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Resurrecting Alex Riley

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Now I haven't done of these for a while so I thought why not. Do not get me wrong, I love the WWE (or else why would I watch it?). I think they have done some amazing things and are doing quite well right now. However, there are times they have something or for this blog, someone, with a high potency that they just do not take advantage of. So here I will look at none other then Alex Riley. I will list what they could have done with him as well as can do with him now. I'm the Cross, here to resurrect your superstars from the dead.

Alex Riley
Many of us remember Alex Riley from Season 2 of NXT who would later be the Miz's personal assistant for an entire year. Guess what Alex Riley did within that year? He became a jobber. He would actually lose every single match he ever had with who the Miz was feuding with at the time. Whether it was John Cena, John Morrison, Randy Orton, or Daniel Bryan, Alex Riley would lose to all of them, for an entire year. An entire year of losing! That sucks.

However, the winds of change would come from this man as he would finally turn on the Miz. The Miz would bash Alex Riley for all his mistakes, but Alex Riley wouldn't deal with it. He would attack the Miz and receive a loud pop for it. He would finally be able to branch out. I mean, he was the deal. He got an amazing theme song, really good finisher (Edgecution!), and go on to defeat the Miz at Capitol Punishment. Now a lot of people thought it would be a tremendous idea for Riley to win MITB in order to add more story to his feud with the Miz, which I completely agree with. He got louder cheers then anyone (I was going to say Cena, but I am not sure if that would have helped my case). WWE really dropped the ball on him.

In my opinion, WWE could of had him win MITB, instead of Alberto Del Rio (tsk tsk), and continue his feud with the Miz at Summerslam where they could have battled for the briefcase. I mean, WWE only had 6 official matches on the card. And if not that, at least had his dark match with Dolph Ziggler be on the card for the United States Championship. He didn't have to win it right then there, but at least still give him relevance.

So how can WWE help Alex Riley now? What should they do to him to bring him back? The only way possible to make any logical sense of bringing him back is through the Miz. Currently, the Miz is feuding with an injured Bray Wyatt (poor Bray ). Due to Bray having his brothers Luke and Rowan, Miz seems to be outnumbered and in need of a partner. Ding! I know, why not bring back Alex Riley to aid the Miz?

At HIAC, they should have Miz and a partner of his choice take on Rowan and Luke in a Tag Team or Tornado Tag Team Match (I like seeing a Tag Match without the titles on the line, it manifests at how expansive the WWE Tag Team Division is). I am not sure how loud of a pop Riley would receive, but it's worth a shot. Now I would have Alex Riley & the Miz win, due to the Wyatts going to win at Survivor Series against a Team Miz in my booking or in WWE's booking (although a Kane vs. Bray Wyatt Casket Match seems so much more intriguing). Here, whether at HIAC or Survivor Series, Riley can continue in a Tag Team with the Miz, or branch out into singles action. I would prefer Riley sticking with a team with the Miz because:

1. It helps broaden and sustain the Tag Team Division
2. He will be with a major star in the WWE to help give him relevance
3. Can be built up properly

Adding on: Well this is late, haha.

So after Survivor Series, I would put Miz & Alex Rileyin a match against the Wyatts at TLC in a Tables Match (Promos and singlesmatches to build up to it as well as tag matches with other tag teams). TheWyatts would win at TLC. You are probably thinking how is this helping AlexRiley? Just hold on

So the Miz and Alex Riley have had little success as a tagteam. Maybe have them argue backstage sometimes but build it up with time (likeHeyman and Punk) However, there would be a Number One Contender's Battle Royalfor the US Title, which the Miz would win. You see where I am going with this,you know you do. The Miz would beat Ambrose for the title say Royal Rumble. WWEcan build that match up with tag matches/singles matches with the Shield.During the Royal Rumble match, the Miz and Alex Riley would be getting a longgreat helping each other out.

However, the Miz would get eliminated as Alex Riley wouldget distracted from another superstar. This leads Miz to eliminate Alex Rileylater in the match due to Riley not preventing Miz from staying in the match.

The next night on Raw, the Miz's official heel promo, hewould complain about how he gave Riley a second chance and he failed. Rileywould come out and cut his side of the promo, but Brad Maddox (or whoever is incharge) would schedule the Miz and Riley competing next week on Monday NightRaw. Alex Riley would come out, only for Miz to attack him. The Miz wouldbatter him against the barricades and even do the Skull Cushing Finale on thesteel chair. This would take Alex Riley off TV for a few weeks or so. The Mizcould then feud with Kofi Kingston (as he is the most credible face mid-carderto go up against). The Miz would lead to a match with Kofi where he would beatKofi at Elimination Chamber.

Alex Riley could then return the next night on Raw to attackMiz during one of his promos. I am sure he would get a huge pop. Alex Rileywould then win a Number One Contender's Match for the US Title to face the Mizat WM30! Alex Riley could talk about how the Miz used him as a jobber forbigger stars. That would scratch some ears. Alex Riley would get some wins overthe likes of Jack Swagger, Curtis Axel, etc. while the Miz beats faces such asKofi Kingston, Tyson Kidd, etc. I would even have a night where they each picka tag team partner to face one another (as this is what got the whole reunionof them started in the first place). The Miz would pick R-Truth (AwesomeTruth!) stating that R-Truth was his true partner all along that he should havepicked in the first place. Then Alex Riley would pick none other than ...Daniel Bryan! (Both students of the Miz who were abused by him)I would haveRiley and Bryan would win this match.

The Raw before WM30 I would have Riley and Miz get personalwith one another's lives. Get Riley to make a Maryse reference to diss the Miz(Just a thought).

At WM30, have Alex Riley beat the Miz for the United StatesChampionship! You can have him move on to beat the Miz at Extreme Rules (LadderMatch?) then go on to take on the bully Ryback.

Later on, I would have Alex Riley win MITB! Maybe even face John Cena at a PPV thanks to all of you in the comment section referencing how Cena is the primary reason Alex Riley is not a main eventer. Maybe not have Riley cash it in successfully, but give him enough of that babyface sympathy so when he does, it makes it that much more special.

Random thought: AJ and Alex Riley as a couple? I think it can work.

In conclusion, Alex Riley is a great performer with solid mic skills, and a lot of charisma. He has the theme song, he has the finisher, and he just needs to get a shot.

So share your thoughts below. Do you agree with me? Is there something you would change with resurrecting Alex Riley? Or am I a fool because Alex Riley is meant to be....wherever the heck he is? Comment below and let me know. Thanks for the read.

"Do not merely listen to the word, and deceive yourselves. Do what it says."-James 1:22

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  1. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Do you not watch NXT?
  2. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Yeah, A-Ry is doing more to re-establish his value with his work in NXT than he would being lost in the fodder that is the current WWE Active Roster. He stands out on the table, but would be generic wrestler #4 if he was wrestling.
  3. Kajmere's Avatar
    His blog doesn't necessarily disregard Riley's existence in NXT. I think he is just giving a scenario of how to bring him back onto the main roster.

    I think he has a lot of potential and would like to see him redeem himself in the future. Wasn't it rumored that John Cena caused his premature demise?
  4. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    Ya riley was sick of being ribbed by cena and stood up for self cena cried to vince and boom bye riley
    even on superstars his pop is huge man
    riley is the real deal one of my favs
  5. Cocop29's Avatar
    I think you have left this a bit short after using the title of 'Resurrecting Alex Riley'. You stop after a tag match. You've not really expanded on what he does to ressurect himself.
  6. Cross's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cocop29
    I think you have left this a bit short after using the title of 'Resurrecting Alex Riley'. You stop after a tag match. You've not really expanded on what he does to ressurect himself.
    You are absolutely right. I will happily add on more to it later later today. Stay tuned.
  7. TempestH's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin
    Yeah, A-Ry is doing more to re-establish his value with his work in NXT than he would being lost in the fodder that is the current WWE Active Roster. He stands out on the table, but would be generic wrestler #4 if he was wrestling.
    Why should Riley be stuck on the announce table when he's perfectly capable of putting on solid matches. There's no reason why he can't commentate AND wrestle. I'd honestly rather see Riley as a jobber than not wrestling at all. Because even if he's losing all the time, he's still a guy that the crowd rallies behind and he can put on fun matches

    And he doesn't stand out at the announce table. Quite frankly as an announcer he's even more generic than he is as a wrestler. I like him as a wrestler, but as a commentator, the dude is the drizzling shits. He's just too plain. He has none of the quirks that made JBL, Booker T, Regal, or Matt Strike stand out as commentators.

    Riley is caught in a huge catch 22. WWE won't let him wrestle, but not wrestling limits him as a commentator. Not wrestling keeps Riley from gaining experience and insight that he can bring to the announce table in the future. If WWE wants him to succeed as a commentator, they will let him live out his in ring career so that down the line he has a plethora of wisdom to draw insight from.

    I do admit that being a commentator allows Riley to show a bit of personality, but why not use that to segue into an in-ring persona. Why not let "commentator who wrestles" be his gimmick? Why not have some heel try to pick on Josh or whoever and Riley stands up for him? Why not have 3MB beating up Zack Ryder in the ring or, and Riley takes off the headset and jumps into the fray to make the save?
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