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Darkside Ron Garvin

Bound for Glory - A Must See PPV

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Bound for Glory should have a different name this year. This PPV is what I think we will see as a moment of reference in time about 2 years down the road. It has the potential to be the moment we remember as the final nail or the road to redemption. This PPV should be known as TNA’s Turning Point.

2012 was a year filled with a LOT of events for TNA; several positive and several negatives. Not everyone will agree with me, but I think that the additional television contracts in Germany, India, and Japan were excellent moves for TNA. The addition of Impact “Specials” gives a unique feel for specific Impact episodes (please don’t over saturate this idea, TNA). The release of Bruce Pritchard was perhaps a highlight for me because he is who I would credit with several poor decisions, including the contract negotiation issues with RVD, Bobby Roode, and DOC. I give credit to TNA for taking a few risks such as taking Impact out of Florida and on the road – it might not have been the most successful, but it shows willingness to try something new.

There are many negatives that people like to point out. Common issues being brought up are the firing of talent, lack of direction, failed gimmick changes (AJ Styles), failure of GutCheck and Impact on the road, hiring of MMA guys, reported financial crisis, PR hits with #AskDixie and the Jesse Sorensen issue… There are many issues that we as internet fans can point to as signs of TNA being on a downward spiral.

With all these changes, I see Bound for Glory as a true Turning Point for the company. I do not expect BFG to break any records in the PPV buys department. I do see that BFG will have moments that when the TNA vault is released – be it by TNA or WWE – this event will be pointed towards as a highlight moment for several reasons.

First is the Ultimate X match. This is perhaps the first fully loaded Ultimate X match that we have seen. This match has 3 of the most recognizable names that TNA possesses. It has the bill of being Jeff Hardy’s first ever X Division match, it has the most dominant Ultimate X star in Sabin, the man who made the X Division about no limits with Joe, the man who re-established the X Division belts importance with Aries, and the future of the X Division in Perkins/Manik. I expect this match to be better than any Ultimate X match we have seen in recent history. Don’t expect the highest of spots, but expect this match to be remembered as a way to make the X Division a more relevant topic in TNA; the way it should have always stayed.

Second is perhaps a bit more controversial; Sting vs. Magnus. Dixie has been high on Magnus for quite some time, and his constant improvement has garned him a massive push through the BFG Series and MEM. It is also no secret that Sting is getting closer to retirement with every match that he has. Imagine how much of a nod to Magnus it would be if Sting tapped out clean to the Kingston Cloverleaf. Now imagine if Magnus - after winning clean and shaking the hand of the man who he idolized – turns his back on Sting. Upon turning on Sting, Magnus grabs the mic, states that he doesn’t need some washed up wrestler who is limping his way out the door to prove he is ANYTHING in Impact… He doesn’t need Sting to show that he is a top star when he already knows he is the future. How does he know he is the future? Because he was told so by the only person who matters in the company. Cue Dixie Carters music and watch the as the head of Team Dixie is crowned. Magnus is now the chosen one of Dixie and the insurance policy in case the worst case scenario comes about…

Lastly – The worst case scenario for the new Heel Dixie; AJ Styles beats Bully Ray. Bully has been THE top heel in the company for quite some time. AJ has been out of the title picture for 12 months and has gone through a massive change. The reason why this will go down as one of the memories to add into the TNA history vault is because this will be where AJ Styles takes the title from Bully – who is shunned by his fellow A&8s members that help him keep that belt – as well as TNA and proceeds to take a stand by demanding Dixie to cross the line.

Many are claiming that AJ leaving BFG through the crowd, holding his title high, and having no contract as being a rip of the CM Pipebomb angle. One thing that MANY tend to forget is that the flames of such a great CM Punk moment was almost immediately extinguished by Punk returning to RAW. Imagine what happens if TNA avoids taking this route. We know that the Utah Impact after BFG will be a Live and Taped event; what happens if AJ isn’t on either of those shows? Now, imagine if he misses the NEXT live Impact and tapings…

On the 5th post BFG Impact, we see a video package sent in by the WHC. AJ Styles is seen holding the belt, in Japan with Jeff Jarrett to his left and The Great Muta to his right. AJ proceeds to tell Dixie that he told her this would happen. That she would have to get on her knees and BEG him more than she begged Hogan. He states that he has demands to be met and she is going to need to ask her daddy for another loan if she ever wants to see the WHC belt back in Impact. He wants several names - that he will tweet to her - to be added to the Impact roster. He wants the return of the 6 sided ring. He wants Impact to return to where they were born in Nashville. He wants to return Impact to that Alternative that gave fans the WRESTLING that they wanted and IF Dixie doesn’t meet those demands within 2 weeks, his first TNA WHC title defense will occur for the Wrestle-1 promotion in Japan.

I know this is a long read, but it has been a long time since I blogged and I write novels. Do I think all of these situations will happen? No. This is not meant to be a “How you should book it” blog. This is more of an idea why people should be looking at this year’s Bound for Glory PPV as more than just a TNA throw away. This PPV alone will be one of TNA’s most important in their 11 year history. With so many reports of a change in direction, the results of many of these matches will signify exactly what direction TNA is moving towards. That’s just my opinion on the topic.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I like it. Imagine going back to everything they did that was innovative pre-HOGAN. Now they go back to their roots, Post-HOGAN.

    I can't wait for Bound For Glory. It truly does need to be a turning point.

    This was a great read. Thanks. I enjoyed it.
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    Great blog. I had a couple of quick questions. Why do you think some people will oppose the international TV contracts? Also, which wrestlers would you have AJ demand Dixie sign?
  3. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kajmere
    Great blog. I had a couple of quick questions. Why do you think some people will oppose the international TV contracts? Also, which wrestlers would you have AJ demand Dixie sign?

    It's not that people opposed the contracts as much as people will not give TNA credit for what I would consider a great move. Most brush past that news as it is expected or if they should have already been on television in those areas to begin with. Gaining the slightest exposure in such a massively populated region will only help to strengthen their over all brand recognition and create opportunities for marketing outside of the US; something that many American wrestling fans somehow refuse to take as a good move.

    As for the wrestlers that I would have him demand back, it would actually be a different blend. On the Impact podcast, AJ named people outside the TNA originals such as Matt Morgan and Tara. He also spoke about TNAs need to acquire young, new talent. Of course, I would have him make mention of guys who were very popular in TNA such as Petey Williams and Jay Lethal, but I'd also have him list several Indy talent as well. These would have to be guy that TNA could use and already have shown interest in TNA as it would be pointless for him to just name a popular guy like Kevin Steen if Steen doesn't want to join.

    in a vacuum, I would list the following; Petey Williams, Matt Morgan, Brian Cage, Jay Lethal, Shanna, Michael Elgin*, Alex Shelley, Serena Deebs, Johnny Gargano*, and Prince Devitt*

    *ALL of these talents would have to express and interest to join TNA at the right price
  4. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    I like it. Imagine going back to everything they did that was innovative pre-HOGAN. Now they go back to their roots, Post-HOGAN.

    I can't wait for Bound For Glory. It truly does need to be a turning point.

    This was a great read. Thanks. I enjoyed it.

    Thanks DK - Much appreciated since this is a completely different type of blog from what I am used to writing.
  5. johnnyvine's Avatar
    I like the whole idea, I wouldn't mind seeing Magnus take a ride on the Dixie Train, and going after AJ and the world title.
    Dixie has called him the future of TNA, so give him a push, and take him there.
  6. Cocop29's Avatar
    With TNA releasing people due to money problems, I can't really see them signing 5-6 new stars on contracts. Especially indy guys who may or may not turn into bigger stars. I like the idea though, Would be interesting for him to perform in Japan, and have Dixie send Magnus and a couple of others to japan to bring back the title.
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    Morgan as chosen one is a great move..n AJ black mailing Dixie is another great move..n if it means Jarret involving in the story some capacity I would love it...

    great idea..

    but I have one thing to say abt their new contract in India...they have moved away from espn star network to SET and that too in a channel Sony 6 which is not widely available in India.. I do not have it even as pay channel option n in our house we use two different set top boxes..
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