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The Med Blog #2 A New Road To Wrestlemania

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The Med Blog
Blog #2

A New Road To Wrestlemania

The road to Wrestlemania is getting near and nearer by the day. The annual build up to the greatest show in wrestling today. Year after year we have the Wrestlemania logo show up above the crowd on RAW and storylines building up to D day.

Thinking of the build up shows prior to the big one, the Royal Rumble, where as we know one superstar earns a one way ticket to the main event and can challenge for the WWE title or WHC. Then we have the Elimination Chamber where both WWE & WHC go against five other men to see which superstars carry the top two titles into the grandest stage of them all.

So with that in mind this got me thinking what if WWE changed the road to Wrestlemania we all currently know. Here were a few ideas I had and would love to hear your thoughts etc….

  1. The Royal Rumble

Each year I personally find the Royal Rumble one of the better PPV’s in WWE, even if the last one was slightly predictable. So what if the WWE set a stipulation that the winner of the Royal Rumble wouldn’t get a main event spot, or a shot at the gold but a chance at immortality to go head to head against Taker, which if won (unlikely it will ever happen) would be an achievement that can never be taken away from the superstar. Also the build up could be great with the run up weeks on RAW and Smackdown, having superstars claiming why they could be the one to win the Rumble and end the streak. Also I think you would have to have a superstar win who would give belief to the Universe that they will be the one to end Takers undefeated run, like maybe having entrant one in the rumble going all the way, if WWE were smart as well they could make a superstar a megastar over night on the Rumble. Imagine if entrant number one was ‘Tyson Kid or Dean Ambrose’ for example, both great wrestling ability, and one by one superstars fall but they stay alive in the match, a live crowd would eat that up and would get right behind them when we were coming to the closing moments of the Rumble. Making the superstar look like they can overcome the impossible and win, great selling point for 'a streak' match.

  1. The Elimination Chamber

We then have the final PPV before Wrestlemania and this show really needs to fill in blanks for us the Universe and show us which way Wrestlemania is heading. So for this PPV my idea was to change this up. My idea being that both the WWE and WHC don’t enter the chambers at all. Instead going against one another in an undisputed championship match (something we haven’t seen for a while), with one claiming all the gold and definitely main eventing Wrestlemania and the other loosing it all at the last hurdle so to speak which could be awesome for storeylines etc, maybe having the looser going on a rebellion, heel turn etc. As for the chamber matches I would still have two with one full of past WWE and/or WHC and the other having superstars that have never held either championship. Then having the two chamber winners go on to Wrestlemania in a triple threat match with the undisputed champion. So you would have the 'superstar holding all the gold' vs a former champion who knows how to get it done vs a underdog and everyone loves an underdog.

Thanks for checking out the post, thoughts and opinions…..


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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    Rumble- I like the idea of the Rumble winner (COUGH*JohnCena*COUGH) trading in a title shot for a crack at the Taker, but I don't like the predetermined stipulation. Too big of a tradition, I'd rather have it happen as a surprise on Raw when the winner is supposed to announce his opponent. However, I don't think it will work or even happen for that matter, unless Cena does it.

    Chamber- Unify the titles, it won't bother me one bit. I think at this point most people will approve of the move. However, by changing the rules of the Chamber match, you will actually devalue the match. People order that show partly bc each Chamber match sets up a WM match, but wasting 2 of them for 1 match essentially cuts the value of the ppv in half. Not literally, but theoretically of course.

    Just my opinion.
  2. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    there was only one chamber match this year
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Nah, that isn't a good idea since people over the years just had to challenge or ask for the match.

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