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Mr. Right

Split Brands the Key to Relevance

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I'm sure this has been discussed time and time again, but surely you would think that splitting Raw and Smackdown apart again would make WWE that much better? I remember a time when both shows would remain separate, and only interact in big time pay per views. People (and myself included), are upset over the fact that the World Heavyweight title is no longer relevant or remotely important, which I believe this to be true. The only feasible way past this is through two options.

Option One, split the brands and superstars, so that the World title is top title on Smackdown with decent superstars wrestling for it. Option Two, Retire the title and put more emphasis on the WWE title, making it even more prestigious. They could have a great title unification match again. Or a big match which will decide who the last champion will be. The same argument can be used in regards to the US and Intercontinental title as well, so long as the intercontinental is the belt that sticks around.

My vote leans more towards splitting the brands again. By splitting the brands back up, we will get:
  • prestigious titles,
  • superstars will create a brand fan base,
  • cross brand matches will be extra exciting,
  • the draft can return,
  • and most importantly, if we are feed up with a particular superstar, we can just watch the other show, or if we love a particular superstar, we can follow where they go, obviously watching both shows is also acceptable.

Peace out
Mr. Right

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Updated 10-03-2013 at 07:24 AM by Mr. Right

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Bane of Balin's Avatar
    Agree completely. They have such a big roster that it seems like the dumbest decision they have made in a while. They have nearly four or five different authority figures running around governing the same roster at different times of the day/ week.
  2. temencer's Avatar
    I liked it a lot better when the brands where split. There was always the Blue vs Red battles and all that .. it felt fun. And the belts felt like they meant something more that way.

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