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Dashing Rachel

What to expect at Hell in a Cell

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After a lackluster Battleground pay-per-view which saw no WWE Champion crowned, the WWE heads to South Beach for the fifth annual Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on Sunday, October 27th at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

And so without further delay, here's what to expect:

Will a WWE Champion finally be crowned?

Following the WWE Championship match at Battleground which saw the Big Show interfere in the match, look for Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton, Part Quatre to take place inside Hell in a Cell. With disqualification rules in place, look for either Orton or Bryan to become WWE Champion this time around.

Will the Big Show suffer the wrath of Triple H?

Speaking of the World's Largest Athlete, expect him to suffer the consequences after Orton yelled at him for not following the rules of the Triple H regime at Battleground. Could The Game book a match between him and the Big Show with the Big Show's WWE career on the line?

Will CM Punk continue his feud with Paul Heyman?

Even though CM Punk defeated Ryback at Battleground, don't expect Punk's feud with Heyman to end anytime soon. Expect a possible Punk vs. Ryback match inside the Cell.

Who will feud with Albero Del Rio next?

After Del Rio retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Rob Van Dam at Battleground, the question remains who will face Del Rio next? My choice would be the return of Rey Mysterio as the Master of the 619 would help restore the World Heavyweight Championship to some degree.

Expect A.J. Lee's feud with Brie Bella to continue.

Even though Lee defeated Brie to retain the Divas Championship at Battleground, this feud has just started to heat up thanks to the hit reality show Total Divas. Look for Brie to get her revenge on the Anti-Diva at Hell in a Cell, perhaps in a Lumberjill match.

​Will the Rhodes brothers challenge the Shield for the WWE Tag Team belts?

After defeating Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to get reinstated to the WWE Roster, Cody Rhodes and Goldust have finally found a way to stand up to The Shield. And at Hell in a Cell, look for the Rhodes boys to challenge Rollins & Reigns for the WWE Tag Team titles this time around.

Will Kane get his revenge on the Wyatt Family?

The Big Red Monster hasn't been seen since he was attacked by the Wyatt Family at SummerSlam. Expect Kane to make his return to WWE TV to reignite his feud with Bray Wyatt and company, perhaps as soon as this week's ​RAW.

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  1. Bane of Balin's Avatar
    Great blog, Nostradamus.
  2. Dashing Rachel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bane of Balin
    Great blog, Nostradamus.
    Thanks. Anyway, I think that Randy Orton will be the WWE Champion this time around.
  3. Michael Burnside's Avatar
    I had a suspicion that the Battlegrounds main event would end in a no contest mainly because the following PPV is Hell in a Cell, and due to the nature of the match (2 men locked inside, nobody else can get in, a definite winner) it seemed an easy (lazy) way to stretch it out another PPV.

    I think Daniel Bryans will lose at HIAC but I reckon he'll get the Rumble win and thus the main event title shot at wrestlemania, and there he will have his title winning moment. Although I have a feeling it will be HHH he'll be fighting in the main event and not Randy Orton.

    Time will tell.
  4. Kashdinero's Avatar
    I'm clamouring for the return of the six-way HIAC.


    I know it's a massive push at best, but a fella can dream, right?
  5. Kajmere's Avatar
    The answer to your first 3 questions is an obvious yes. I agree that Orton will probably take the title. Some people are predicting that Big Show will be involved, but I think that's ridiculous. Why would HHH reward him for disrespecting him? ADR really needs to lose the title, at this point, I don't care who. As for Punk-Heyman, that feud has enough momentum to ride out the rest of 2013.
  6. Dashing Rachel's Avatar
    This just in: John Cena is returning at Hell in a Cell.
  7. Michael Burnside's Avatar
    Time for an update then?
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