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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - WWE Battleground Predictions (DOES NOT INCLUDE ENDINGS)

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Hey everyone. Welcome to Double O! I am back with another opinion. This time, I would like to share with you my predictions for WWE Battleground in a couple of days. This time however, I will NOT be posting the predicted endings of the match, just the final result. I hope you all enjoy.


[B]Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow[/B]
I do not care what Mr. McMahon thinks. Dolph Ziggler NEEDS to be at the top again. He needs a proper push with a proper reign as World Champion. As for Sandow, if he ends up cashing in Money in the Bank at Battleground, it will most likely be him coming out on top. But as for being Mr. Money in the Bank, why is he losing to guys like Santino Marella within minutes? It does not make sense. He loses clean to Santino in minutes but if he wins the World Heavyweight Title, his title matches will most likely go for 10-20 minutes. It’s ridiculous. As for this match however, I think Sandow will find a way to stop Ziggler.

[B]Winner: Damien Sandow via pinfall[/B]


[B]Intercontinental Championship
Curtis Axel (c) vs. R-Truth[/B]
R-Truth picked up the win against Axel earlier this week. He has been caught up in the 'New Corporation' storyline lately as well. I think there is a chance they will have Truth win the Intercontinental Title in two days. I personally would love to see Truth win that championship at least once in his career. Have another African-American Champion besides Kofi Kingston, who's already won it four times in 5 years with three U.S. Title reigns. Its time a new African Champion was crowned. Besides, R-Truth deserves a push. But what I would like to happen is far different than what actually WILL happen. Axel is still in the middle of the Punk and Heyman feud. I can still see him holding onto the title for at least another month or so...

[B]Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel via pinfall[/B]

[B]Divas Championship
AJ Lee (c) vs. Brie Bella[/B]
Brie Bella in my opinion is the more dominant Bella out of her and Nikki. She has been in WWE for slightly longer than Nikki and has been getting a good singles push since Nikki's injury. Now she is engaged to Daniel Bryan in real life but the engagement has carried over into a storyline where Brie has been caught up in the WWE Title storyline between her man and Randy Orton. This could mean that there might be a new power couple in WWE if Brie wins the Divas Title and if Bryan wins the WWE Title (again). AJ has had a nice decent reign and in my opinion, it could be coming to an end.

[B]Winner and NEW WWE Divas Champion: Brie Bella via pinfall[/B]

[B]World Heavyweight Championship
Hardcore Rules match[/B]
[B]Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Rob Van Dam (with Ricardo Rodriguez)[/B]
This one was the one that really puzzled me. RVD is taking time off soon due to his three month break which means everyone would suspect that he would lose this match and be written off TV with an 'injury' which is understandable given the stipulation for this match. Then again, Hardcore Rules is RVD's match. It’s where he feels at home. We might be seeing a bit of the old ECW style wrestling of Van Dam that we haven’t seen in years. What puzzled me is that even though he is leaving, they might do a similar angle to SummerSlam where RVD finally wins the title and Damien Sandow comes out and cashes in his Money in the Bank contract and wins the title from The Whole F'n Show. But because '5 minute title reign' storyline DID happen at SummerSlam, I cannot see WWE doing it again, especially with RVD and Sandow. Instead, they might have Ricardo turn heel and re-align himself with Del Rio, helping him retain the title in the process. What they do to write RVD off TV is their choice.

[B]Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio via pinfall[/B]

[B]CM Punk vs. Ryback (with Paul Heyman)[/B]
Almost one year since Punk and Ryback's Hell in a Cell match for the title. It again, ironically featured Heyman. Heyman managed Punk but is now managing Ryback. Ryback has never beaten Punk one on one before and his alignment with Paul E has cemented the beginning of what is expected to be a major push. It is late-2013 which means I can see this new partnership going on past Royal Rumble, which could mean that superstars like Punk, Ryback, Daniel Bryan and Big Show are favourites to win that match, but as for now, we are focusing on Battleground. Ryback was screwed in his first match with Punk where Punk pulled off the dirtiest win but this time however, the tables are turned. Heyman is now in the corner of Ryback and Punk doesn't really have anyone watching his back. Because of this, I think that Ryback will actually go over. I can see Ryback kicking out of at least one GTS and Punk kicking out of at least one Shell Shock from Ryback. In the end though, I think the Straight Edge Superstar will be the one looking up at the lights. A win for Ryback in this match would be good for him.

[B]Winner: Ryback via pinfall[/B]

[B]Tag Team match
Goldust and Cody Rhodes (with Dusty Rhodes) vs. The Shield (Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins) (with Dean Ambrose)[/B]
[I]If Rhodes and Goldust lose, they are gone from WWE forever and Dusty loses his developmental job
If The Shield loses, Rhodes and Goldust get their jobs back [/I]
The thought of a former superstar like Goldust defeating new guys like The Shield is hard to believe, but I think it might happen. The Tag Team Championships are not on the line, which could mean that Rhodes and Goldust are going to somehow pull off the win. A loss for Reigns and Rollins would not hurt them. I can see both Dusty and Ambrose getting involved. Perhaps Big Show might also play a part in the outcome of the match, since he is not on the card. It would be a good way to fit him in. The same goes for Stephanie McMahon and perhaps even Triple H. No matter what happens, I think two former guys will be getting their jobs back.

[B]Winners: Goldust and Cody Rhodes via pinfall (Rhodes pins Rollins)[/B]

[B]VACANT WWE Championship
Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton[/B]
The third match between these my opinion, because Bryan keeps getting screwed over everytime he wins the title, I think this storyline should come to an end by the end of the month. Orton has had 10 World Title reigns with Bryan only having three. And considering his last two combined only lasted one day, I think it’s fair to say that Orton should have another break from winning the World Title, especially when he does not even hold onto the strap for that long. Bryan should have a proper reign as WWE Champion. No Money in the Bank cash-ins, no stripping of the title due to a fast count. I think Bryan deserves a nice decent reign, similar to his first Heavyweight title reign but maybe a couple of months longer. But of course, this is just my opinion. Just because I want it, just because the fans want it does not mean it will happen. It could. It might. But it’s not set in concrete. I can actually see a draw of some kind happening between these two, leading to one final match between them to crown an official winner and a new champion in the process.

[B]Winner: DRAW (No champion)[/B]


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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    I think most of these are correct. Here's where I think differently:
    1. Dolph wins- The way they have been booking Sandow leaves me no hope for an intelligent outcome. These are two of my personal favorite wrestlers, a gd shame that they are pre-showing.

    2. AJ wins- Brie has no business winning this match. They are just going off her momentum with the show and her engagement. AJ is way too over and even has the whole Stephanie storyline brewing. She won't lose the title.

    3. The main event needs a winner. Major slap to the face of the viewers if it is a draw (no kayfabe here). People are paying money here, we saw a draw in the main event 5 months ago. Common sense says Orton, unless DB wins it and gets it taken away again. If DB wins, he will become a 3 time WWE champion, something only 13 men have ever done. We're talkin the best of the best, bar none. If they give DB the title and ruin his reign again, it will be a slap to the face of everyone that ever held it, and again, no kayfabe.

    Just my thoughts, little to no interest in the card personally.

    Edit: Why are Orton and DB facing off for the 20th time in a plain old singles match? Couldn't they make it a ladder match or no holds barred?
    Updated 10-05-2013 at 01:50 PM by Kajmere

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