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Mr. Right

Believe In The Shield!

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What's cracking everyone,

I have been watching the evolution of the Shield, with some interest, since their debut at Survivor Series, through to their Wrestlemania debut, to them gathering titles each, then into the main WWE storyline.

Now, to be completely honest, I didn't really like the Shield when they first came onto the scene, potentially because they cost Ryback the WWE championship, so kudos to the writing team for creating instant heat like that. Or maybe it was the same old attack after attack that got a bit old. However as they grew in confidence and ability within the WWE environment, and with some other wrestlers whether they be face or heel getting on my nerves, I started to really get into the hype of the Shield. Let's break them down for a bit.

Pretty much from the start I thought that Roman Reigns was fantastic. Perfect size, he is brutal and dynamic, and the evil persona, the man who doesn't need to say too much, is brilliant, and that spear he does, top class. Personally I feel it was a shame that he got pinned for the first time the other day. They could have used that for a storyline, post Shield, that would've been really decent.

Dean Ambrose. For me he was the one I thought at the start was the odd one out, the one who wouldn't really go anywhere compared to the other two. How wrong was I, and I am not ashamed to say so. For starters, his voice is captivating enough, throw in a sense of evil charisma, a true heel, and good in ring skills, and you have yourself surely, an incredible heel WWE champion of the future, multiple times. He can be used with pretty much anyone is a storyline, hell even try a face run with him. But tbh, he is best as a heel.

Seth Rollins. Seems to be the one who cops the most beating out of the 3 members. He too seems to fit in nicely though. I don't really have much to say about Seth however, nothing negative, and nothing that was jaw dropping..... Yet. I seem to get proven wrong each time I watch the Shield.

I am so glad the WWE have given all 3 titles, and I do believe that they bring much credibility to the titles they hold onto. Using them in the main storyline as of late is also a genius move, further promoting them as top guys in the industry today. It is cool to still have them entering through the crowd, that always seems to go down well with the fans. I look forward to see what WWE will do with them after the corporation v2 is done with, hopefully sending at least Dean and Roman straight to the top, if not Seth as well. The sky is the limit for these young men.

Believe, in the Shield.

Peace out
Mr. Right

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