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Diva Divison Disappearance.....

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The Diva’s Division, which was once held in high regard, hasbecome an afterthought in an industry where it had once flourished to newheights and expectations. It is ashamewhen you think of how entertaining the division once was in the past and now has floundered to the bottom of the creative wheel, with seemingly no desire ofmaking a comeback. In the attitude era, the women were introduced as sexobjects to draw attention to the show with pillow fights and lingerie contests,but after a while diva’s become prominent, setting the audience up for the someof the most electrifying matches in WWE history. For Example, for thefirst time ever during the attitude era, the main event on Raw was awomen’s championship match between Trish Straus and Lita. Keep in mind that this is atime when The Rock, Stone Cold, and Triple H were all relevant and in theirprime, which makes this match even more prominent.

There were many ups and down in the diva’s division in regards to personalities and attributes, but it was always nice to see the influx of female talent that could actually wrestle. Unfortunately, nowadays during the diva’s matches there are the infamous chants of, “You can’t wrestle” or “boring”, keeping the crown disinterested and heading for a bathroom break. I recall, not too long ago, watching a cage match on TNA involving Mickie James and Madison Rayne and thinking to myself, “Wow, this is what has been missing in the WWE.” There was electricity in the arena and a sense of interest in the diva ranks ( Knockouts ) that has been nonexistent for many years. However, Vince McMahon seems to be more obsessed by the looks of the diva division, ala Eva Marie, instead of the physical attributes and abilities of it as a whole. I would think this is the perfect opportunity to add more diva wrestling relevancy now that Raw has a 3 hour time slot, but instead we are still stuck watching Tensai and The Great Khali, to see who can do the best moonwalk.

Obviously, I continue to stand by the WWE product and will continue to be an avid fun who watches daily. I will be hoping for the day the diva divisions takes a more prominent role in the show again or at the very least, shows a little commitment to being involved in wrestling again, not just entertainment. In essence, this would provide the fans with a division of excitement and unpredictability, not just a distant memory of what it was once perceived.
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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    Although improving the Diva's division can only help the WWE, I will say that I already lose interest at 60% of the male matches. So regardless of how good they make it I will still fast forward the segments. The best options at this point IMO are to either up the sex factor, or blend the Diva's into male segments (ala AJ/Kaitlin and Dolph/Big E)
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