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Tribe of Extreme Could Rise Again?

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What's cracking everyone?

Have you been feeling like there is just too many superstars within the WWE? Does your favourite wrestler not get the air time you think he/she deserves? Do you think there is an overload of superstars? Potentially you don't, but if you answered yes to any of these questions, bare with me, I may have come up with the solution, albeit a long shot, and I mean long shot.

From watching Raw most weeks, with the occasional Smackdown thrown in there from time to time, without the separate brands, my personal opinion is that we see the same top superstars time and time again, with little time for the mid carders to draw any attention. Now obviously these guys are top for a reason, so of course they should be centre of attention, but to me, it is the same group of guys going through storylines, which get shown time and time again during the course of the week.

The current main event storyline out there at the moment is the title unification match for TLC..... Finally!!! I'm so excited to see just one true WWE world title now that everyone competes on all the shows. But this is where I see an issue arising. You see, WWE have plenty of main eventers, and former world champions. I am concerned one world title will not be enough, as the fans love to see their hero, or sometimes villain, as the champion. And with the world title unification occurring, will we see the mid card championships unified down the tracks? Now I am aware that it is not all the championships, but for me, I get a big buzz, and to be honest, the main reason I even watch wrestling is related to the storylines and changing hands or retention's of championships.

Is it too far out to ask for another shot at ECW? Not the ECW that was last seen on television, and not the ECW that was at the beginning. No, I'm thinking in the middle, I'm thinking when ECW first branched out from WWE, when Paul Heyman was in charge, when RVD was champion, when the likes of Benoit and Angle were apart of it, when it was still in their home arena. This potentially, could be the last piece to the WWE puzzle.

They have NXT for their up in comers. They have Raw as their apex show. They have Smackdown as almost the overflow. But with one world title amongst countless contenders, how about sending a few to an ECW arena. Think of the storylines, think of the champions, think of the careers saved, or born. Just off the top of my head right now, you could have Heyman GM, RVD comes back. Send the likes Of Big Show, Mark Henry, The Miz over there. Big Zeke could even return with the ECW title. Superstars like Barrett, Gabriel, Ryan, Riley could rejuvenate their careers. You could turn the US title into the ECW tv title? Bring back the tag team titles? And of course have your ECW champion. Make the brand completely separate to the WWE ones, until maybe a draft type night once a year. Even if you made this brand the non PG show of WWE, to please the die hard fans.

Chances are it won't happen, but hey, why not be optimistic!

Peace out

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