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This thing we "love" called wrestling

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Haven't blogged in a while, I may as well. Why not?

Wrestling is a strange little beast it is. It's only wrestling sure, isn't it? It's certainly not life and death. Right? Right?

This is a response to a blog I have just read by site afficionado Rated_R(ob)KO titled "All you do is complain", and I think it's about time for it. Unlike most responses, this is going to be a positive, his message has been done before but is still overdue and needs to be enforced. We can't use wrestling as a vehicle to let out our frustrations with our lives, the truth is it's just creating a toxic stink that has gotten way out of hand. You are all entitled to your individual opinions, but most of your opinions, where do they come from? It befuddles me that so many people can be so negative about the inner workings of a simple television show that they don't pay any money for. Something that is for free, essentially. Yeah, make a hobby out of it, but hobbies should not equal an opportunity to unleash negativitiy. Sure sometimes, but ALL the time? Shouldn't it be mostly about having fun? Sure WWE could be better, even a lot better, but shouldn't we also make our own fun as well?

Yeah, it was terrible when Daniel Bryan's big thing was that he was a nerd and the Bella's were betting on if he was a virgin or not. It was terrible when Katie Vick entered the fray, calling the storyline crude would be an understatement, but it became a popular stick to beat wwe on their heads with, no one seemed to really question the idea that the whole Kane character had a normal enough life were he was going to parties with a girlfriend which completely dismembered the character build up we had loved up to that point... It's a kind of "follow the leader" mentality. No one talks about the throwing away of Kane's entire backstory, which was a much bigger crime than a misstep of a storyline. Why so? Because everyone focused in on the easy target?

It just perplexes me how nobody sees the big picture in a lot of things. Do you know who sees the big picture? Vince McMahon, that's who. He has always been big picture, he isn't spectacular at the rest of the booking in between, but he is and always has been a big picture man. That's why he has writers. He is big picture. But the thing is, he can try give them direction, he can rip up scripts and make them start again, but he can't control what their brains think. He doesn't have time to write all the shows himself, and he has never been very good at that anyway. All the moments though that we love, all the WrestleMania's etc, that was his brainchild. Big picture, not so little picture! Here is the problem. You all think you are big picture. If you are, that's really good, it shows a lot of ability you don't even know you have. But not everyone can share the same big picture. If that was the case, we would all be holding hands and singing songs together in a field smiling. But we "think" we do. We all see where something is going. If it does not go exactly where we want it to go, holy hell do we ever vent. If it does go where we go - We go "meh", and label it "predictable/underwhelming". It's because we all share the same big picture. When someone like Bray Wyatt comes along, there is cause for excitement. But we are already picturing him facing The Undertaker. If it ever happens, we are either going to laud it as the greatest thing ever, have a disconcerting "meh", or if it isn't perfect, Bray has blown his big opportunity and Undertaker has been past it for years, and should have hung it up a long time ago. I really fear for the next time Undertaker puts in a stinker, it's going to happen some day. Give the guy his respect. Don't shit on how bad he'll have gotten.

I couldn't possibly say what anybody on the internet is like in their real life, but this vindictive side that comes out, this negativity, it hurts what is just supposed to be a goofy show. Politics? Who cares? Who cares unless you're employed by WWE. There are far greater politicking injustices happening in the world than Triple H pushing Dolph Ziggler down the card. That is like the 728,597,347th biggest injustice in the world right now. We complain about coverage that celebities like Miley Cyrus gets over some kid who just got beheaded for fun in some war torn shithole, and yeah there has to be coverage in wrestling, but priorities are out of whack really. Who cares that Dolph Ziggler is apparently getting fucked in the ass? Or that Kassius Ohno struggles to get onto NXT nowadays? Who fucking cares? I know this is a wrestling site, we should care about that, but really, care away but don't have a fit over any of this. Wrestling is and always has meant to be a goofy ass show, in the attitude era days they struck gold at a time when they absolutely had to show what they were, and after slowly slipping out of the fallout of that time they have reverted back to the kid friendly show they had always planned to be. I loved the attitude era too guys, thought it was way more fun than it is today, but it's still fun, and it is what it was always supposed to be, a goofy ass show for children. We just got spoiled for the best part of a decade, now we are on track. It isn't going to change folks. It is what it is. So, if we're watching, why not enjoy it for what it is?

The company as a whole would be more enthusiastic about pleasing us if a bunch of moronic smarks (and moron's always think they are SO SMART) didn't incessantly chant "GOLDBERG, GOLDBERG" during every one of Ryback's matches? I like Ryback, especially as a heel, but he is a different person, he is only being ruined because of know-it-all's (and like every know-it-all, they have to PROVE to everyone that they know it all). Because you are "clued" in doesn't make you smart, it actually makes you the opposite, believe it or not. Look at Ryback. These fans that have dominated his matches, they certainly haven't made the show any better, they have damaged his character probably beyond repair, but they "think" they're smart. Look at Tensai, or what he's now been reduced to, "Sweet T". Fans ruined him completely. Yes yes yes, it is Albert, big whoop. Did you have to ruin an awesome over the top Japanese warrior gimmick? That was an AWESOME gimmick. But it struggled because right away "smart" people saturated his whole scene with "AAAALBERT" chants. Some will say "we've had enough of the man, this is us striking back". You are striking back in a petty petty way, you are hurting the chances of the product being enjoyable for you again, you personally and for other people.

This certainly goes back to the "What" chants. It's pretty poetic, Stone Cold Steve Austin brought the wwf/wwe to unimaginable heights, but in return for the greatness we have been left with the drippings of a poisoned chalice. The "WHAT" chants were originally a product of Austin's disrespect for the superstars in the ring, and that carried over to the fans, and the attitude era left all fans with an entitlement to superstars bodies who went through absolute hell, and it continues to this day. You claim to have utmost respect for all the people involved in the product, but you don't - at all. Some of you do, but the majority don't - at all. Time's have moved on, but we all had way too much fun disrespecting the establishment and we don't want to let go of that, and it has just spread out to every section of the place. WWE were certainly the architects of this, brought it on themselves, but it really is up to all to let them find their feet. We won't let them find their feet, we shit on things before they even get started. WWE is by no way free of all the blame for their sometimes (maybe regularly) underwhelming programming but WE certainly play our part - and the worst part is we bully others who don't "know what we know". None of us know anything. Back to Ohno, he my have gotten an ego that was way above his station because of us praising him so we could inevitable claim with great prde that "we knew him before he was famous", building him up to be a great. He has the ability, but he totally disrespected those in charge who WANT to make him great by not getting into the shape they wanted him to, because WE decided he was the bomb. This is a possibilty right? That it is that simple? And that we are GUILTY of playing our part? We are not involved in the running of the product, but we are certainly involved a great deal in supplying the NEGATIVITY around the product. It isn't just wwe, we all play our part, just like we all as a world played our part in someone beautiful like Lindsay Lohan destroying her life/potential. She was the primary player, but WE all built her up, and then gleefully LOL'ed at her being in a mess and waited for the next car crash to happen. This isn't just a wrestling thing, it's a society thing, but as wrestling fans WE can make a difference in our niche market. But we are just bitter at the product for being a niche market (that it always has been) and not making the right strides to be "acceptable" and are taking out the frustration on that which needs our help. If you are bored of wrestling, by all means, you're free to leave, but if you love wrestling, show it the love it needs from you. A respectful attitude from it's audience will show us the respect we want from the show. It's a two way street. Always has been, always will.

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  1. Earthquake's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kashdinero

    OK, as far as you trying to, like, educate folk with how they should view wrestling, cool. Whatever. KYO. As for the rest of all that jargon you just typed. Jog the fuck on, mate.

    Try not to take things typed on the Interwebs so fucking literal, and, please, avoid giving out lessons in life. I don't think it suits you. Or to put it another way, you fucking suck at it.

    "Deeply disappointed" as far as wrestling goes. No slitting of wrists, or reaching for a bottle of pills were ever considered. If I wanted to reiterate a point, in-case I felt that there a cerain part of the point I wanted to get across/stress, there's absolutely no reason I shouldn't. For you to knock me for doing so after pouring your heart and soul into a blog/rant is quite frankly hypocritical. Just because you posted a blog it doesn't make you lord and ruler of the comments section below it. Do yourself a favour; slither back into whatever hole it was that you've been hiding in for the past couple of years, because your attitude is far too fickle for you to have any credibility in what you're posting.

    How's that for overkill? Twat.
    Alright, obviously not going to get through to ya, just listen to this, guy he knows far more than ANYONE ONE THE INTERNET. FAR MORE.
  2. Kashdinero's Avatar
    ^Everybody listen to Earthquake. Nobody post on an Internet forum unless its to say how indifferent you are to everything. Heaven forbid one should feel any sort of passion about what we're watching, the travesties that occurring RIGHT NOW IN YOUR VERY OWN LIVES deserve your attention way more.

    Heh. Save the preaching for those life sermons you must hold weekly at your local town hall, mate. Especially for me; as you rightfully pointed out--I KNOW MORE THAN ANYONE ON THE INTERNET!!!
  3. Earthquake's Avatar
    The ego is a funny thing. It leads lives, completely, everyone says "we all have an ego lol", and dismiss it competely. Why you could just post a video of a professional wrestler saying that wresting is basically stupid but it's fun and that's all it should really be, and someone's ego could go well overboard.

    I don't hold any life sermons. But I do give sound advice to people who have been suffering abuse throughout their lives and a big part of the reason they end up nearly killing themselves is because people will not listen to them, and all the people they know, family, friends, even people who consider themselves "well wishers", are just totally ignorant that another human being is suffering because of their ignorance. People are ignorant because of this very thing that they all have: Ego. The ego does a funny thing to the mind, if someone writes a blog pleading for some sanity on a wrestling website some people can take that the wrong way completely. The ego, if something disagrees with it, thinks that whoever has a different opinion is "attacking" it. And it does the most amazing thing as well, when it "thinks" it's being attacked, it returns back in kind with an attack, either warranted but also completely sometimes unwarranted. It is usually the latter. Anyway, this amazing thing it does, let's say I didn't even write this blog and I said I liked Kurt Angle for instance, and then you had to disagree with me and talk about what a fuckhead he has been, that is your ego mind coming into action. If I reply and say "sure everyone has had problems..." and you still go in for the attack on it, it is totally unnecessary. You see, when I say I simply like Kurt Angle, your ego takes offense at that. For what reason, I have no clue, but it takes it as a personal attack, so you attack me. Instead of reasoning "he likes him, I dont, thats that", you have some need to cut me down a size or two. Why is that? Do you ever question yourself anytime you get into an argument over nothing? I doubt you do, because the one thing the ego hates, is to be questioned. It doesn't like to be questioned by others, and it doesn't like to be questioned by the person who is there. Ego is an illusion by the way, you may know that, maybe you don't, but it doesn't exist, it's all in your head. If I was being egotistical here I would say "of course you don't know that, DUH!" or whatever, but I have no clue, you may know all this stuff.

    Ego is all built up into images, it builds one image after the other after the other after the other until you reach age 50, wonder what the fuck you have been doing, realize you don't really know yourself, and then it is too late to do anything about your ego. Depression is the fight between ego and soul, it's what life is all about, can you conquer the ego? It's extremely hard, because not only do you have to deal with your own ego, you have to deal with the ego's of all the other people too, such as people who convinced you that Tensai would be a doomed gimmick before it even started and you jumped that bandwagon. How can you possibly know if it was going to fail or not? This is the destructive power of ego, it can bring many great things, but it can destroy so much just because something "offended" it somehow. And back to the mindtrick the ego does after the initial attack, this is the beautiful "ignorance is bliss" part of it, it tricks you into thinking "he deserved it", "he was destined to fail anyway", "everyone else was doing it", "they brought it on themselves", and of course, this goes far beyond wrestling, this just happens to be a wrestling blog but the fundamentals are the same.

    So when I talk about how there are real things going on, maybe you are not thinking about the 14 year old girl who is getting ready to top herself because she has been abused because everyone around her believes in some imaginary myth that serves to fulfill their own ego's, "the way they see things", and not what is actually going on. One way people very commonly see things, is that people "bring things on themselves". How would this fictional 14 year old girl have brought on things to become suicidal? Wouldn't have anything to do with the fact she has been abused all her life by her family and everyone outside is too busy seeing things they want to see it, bullying her because they think "she brought it on herself", when the real cold hard fact of the matter is she just needs to talk to one person for 5 minutes. And no one will talk to her, the fact that she is depressed is a bunch of other labels about her being antisocial, ignorant or whatever, when the true fact is that her trust has been scarred and she is totally vulnerable in a world full of wolves. Who are ironically, totally ignorant themselves. In reward for your ignorance of who you really are and others around you (apart from people that can be used for social gain), you get rewarded, by living through your life care free of things that are uncomfortable to face. Such as the amazing question "Am I a bully?" What if you knew that 14 year old girl 10/15 years ago and you were at school with her, and you just ignored the fact that she had a reality, because "she wasn't as cool as you" or some bullshit reason you hide behind, and she killed herself. Nope, nothing to do with me. I'm not talking directly to you about all this by the way, I'm just talking about hypothetical situations.

    Ego brings the illusion that there are a lot of things, but there's not, it tells you who to be (and tells you that you are happy) until one day you realize you have no clue who you are and you are married to some girl you barely know, and stuck with two kids. "That's life" eh? That's just some more fantasy bullshit people invent and believe in to protect themselves from the sheer horror of having to get to know who they really are, know the horrible things that they have hidden away all their lives, the things they have denied about how they treated people in the past, the things that shook them to their core that they pretended never happened.

    Now I'm preaching. I could go on forever. By the way, I am far from a kook. Just have an incredible interest in human beings, it has served me well, I have helped people understand who they are when nobody bothered to talk to them, just yesterday I got an email from a girl thanking me for saving her from the hell she was in. And I did it all without ego. When you put your ego out of the situation, you can see things from another point of view, and if people are in need of listening, help, you can actually help them because you are listening, you are not seeing things "the way you want to see it", you are seeing things as they really are, and make no mistake about it, that kind of stuff saves lives, I know personally. My simple blog is about enjoying wrestling, because it is meant to be enjoyed. You reply to me about what a washout gimmiick the Tensai thing was, I reply something else and then you give a more detailed correspondence of why you stick by your opinion. I accept it, I respect how you back up your points. I leave it to rest. You have to emphasize though, what a failure this thing was, how it could never ever work in a million years. So i reply, and tell you to save your vitriol for something else. You hit back at me, and rightly so, and I leave you a vid of Dean Ambrose, WHO KNOWS MORE THAN ME (I thought I implied that), you or anyone who has ever been on this website, and he basically backs up my point. So you attack, call me a preacher of some kind. You see, you could be writing all about Tensai several times now, when he debuted, what you have written about him here, and in the future, and it is okay for you to write the same amount or more than me on a topic such as that than the kind of shit I'm going into right now? I know this is a strictly wrestling website and I'm breaking "the rules" probably, but this is life, the type of website you are on is just hiding behind bullshit from the uncomfortable truth. And same with wrestling talk, and opinions in general, they can hide behind all the bullshit in the world that they want but in the end of the day it is all bullshit. This website is bullshit, what happens in wrestling is bullshit, you talking about wrestling is bullshit, and same with me writing all this, it is still bullshit. If this was ego oriented I would not be calling my whole spiel here bullshit, I would be smugly sitting here sniffing my own farts at how "insightful" I think I sound. It's all bullshit, every single but of it, and that's fine to enjoy, but when you get very very in to it all, you are discrediting yourself, you are buying into the bullshit, taking a personal interest in it, and we do this because we do not want to be alone at night, face those uncomfortable questions, we want to be "happy" with distracting ourselves with things, like wrestling. So I could have gone into this, but I know, I'm "obviously" nuts. The guy who's telling people to just sit back and enjoy the product, and support it. Not to spend their time going crazy over things they can't control.

    I help people for a living, with my interest in the human mind, growing knowledge of the human mind (which you don't learn from books, like everything else, you do it by: Questioning everything, including yourself). It's a real joy to help people, so this sounds insane to you I know, but I have helped people turn their lives around that the "good" people of the world trample into the ground because they didn't have a seconds thought about who they might be hurting. There is so much bullshit to recover people from, it is vast, and one of the big reasons is that every bully in the world claims and says the same thing until they absolutely have to eat humble pie "I'm not a bully". No one is a bully, we are in a world where there are STOP! bullying campaigns that are all the rage now and the people involved are the biggest bullies of all, they get involved just so they can feed their ego so they can "convince" themselves they are a good person/people, so they can continue on bullying people and living in denial of ever doing it, by verbally and physically assaulting them, by just ignoring the fact that they have as much right to be alive as they do, millions of ways, that their ego tells them "the person brought it on themself" so they can sleep like babies at night and not have to deal with the very real truth that they are probably a giant asshole. Just like all the fans who ruined the Tensai gimmick say to themselves "they deserved it" while not caring about the people whos lives were severely altered because they couldn't had an involvement. This is life I know, but you play your part in making Vince McMahon get in a bad mood because he couldn't control his ego and probably fire someone who was involved in trying to get the gimmick over and ruining his life. Too deep yeah? This is real though Kashdinero. Think about what your ego does to someone, who you're "better" than or some stupid notion like that. Ego doesn't like the truth, that's why you don't like what I'm saying or what I have been saying. The truthful bits at least, not the bits where you think I'm saying "I'm better than you", I've never said that, and wouldn't ever, because I'm not, and you're not better than me either. The only thing that I'm better at is that I'm able to enjoy wrestling for what it is, it is beyond my control, so why get absolutely apoplectic about that kind of thing? It's entertainment, here to entertain. And I wish some people could just see that. But this is my gripe, I should get over it really. I just hate how people are so closed off about things, when really it is so much easier to just be positive about things. People love being negative though, and that's why I help people, because people would rather be negative in their various ways then help someone who needed their help desperately. Someone has just committed suicide, and it is either because of a bunch of shit they did or that no one had any interest in just listening to them without having to chip in with guilt trips like "other people have it worse", or have to have their opinion be heard. People who are suicidal just need people to listen to them and not interrupt, they get that way because no one is interested in listening to them in the first place and they end up doing it (or attempting to do it) because of a bunch of fucked up trauma shit in their head that they don't even know exists. So when I say to people stop getting mad about wrestling, I mean it, you're just projecting the things that are deepest inside your mind on something that will not have any benefit on your life, you are letting whatever trauma you have build up and up instead of dealing with it, and it's bad enough not being able to speak to someone but it's even worse not knowing you have trauma in your brain that is worsening your life. And you don't know it there because only injury victims or people who are coping with the loss of loved ones are "allowed" to have trauma, that is bullshit hidden away from absolutely everyone, every one of us has trauma, most people unleash it onto others to get rid of it, alot of people keep it to themselves, but we all have it, when it goes undetected it builds up and up until it kills. And it's not "popular" to talk about or whatever. I think I'll stop now. I don't give a shit about your image or anyone elses image, I give a shit about people. Now make me out to be any kind of thing you want to make me out to be, but I'm just me, and to me you're just you. And that's all we are.
  4. Kajmere's Avatar
    I don’t mean to butt in, and I’m also not trying to instigate anything, but perhaps this can help resolve this dilemma before it goes further.

    After Kash gave his opinion on Bloom, Earthquake, you said you respect his opinion and nothing else has to really be said. Then Kash made this comment:

    “I just want to add that I was deeply disappointed with Matt Blooms return. After watching the guy improve beyond anything anyone ever thought he could, I was hoping for a lot more than what he turned out to be in the end. Such a shame/waste.

    I also wouldn't have minded having Ryback stay in the main event picture for longer than he did. The way they built him up and demoted him in almost record trims was embarrassing for all involved. Another shame/waste.”

    The way I interpreted the above statement (and Kash correct me if I’m wrong) is that Kash was taking a step back from his previous comment that the Tensai gimmick didn’t stand a chance and was kind of saying “Even though his gimmick was a joke, I kind of feel bad for Bloom. He was new and improved but ultimately turned into a waste of talent”.

    I thought (and still do think) that Kash was actually cutting Bloom some slack and saying he was disappointed in the way things turned out in a legitimately humble way. Earthquake, I think you took it as him kind of rubbing it in your face after you had already conceded the argument. So this whole thing stemmed from a misunderstanding. Just my 2 cents and I hope this comment didn’t offend either of you.
  5. Earthquake's Avatar
    Hi Kajmere, thank you for your message.

    I didn't think he was rubbing it in my face really, I just mistook it totally as him hitting continuous digs at A-Train after I thought he had done it enough, and I guess I just saw red then, I come from a family of bullying and help people on the internet and just lose it when I see bullying of any kind, and I totally misinterpreted that as bullying. I know the damage it can do, and though Matt Bloom is not going to be reading this, I also know the damage it can do to the abuser's themselves, living in denial about what they do, which is why I've written all that shite above, because in my own experience and the people I "try" to help, the victim's in these cases are looking for an apology they're never going to get, and above with all that ego mind bollox I've gone on about is pretty much the reason why bullying happens and why bullies actually think they aren't bullies. Get a bit (a lot) carried away trying to educate I guess.

    The comment didn't offend me whatsoever, thank you actually, I needed a reality check, and I went off on you in another blog because I thought you were bullying another guy, even if you were in any way, it wasn't my place to get involved, as I said, I just see red when I "think" I see bullying. I really let you have it and I apologize for that, you seem like a good egg from all the other stuff I've read.

    Kashdinero, sorry mate, I had you all wrong here. I thought you were just being negative for negatives sake and I apologize. Hopefully you can take some kind of positive experience out of this bell end ranting like a mad man

    Cheers Kajmere, Kashdinero.
  6. Kajmere's Avatar
    It's all good, if I held a grudge with everyone on here with which I've had a negative encounter, there'd be no one left to talk to.

    (Gets tears in eyes) I LOVE U GUYS!!!
  7. Earthquake's Avatar
    Haha, nice one.
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