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Top Twenty Wrestlers Ever

Lord of the Facts III: The Return of the Stat King

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Due to popular demand, I bestow upon you the 3rd installment of my fun facts trilogy. All great things come in 3’s, right? This is by far the biggest entry in the series. It will focus on TV and PPV stats, and go very in-depth. Fact checkers get ready because you’re in for a doozy. I want to thank everyone who read and helped support this series in any way. Let’s roll.

*All PPV stats require a 3 match minimum.
*Not all PPVs are covered, but the ones that are will include their entire history.



Sting leads all WCW wrestlers in both PPVs wrestled (88) and PPV wins (56).
The Stinger leads WCW in both of these categories. Neither Ric Flair nor the Hulkster could outdo this guy when it came to being The Man. Sting will forever go down as the greatest wrestler in WCW history. Perhaps that explains why the WWE’s acquisition of WCW never felt right. Their most renowned star never came aboard, leaving a hole in the hearts of wrestling fans everywhere.

Best record at Superbrawl
Hulk Hogan (5-1)

Best record at The Great American Bash
Booker T (6-0)
Stevie Ray (3-0)
Steve Williams (3-0)

Best record at Hog Wild
Stevie Ray (4-0)
Chris Benoit (3-0)
Ric Flair (3-0)
Booker T (3-0)

Best record at Souled Out
Chris Benoit (3-0)

Best record at Uncensored
Randy Savage (3-0, 1 draw)
Booker T (5-1)

Best record at Halloween Havoc
Goldberg (4-0)

Most matches/wins at Halloween Havoc
Sting (10 matches/7 wins)

Best record at Bash at the Beach
The Giant (3-0)
Rey Misterio (3-0)
Chris Kanyon (3-0)

Most matches/wins at Bash at the Beach
Hulk Hogan (6 matches/4 wins)

Best record at Starrcade
Kevin Nash (4-0)

Most wins at Starrcade
Sting (13)

Most losses at Starrcade
Lex Luger (7)

Clash of the Champions facts
There has been 35 Clash of the Champions events, which is actually the longest reoccurring wrestling event between the big promotions. This does not count as a PPV as they aired on TBS. Ever wonder which superstars fared the best at the event? Here is a quick breakdown, excluding draws/no contests:
Sting: 25 matches (all-time leader), 5 losses
Luger: 15 matches, 1 loss
Ricky Steamboat: 11 matches, undefeated (best record)
Steve Williams: 10 matches, undefeated
Ric Flair: 17 main events (record)


Total PPV main events
Hulk Hogan (36)
Sting (31)
Ric Flair (30)

Total PPV main event wins
Hulk Hogan (20)
Sting (19)
Ric Flair (12)

Total PPV main event losses
Ric Flair (16)
Hulk Hogan (13)
Lex Luger (13)

Best PPV main event winning %
Dusty Rhodes (4-1) 80%



AJ Styles leads TNA for the most PPV wins, and is 1 shy for the company record for the most PPV losses.
Styles is the all-time leader in total PPV matches (105), wins (56), and even draws (3). He also has 46 total PPV losses. However, that can change at Bound for Glory. Christopher Daniels has 47 PPV losses, while Bully has 45, and with AJ facing Bully at the event, we can see a number of possibilities in regards to their standings after the show.

Hard Justice
Joseph Park (4-0)

Kurt Angle (6-1)

Final Resolution
Hernandez (5-0)
Jeff Hardy (4-0)
RVD (3-0)

Samoa Joe (7-0)
Rhino (3-0)

Against All Odds
Scott Steiner (3-0)

Turning Point
Jeff Hardy (5-0)
RVD (3-0)

Mr. Anderson (4-0)
Hernandez (4-0)

Victory Road
Kurt Angle (5-0)
Hernandez (4-0)

Destination X
Christian (3-0)
Kazarian (3-0)
Billy Gunn (3-0)
Hernandez (3-0)

Samoa Joe (5-1)

Bound for Glory
RVD (3-0)

No Surrender
Bobby Roode (6-0)


*Kurt Angle has main evented the most TNA PPVs (31) and won the most PPV main events (18).

*Sting has main evented the 2nd most TNA PPVs (30) and won the 2nd most PPV main events (14).

*Sting has lost the most TNA PPV main events (16).


As of this writing, there have been 739 episodes of WWE Smackdown. I will quickly break down the all-time leaders in matches, wins, and losses.

All-time matches wrestled
1st Rey Misterio (283)
2nd Big Show (282)

All-time wins
1st Rey Misterio (181)
2nd Big Show (167)

All-time losses
1st Matt Hardy (126)
2nd Kane (110)

As of this writing there has been 1064 episodes of Monday Night Raw, roughly 20 years’ worth of programming that has shattered TV records as we know it and helped turn wrestlers into household names. Here is the best of the best.

All-time leader in matches wrestled:
1st HHH (429)
2nd John Cena (427)
3rd Kane (409)

All-time wins:
1st John Cena (305)
2nd Randy Orton (218)
3rd HHH (213)

All-time losses;
1st Chris Jericho (186)
2nd Kane (170)
3rd HHH (169)

Main events (ordered by matches):
(Total matches/total wins)
1st John Cena (186/107)
2nd HHH (185/81)
3rd Randy Orton (139/54)
4th Shawn Michaels (112/69)
5th The Rock (108/60)



*The all-time leader in WWE PPV main event appearances is The Undertaker (65), HHH trails him by 1.

*Taker also has the most main event losses (39), with HHH trailing by 5.

*John Cena has main evented the same amount of WWE PPVs as Hulk Hogan (27), Macho Man (14), and Bret Hart (19) combined. Out of his 60 main events, Cena has lost a surprisingly high 25 times, along with 1 draw.

*Ultimately, John Cena is the all-time WWE leader in main event PPV wins at 34, followed by HHH at 29, and Taker at 23. At this rate, Cena should become the all-time leader in main event appearances very soon.

Most WWE PPV main event appearances of all time:
Undertaker- 65
HHH- 64
John Cena- 60
HBK- 48
Stone Cold- 41
The Rock- 33
Kane- 31
Orton- 31
Jericho- 28
Hulk Hogan- 27
Edge- 26
Batitsta- 23
Punk- 23
Big Show- 21
Bret Hart- 19
Kurt Angle- 19
Booker T- 18
Mick Foley- 16


The Undertaker has wrestled 163 career PPV matches, winning 95 times, the total leader in both categories.
What do you expect after a 20+ year career? Taker is also the all-time leader for nearly every WWE PPV (except for the newer ones) in terms of matches wrestled. This list includes WrestleMania, Summerslam, Survivor Series, and In Your House. HHH trails The Phenom with 161 career PPV matches.

Hulk Hogan (6-0)
Ultimate Warrior (5-0)

Survivor Series
Randy Savage (5-0)
Ultimate Warrior (4-0)
John Cena (7-1)

Royal Rumble
Brock Lesnar (3-0)

No Way Out
Chavo Guerrero (4-0)

No Mercy
Chris Jericho (4-0)

King of the Ring
Billy Gunn (6-0)

Judgement Day
John Cena (6-0)

Great American Bash
Taker (3-0)
JBL (3-0)

Chris Benoit (4-0)



Rob Van Dam has wrestled in the most PPVs in ECW and has the most wins.
That’s right, RVD has appeared in a record-breaking 18 PPVs, winning 14 times (also a record), losing only 2 times, and battling to a draw/no contest 2 times (also a record). Simon Dean and Lance Storm are at a distant 2nd with 15 career PPV matches apiece. Now that’s the whole F’n show.

* Vito is 3-0 at ECW PPV’s, technically the all-time overall best record.

* RVD is undefeated in ECW PPV main events (4-0).

* Tazz is undefeated in ECW PPV main events (4-0).


*John Cena has lost 44 total times on PPV.

*RVD is the only wrestler that is undefeated at both WrestleMania (4-0) and Bound for Glory (3-0).

*Stone Cold has won and lost 20 times each in a WWE PPV main event, along with 1 draw (50% career avg).

*WWE and WCW combined, Hulk Hogan has won 40 PPV main events, more than anyone ever.

Well, I hope you’ve had enough because I honestly don’t ever want to have to do that again. Although I was extremely thorough, there may be less than a 1% margin of error. Please leave any corrections you find and I will promptly fix them. I would like to hear your comments. What do you think? Which stats surprised you the most?

I hope you had fun. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Kashdinero's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cam Pain
    ONCE AGAIN, Awesome blog man! Kept me entertained and i knew it was you, by the title, between you and kashdeneiro(forgot his exact name haha) you guys are like encyclopedias! Crazy good read though and i would say the one that surprised and upset me the most was Kane being in top 3 losses for Raw and Smackdown...actually doesn't really surprise me as much that he lost because I've been saying since the first draft the E underutilizes him...shame shame...Anyways great blog bro and keep it up!
    Thanks, dude! Praise and a laugh. You get two thumbs up! I've noticed you adding to the facts thread on the forums, so well done for keeping that thing alive. Wrestling facts, rumours and stories are one of the biggest charms for me when it comes to wrestling, and as evidenced by the great feedback Kajmere gets for these great blogs, I'm not alone. It takes a real obsessive to truly appreciate these sort of things, and when it comes to the wrestling business, obsessing is what I do best lol. Indy feds (all the big popular ones and a few that might as well not exist for all the coverage their shows get), Puro (all of it), Shoots (lots and lots of shoots!), books, magazines, old school feds like Mid-South, WCCW, Memphis, the numerous NWA affiliates, WWF/E, ECW and WCW from start to their demise/present day, developmental federations.... I'm about all that shit lol. TnA too (2004-2005 FTW), up until a few years ago when I realised everything I was watching was just the worst of the two worlds it couldn't make up its mind what it wanted to be (the Indies and WWE).

    Anyway.. Great way to go out, Kaj. Top marks possible for this one. I've absolutely no intention of disputing anything here. You da' man, pal.
    Updated 10-18-2013 at 08:08 AM by Kashdinero
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    I appreciate the complement Kash. I actually have some left over material that I am going to turn into one final blog. I'll submit it sometime this weekened. I return to my job this Monday after a 1 month hiatus, but I'm still gonna try to contribute once in a while.
  3. Earthquake's Avatar
    That is fucking incredible!!!! How do you do it?
  4. Kajmere's Avatar
    I just have an excellent memory. jk For this specific blog I actually spent a few hours. Between wikipedia and other websites, you can find the results to almost anything. From there it's just counting/tallying stuff and presenting it in an organized manner. For some websites, I didn't trust the info outright, so I had to go do some manual fact checking.

    As for some of those other fun fact blogs, I just read a lot on the internet like most people. Some websites have weird/random facts that I may pull a fact or 2 from, other facts I may just come across naturally. For example I posted something on a past blog about Hulk Hogan main eventing every Uncensored PPV. I was just reading past ppv results from Uncensored one day and learned that he main evented every one.
  5. Kashdinero's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kajmere
    I appreciate the complement Kash. I actually have some left over material that I am going to turn into one final blog. I'll submit it sometime this weekened. I return to my job this Monday after a 1 month hiatus, but I'm still gonna try to contribute once in a while.
    I've been working on an ECW "fact" blog, but whether it will see the light of day is up for question. It's taking bloody ages because I keep getting distracted lol. Working twelve hours a night doesn't help my cause none either.

    So glad you're gonna give us one more of these. I'll be looking forward to it.
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