listed in HM moments. These two facing off for the first time was my favorite. I'm old school like that, even though they did have other great matches that could have been included.
5.vs Undertaker Smackdown 03-It is rare people talking about Smackdown matches being classics. Still talking about it, decade later. Literally, Smackdown isn't WM, ppv, or even Monday Night Raw. However, Kurt Angle battled with the Undertaker on Friday Night Smackdown in a classic. It was included on Taker's Tombstone DVD back when it was released in 04. It is one of those matches where, someone who made a list of Kurt or Taker's best matches of all-time. They put it at 1, it is really hard to argue with them.
4.vs Stone Cold Summerslam 01-Great match, you see why I created the top 10 shoulda wins? This match was a reason why! This hype, Kurt Angle is going to beat my favorite wrestler for the WWF title. I was rooting for Kurt at the time. I didn't root for Stone Cold because of Debra's cookies, Vince's hugs, or for him to cost the WWF the match at Invasion 2001. I rooted for Austin because he didn't give a crap about anyone. All he cared about was being the best. He didn't care what anybody said. He trusted no one. You have this great match, that started outside the ring. Ankle lock he wouldn't let go of even outside of the ring as blood dripped down his face. I thought WWF was leaving with 2 championships, but WWF only left with 1. The buildup was great, the match was great, the screwjob finish is the reason why the match doesn't get the respect it deserves.
3.vs HBK WM21-Angle vs HBK is one of my favorite Wrestlemania matches of all-time. I'd say top 3 to be exact. I loved the buildup with Angle using Marty, Sherri, among others. Blast from the past, being angry over being overshadowed by HBK in 96 who won his first WWF championship. Which was the same year, Angle won his gold medal. 2 greats meet for the first time at Wrestlemania. This is Mr.Wrestlemania we are talking about, the man who has stole the show so many times over the years. Angle slam into the ringpost, the highflying of HBK, to HBK tapping out to the ankle lock. Only real criticism I hear from this match is that, HBK took so long to tap. I thought it took long as well, but it was a great match overall.
2.vs Benoit Royal Rumble 03-How often do you have a match in this business where fans stand on their feet afterward and give an applause. That my friends show fans were given their money worth along with a classic WWE championship bout. It is like, if you were making a list of top 10 matches for either would have to be on the top 5. The germans, belly to belly, among other suplexes that I miss seeing. Both men gave it their all, both using the others finisher which featured Benoit putting Angle in the ankle lock. Benoit receiving the crippler crossface along with Benoit delivering an Angle slam. At the end of the bout, Angle left forcing Benoit to tap. However, Benoit left the ring receiving a standing ovation for his effort he put in that match.
1.vs Taker No Way Out 06-This maybe my favorite match of all-time. It was great back and forth action. Of course, rooting for the Deadman to win the world title here, but didn't believe he would win as Angle had just won the belt. Learned by Angle, Taker wanted to lose to Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania 22. However, Rey/Eddie storyline sorta cost us that match. The match was so back and forth, fans really split on who they wanted to win. Ended perfectly with Angle in the triangle choke as Angle was able to pin Taker for the 3 count tapping at the same time. Taker/Kurt were winners? Us wrestling fans were winners that night with that classic.

There you have it! Kurt Angle's top 10 matches of all-time! I know not everyone will agree with my list. So many great matches and moments by an all-time way I can mention them all. It shows how great of a performer he is. What is your favorite Kurt Angle match? What is your top 5 or 10? Leave that and more in the comment section below.....thanks for reading!

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Benoit vs Angle RR-03 is my fav Angle match of all time...
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sahu
    Benoit vs Angle RR-03 is my fav Angle match of all time...
    It was hard to have those top 3 not #1 you know. They were that great!!
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    It was hard to have those top 3 not #1 you know. They were that great!!
    yeah I agree...
  4. Kajmere's Avatar
    Good list. It made me want to YouTube a couple of these matches for old times' sake. However, upon viewing the #1 pick, I just wanted to let you know that there wasn't a tap out in the finish, just a pin as far as I could see. No biggie, just wanted to bring it to your attention.

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