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My view: Hall of Fame "Celebs shouldn't be in!"

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Let's be honest here, TNA and WWE both have Hall of Fame ceremony's yearly. WWE inducting 6-8 while TNA just 1. In any case, why don't the Hall of Fames get respected? My issues with both company's Hall of Fames? Should active wrestlers be inducted? Should celebs get a spot in the Hall? Why do former wrestlers, fans, among others believe the Hall of Fames are a joke? Yes, I typed in TNA Hall of Fame and under related searches it read with "joke" at the end of it. Yep, let's talk about both WWE and TNA's Hall of Fame:

TNA Hall of Fame: So far, my problem with TNA's is they are not inducting guys who were there from the beginning. When you talk about TNA early years, you go before Kurt Angle was there. Why not induct talent that meant so much to the company while they were working with TNA. Names like Shamrock, Raven, Jeff and Jerry Jarrett come to mind. Shamrock being the first ever world champion crowned at a TNA event. Raven brought the most fans ever in TNA up to that time when he challenged Jeff Jarrett for the NWA world title. He also was the NWA world champion back in 05. Jerry and Jeff helped build TNA. TNA wouldn't exist without both of them among others. No matter how Dixie provided finances, yes TNA would likely have been dead. However, it wouldn't have taken a life without those men. That is my main problem with TNA's Hall of Fame. Every year, inducting just former WWE/WCW guys who were legends and Hall of famers virtually before they came to TNA. I know you want to create prestige and all, but TNA was born in 02. Not 07 or 06.....just because big stars are here doesn't mean you should forget where you came from. Look at the title history in TNA, trying to look up former TNA champions before that time takes some time because their title history began in 07. When I watched TNA before Angle/Sting arrived, TNA called it the NWA-TNA world title from time to time. Time for them to acknowledge it and not to be ashamed of where they came from!!

WWE Hall of Fame: It gained a ton of prestige after the amazing class it had recently with the likes of Bruno, Backland, Trish, Booker, and Mick Foley. However, who tells us who belongs in the Hall of Fame? 1 of the most respected Hall of Fames out there is baseballs because it is so hard to get into. Pete Rose and others have failed to get in the Hall after all these years. This years Hall of Fame list is: blank=no one!! How can a Hall of Fame get respect? Not to allow everyone to get in who is just good, but have to be great. Even great players like Pete Rose isn't in baseballs Hall of Fame. So does anyone get in WWE's Hall of Fame? A lot of wrestlers are offered, but they turn them down. Hell, some want out of the Hall of Fame after being inducted(Billy Graham). Criticized for years, decades for not having Bruno in. So you know how much it meant to wrestling fans all across the world to find out he finally got in after all these years claiming he wouldn't do so.

What do fans think?: See guys like Koko B.Ware in there who really never accomplished anything in the business. Not an IC title, world title, and I don't remember a tag title either. Before WWE maybe, but not while he was working for them. I don't remember him really having a match that meant anything. Which is why some folks point to him and say, anyone can get in. Some folks however, think he deserves to be in over celebs who worked 1 night compared to years of dedication to the business. Which brings me to of course: celebs in the Hall!!

Should celebs be in the Hall?: I find myself scratching my head as to why celebs are inducted in the Hall of Fame. They made a huge impact in the success of Wrestlemania 1. Tyson was the reason the tide of the Monday Night Wars switched. Things like that, however, are you really going to sit there and tell me you would be ok with Snooki being inducted in the Hall of Fame for her part in WM27? Do we get where the line crosses? I understand what you are saying, but celebs don't belong in the Hall of Fame for a couple of appearances. It should be for wrestlers/superstars whatever you want to call them. The guys who actually work endless hours for this business. Not just for a couple of appearances and a big paycheck. Celebs are part of events, hell WWE helps several different things to help promote music, magic, food, among other things on their programming. Does that mean they deserve in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame for helping a rock band sell records? You think NFL is going to induct Janet Jackson for her performance at a Superbowl? I don't think isn't like celebs don't benefit from being on WWE programming. Some celebs who do appearances, before they appear on WWE TV, I have no idea who they are. I didn't know who Kim Kardashian was til WM24. Do they make an impact on WWEs success, certainly, but don't Doritos among other crazy commercials help Super Bowls success? YES! I have had friends tell me they watch simply to see the commercials. Believe it or not.....plain and simple: CELEBS shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame!!

Should active wrestlers be inducted?: I'm sick and tired of this trend of active wrestlers being inducted in the Hall of Fame. It was ok when Flair did it, but is just annoying. Wrestlers work to get there, let them have something to work towards. Not have them get inducted before their careers are over. It gives us wrestling fans a chance to show our appreciation to those performers 1 last time as we hear them talk about their great career. It shouldn't be guys getting inducted and have another 5 or so years left in their careers to go. I want to say goodbye as they speak about their memories from their great careers. People talking about AJ Styles, Daniels, among others getting inducted. NO!! Let them work to get there even though they will be when their careers are over. For some reason, folks in TNA believe Hall of Famers on their TV screen will draw viewers. I'd suggest they focus on the real issues in TNA. Like the product, talent development, failing to book their own concept correctly, among other things.

There you have it! My thoughts on both WWE and TNA's Hall of Fame. What are your thoughts? Jokes? 1 is and 1 isnt a joke? Neither a joke? Should celebs be inducted in the Hall of Fame? Should active wrestlers be inducted in the Hall of Fame? Leave that and more in the comment section below......thanks for reading!!

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    I think that TNA has no business doing a HOF right now. First of all, they’ve only been around for a little over a decade, and secondly, its future is not guaranteed. Could you imagine how ridiculous it would be if they go out of business in 3 years with only 5 people in the HOF?

    As for the WWE, they have a legitimate history, so I do see the logic in having one (even though I think it’s kind of a joke). It was created on the 4th episode of RAW specifically to honor Andre the Giant. Then they just completely abandoned it for like 10 years until they finally started taking it seriously again.

    I agree that the celeb BS is too far. I wonder what the celebs themselves think about it. I’d wanna hear the conversation between WWE and Drew Carey before he was inducted. “You want to induct me? WTF? Uh, sure why not!” Active wrestlers shouldn’t be inducted either, unless like you said, Ric Flair or someone that is really old or semi-retired at least.
    Updated 10-13-2013 at 12:42 AM by Kajmere
  2. pauldwku's Avatar
    If you are going to put in a celebrity in the Hall of Fame at least put in Andy Kaufman.
  3. dashkatae's Avatar
    Celebrities should be allowed into the hall of fame if they contributed to the business in some way. It's the reason why I feel people like Andy Kaufman and Cyndi Lauper should be in the hall of fame and not people like Drew Carey. Cyndi helped during the rock and wrestling era which helped to make WWE more mainstream. Andy's feud with Lawler really put wrestling on the map and made people talk about it in a way that hadn't happened before.

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