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Wrestling by the Numbers (Fun Facts ll)

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I recently did a blog called “15 Amazing Facts and Weird Crap” which received great feedback, and more importantly, I had fun doing it. Therefore, I have decided to throw another statistic-fueled set of facts at you, except this time, everything has to do with numbers. Some of these numbers are readily available on various websites, others I had to look up. Either way, I think you will enjoy this and will be pleasantly surprised by some of these. As always, corrections are appreciated and I also welcome any other interesting facts.

Roddy Piper has wrestled zero matches at Summerslam.
The Hot Rod was arguably the most important heel in WWE history, yet, in all his glory, the man has not once competed at the company’s 2nd biggest event? Easily one of the biggest statistical anomalies of all time.

Shawn Michaels has lost 11 times at WrestleMania, more than anyone.
The Showstopper has more PWI Match of the Year Awards than any wrestler, with most of those matches going down at the Showcase of the Immortals. However, the majority of those bouts, along with the majority of his career WM bouts, resulted in losses.

Worst WM Records
No need to worry Shawn, because the all-time worst WrestleMania record belongs to 2 other men. Both Jeff Hardy and Golddust are 0-5 at the Grandest Stage of Them All. That’s right, neither one has ever come out on top in the show’s history.

Best WM Records
It is of no surprise, that the greatest WM record belongs to The Undertaker, at 21-0. However, he is not the only undefeated WWE Superstar at the PPV. Currently, both The Miz (3-0) and Rob Van Dam (4-0) are still undefeated at WM (main card), as well. The WWE Diva with the best WM record? Sable, who retired from wrestling with a 3-0 record. Other 3-0 records include tag team legends Hawk, Animal, and Ax.

Rare Royal Rumble Stats
9- Men that have won the Royal Rumble on their official Rumble debut. This shockingly long list includes Hacksaw Jim Duggan (obviously, being that he won the first one), Lex Luger, Vince McMahon, Brock Lesnar, and Alberto Del Rio (the last one to do so). Perhaps the most important thing in the Royal Rumble is beginner’s luck.

6- WWE Superstars that have won both a Royal Rumble and a King of the Ring:
Bret Hart
Stone Cold
Brock Lesnar

As we all know, the winner of the Royal Rumble receives a world title shot at WrestleMania. However, from 2005-2010, the runner-up of the Rumble went on to receive a world title shot as well, and half of those times (3) even went on to win the world title at WM, the same record as actual Rumble winners during that time span. John Cena (2005 & 2010) and HHH (2009) both were the last man eliminated at the Rumble, but still won the title at WM.

3 hours and 51 minutes- The longest total time spent in the Royal Rumble is held by HHH, edging out both HBK (2nd place) and Rey Misterio (3rd place).

It should be common knowledge that Rey Misterio holds the record for the longest time spent in a single Rumble at approximately 1 hour 2 minutes in 2006, edging out Chris Benoit by mere seconds from his 2004 victory. However, the original record holder was none other than WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund, who spent over 1 hour in the 1993 Royal Rumble, the first man ever to do so, a PPV record that stood for over a decade.

Wait a Minute...
Although the 2011 Royal Rumble is considered the longest battle royal ever at 69:52 (won by ADR), there was one at a 1994 house show in Madison Square Garden, New York that clocked in at 70:06, which is technically the longest battle royal in wrestling history. The legendary match featured wrestling greats such as HBK, Bret Hart, Randy Savage, Diesel, Bob Backlund, Sgt. Slaughter, and Jeff Jarrett. The winner? Owen Hart.

Title stats
43- Total number of men to win a WWE Title since it began in 1963.
71- Total number of men to win the Intercontinental Title since it began in 1979.
234- Number of WWE Hardcore Title reigns throughout its existence (11-2-1998 through 8-26-2002)
15- Number of Hardcore Title reigns Shawn Stasiak had during the title’s 24/7 rule.
0- Number of times Shawn appeared on TV with the title.
27- Number of Hardcore Title reigns for Raven, more than any superstar.
21- Total number of titles Booker T won in WCW, more than anyone in company history.

Random numbers
17- Most appearances at the Starrcade Pay Per View, set by Sting.
7- Consecutive main event appearances by Ric Flair in the first 7 Starrcade Pay Per Views, losing only to Dusty Rhodes and Sting.
3- Men that have ever tapped out in a WrestleMania main event, HHH (X2), HBK, and Edge, all within a 5 year span.
23- Record number of times that Jushin Thunder Liger has appeared in the PWI 500.
20- Number of times Kane and RVD have appeared in the PWI 500, leading the current WWE roster.
90,000- Number of buys for the lowest grossing WWE PPV since 2000, December 2 Dismember 2006.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd- The rankings of AJ Styles, James Storm, and Bobby Roode, respectively, in terms of most TNA PPVs wrestled in company history.

Going the distance
The longest WWE match of all time saw Bruno Sammartino battle Waldo Von Erich to an 81 minute draw at a Madison Square Garden match for the WWE Title in 1964.

The longest match ever actually occurred in New Japan Pro Wrestling, that saw Antonio Inoki defeat Masa Saito in an Island Deathmatch in 1987. The length of the match was an unprecedented 2 hours, 5 mins, and 42 seconds.

WWE Steel Stats:
Only 12 different men have ever won a Hell in a Cell match in company history.
Undertaker and HHH lead the pack with 6 wins each.
Batista has the best record at 2-0.
Mark Henry, Kurt Angle, and Brock Lesnar stand undefeated at 1-0.

Only 10 different men have ever won an Elimination Chamber match.
HHH leads all wrestlers with 4 wins.
John Cena has 3 wins.
Edge has 2 wins.
Jack Swagger and Bobby Lashley are both undefeated with a 1-0 record.

Hulkamania Doesn’t Rule All:
4 men have defeated Hulk Hogan in singles matches without ever losing one back to him:
Sting (more wins than anyone at 4)
The Rock
Brock Lesnar

Hulk Hogan’s worst month of his career was May, 2000 in WCW, suffering 3 losses in 3 weeks.
May 1, 2000: Pinned by Mike Awesome
May 15, 2000: Pinned by Horace Hogan
May 22, 2000: Pinned by Vampiro

John Cena Stats
Since becoming a world champ for the first time at WrestleMania 21, John Cena has only lost clean in 8 Pay Per View matches:
WM 24
Backlash 2008
NOC 2008
Great American Bash 2008
Summerslam 2008
TLC 2009
WM 28
Summerslam 2013

5 of those 8 losses took place in 2008, while 2010 and 2011 did not have a single clean loss for Cena. I’m not saying it’s a load of shit…. But I’m not saying it’s not! BTW, CM Punk has never beat Cena clean so don’t bother looking that up.

…And Finally
From Bragging Rights 2010 through WrestleMania 29 (2013), either John Cena or CM Punk was involved in every PPV main event except 1 (Summerslam 2012). I will tally that up for you, that is 30 out of 31 PPVs!!!!

That's it, hope you enjoyed this presentation. Again, corrections are welcomed and appreciated, Thank you.

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    I think it's because RoH, IWA-MS, PWG, and other smaller companies rely on Internet sales a whole lot more than WWE does, so they're pretty diligent in ensuring that their shows/matches don't end up on sites like YouTube. Daily Motion is a far better source for full Indy matches I've found.
    That makes sense. Also, WWE probably has so many fans that it's impossible to stop them from uploading shit everyday.
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