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STATE OF THE 'E: All You Do Is Complain

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Good evening you sacks of beautiful human flesh. I have decided to give you a blog considering I haven't done one in many, many months. Now here's the deal, you guys are used to people giving you "Top 10" bullshit. I'm actually here to deliver you a blog. An opinion piece that has structure and some topic mixed in with my randomness.

If you can't comprehend what I do, don't read. Simple as that. Of course as always though, feel free to throw your comments, suggestions, hate speech, favorite cookie recipes and pantie size down at the bottom. So, lets get this going shall we?

The Often Imitated, NEVER duplicated: STATE OF THE 'E

Okay... make up your damn mind people. You want THE 'E to give you craziness, unpredictability and just flat out shock factor. They're doing that with no one winning the WWE Championship, with things going all crazy and McMahon-Helmsley 2.0 running around but, you still find a way to bitch.

People want their money back? Really? How many PPV's ended in messed up decisions in your beloved "Attitude Era"? Not all of them were clean, not all of them were happy and sunshine at the end. Austin got screwed more times than Barbie Blank screwed the WWE locker room. And you complain... about what you wanted. And now you want your money back. Da fuq?? You people are what's wrong with things.

They're giving you varied guys, different type of matches, throwing things out there to see what sticks and everyone is batting it down like it's nothing. SummerSlam was an incredible PPV from bell to bell. What happens? No one buys it. The matches were completely stacked for people to have a blast watching.

The matches were incredible to boot. CM Punk VS Lesnar, Bryan VS Cena, Wyatt VS Kane... hell, even the Total Divas match kicked ass! And what happened? Lack of support gave us Night Of Champions. Ugh. Battleground. Double ugh. Help them. That WWE app may sound like its crazy but I know for fact they're listening and trying to mold.

I'm part of the "WWE Fan Council" and yes, they send out constant surveys to see what people want. It would help if they had more people on the council and didn't make it a limited amount of people. But either way, yes, we are helping to shape TV and PPV. Get more involved and things will change!

Yes. WWE right now is in the shits when it comes to creativity. But realistically, there's only so far they can go when they pigeonholed themselves in this PG area. We, as fans for a long time feel like they're betraying us. They're not. They're trying to give millions of millions of people one singular voice that is conveyed on television weekly.

But do we collectively care? No. Because we want instant gratification now. This "Me Generation" really sucks. I'm sick and tired of you all complaining about things that they're trying to fix but you won't allow them the time to fix it. You wanted longer storyline, they gave you them. What'd you do? Bitch that the 3 months worth of storyline was too long.

They're giving you different things, pushing different people. How do you respond?? By not watching. And you complain that they resort back to Cena and McMahon... what do you expect them to do? Get your shit together people.

Speaking of pushes and all.Give these people a chance. You are blood thirsty for new people but, don't support them? How does that even compute to make sense in your minds? You complain "There's no more gimmicks!" Ryback, Los Matadores, Fandango, 3MB, and a few others, they're gimmicks. Hell, technically CM Punk is a gimmick. Support them. They'll lead into better gimmicks. There's a lack of them right now because THE 'E are testing waters on how people react to something different.

Guess what, you're not reacting very well now, are you? I don't know about you but some of the flash and awesomeness of "The Attitude Era" was the fact that people had gimmicks, they had catchphrases, they had some oomph. THE 'E changed with the times when people wen to UFC. They went on more "real" names because that's what was popular.

You want change, initiate that by showing them you want it. We won't get Ascension, or anything like that until the support is there. We're currently supporting the hell out of Bray Wyatt.... keep that momentum up. We'll see better things down the road.

In Closing:
I'd just like to say that I'm a WWE lifer. Not a "mark". Hell, I believe their current product could be a ton better but, in order for that to happen, we need to show them we're WANTING the product to be better. Playing Tuesday morning Quarterback or after PPV Quarterback doesn't help much by bitching about it on a forum.

Take the time to consider that this is a changing landscape in entertainment and THE 'E have to stay in touch. They have to stay involved in the here and now. Whatever society deems appropriate, THE 'E will deem it so.

Thanks for reading my word vomit. I'll see how reactions are and that may or may not dictate me doing another one soon. If I don't see you, have a great one. Leave all your word vomit below. HAVE A NICE DAY!!

See how much more awesome things are with a gimmick?

See You Soon, Space Cowboy...

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  1. Nitro's Avatar
    This blog is bullish*t. All he does is bitch about the fans who don't like the current WWE product.
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