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Mr. Right

Tell Me, I Did Not Just See That!

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Yo guys,

This is my first ever blog, so bare with me here. I like to think of myself as a casual watcher of wrestling, I generally like to catch Raw each week, and the occasional TNA here and there. I have watched it since about 2004. From time to time I come across a character on wrestling that I just generally do not like, whether that be good writing or just plain old hate. Now usually I just brush it aside and focus on all the other good stuff that goes on during the show, but now I feel that I have reached boiling point and cannot contain myself any further, I need a vent, and this is it.

(Warning, swear words may come out from this point). What the bloody hell is wrong with fucking WWE right now. Honestly, P fucking G..... Mint (Note, sarcasm). Why, why, why, PG has ruined the legacy of all the previous wrestlers who performed and gave their bodies for pure entertainment. I don't mind having a child friendly product, but why ruin the best wrestling in the world. Now it seems as TNA has caught the lame bug too because they are becoming more and more pathetic, but that's for another time. You would think that PG rating is the worst thing for me, but it's not, and I'll tell you what's worse in my opinion. Daniel fucking gaylord Bryan. Ok this is not him as a person alright, this is him as the product on WWE. Fuck me, he is not the face, he is not the champion, he is not anything. I actually nearly started to like him sort of, but that was a mid card performer, I remember when he won the US title, I was gutted, but I said to myself, WWE aren't stupid enough to make him world champion so I'll allow it..... How wrong was I, first world champion, then WWE. Great, good fucking job guys. What makes me most angry is how we get him shoved down our throats in segment after segment. How much other decent talent is there to use, and you choose him. Admittedly, this current storyline, the one fans are calling corperationV2. Yea, good I like it, it is a good start. Randy Orton, perfect. Triple H, the man. The Shield, brilliant, the best thing about WWE at the moment, All 3 if used properly are destined for absolute greatness. But why oh fucking why would you ruin it with Bryan. Saying yes, yes, yes is not entertaining or clever. It is stupid and basic and embarrassing to watch. My vendetta over D Bryan may be a tad harsh but his character is such a wank. In that 11 vs 3 tag match. Every other partner was excited when there team was on top, when Zack Ryder did his little kick thing, everyone shouted Woo Woo Woo, except dick fuck Bryan. If RVD cheers, you cheer buddy, enough said.

But that is all I have to say about that current storyline to this point of time, who knows, the WWE might sort there shit out, doubt it though. Just to completely let off everything, my rant will continue to other areas that need addressing. I don't know if anyone saw or paid attention to a certain match involving 3MB and Santino last week. But what the fuck was that, they were playing flutes or something, manipulating a puppet, that fucking midget is still walking around, hell how are 3MB still around (apart form McIntyre, he can stay). I saw a blog dubbed worst WWE match ever, expecting it to talk about this, and it wasn't. Wake up people, this is not right. Brodus Clay and Tensai.... not right, Los Matadores... not right (oh and another bloody midget thing, come on). Save all that shit for Saturday morning slam. Focus instead on promoting the future or what really is "best for business", e.g. the Shield, Justin Gabriel, Ryback, Wade Barrett, the Miz, Kofi Kingston, Ezekiel Jackson, Big E Langston, hell give RVD what he desereves (WWE title obviously), .

Look this is just my opinion and a rant I had to do to relieve the stress built from a couple of years now of wasted opportunities in the wrestling business. Why can't there be old school wrestling like years before and have all the PG bullshit on saturday morning. Why can't there be split shows like there was, the world title is no longer relevant, why can't they promote good wrestlers that everyone loves. If you read this far, I acknowledge and thank you for your time, hopefully not wasted time, surely just surely, some of you feel the same as I do. Bring Back Blood.

Peace out
Mr. Right

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Updated 10-03-2013 at 06:01 AM by Mr. Right

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  1. weems's Avatar
    Why WWE is not PG - WWE is now a publicly traded corporation opposed to an independent promotion that is owned 100% by Vince McMahon. Therefore, even if Vince wanted to go back to TV-14, the board of directors would probably shut down the idea. Reason being is that sponsorship money is through the roof from mainstream brands like Coca-Cola and K-Mart. These brands are not willing to partner with a TV-14 product but are willing to with a PG product. Even though ratings and attendance at live events has dipped, revenue has increased because of the high profile sponsors WWE has obtained.

    In regards to not liking Daniel Bryan - Cena, Sheamus, Mysterio, Christian, Henry, Jericho, Taker, Rock and Lesner are not on TV right now. HHH is on TV put as an authority figure rather than a competitor. As a result, the only main event babyfaces are Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Big Show and RVD. RVD is in an angle for the WHC and Punk is in an angle with Heyman. Therefore, the only two guys on the active roster that can feud with Orton for the WWE belt are Show and Bryan. Also, Bryan is very over with the crowd and you are probably in the minority in regards to people who don't want to see him in the main event.
  2. swillsy's Avatar
    weems, you're a tosser. Daniel Bryan can lick dick. Leave Mr Right alone, he's just having a vent which frankly, is understandable with the current WWE. Mr Right - I'm going to have to disagree with your comment about McIntyre, the whole 3MB can fuck right off. Also, give Los Matadores a chance, especially that midget thing.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Well, I wouldn't call this much of a blog, as I would a bitch-fest. Which of course, is fine. I've posted my share and called them blogs too.

    I agree with PG ruining wrestling. It has for us fans, at least those of us that enjoy a little blood and coarse language in our entertainment. But I also understand the business side of things. No one wants to believe me that the industry will wither away and die. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, and Dolph Ziggler are not "carriers of the torch" so to speak. Not in the way that guys like Hogan, Hart, Rock, Stone Cold, and Cena have. There are no superstars anymore. Just barely brighter than the rest of the dim dim stars that make up the wrestling industry sky.

    The wrestling industry WILL eventually go away. Maybe not for several more years, but it will.
  4. MrAudit's Avatar
    I had to comment on this one. In my eyes, WWE has been a PG - family friendly product almost forever, excluding the Attitude Era and maybe a bit after. I grew up watching Hogan, Savage, Warrior and the rest from WM6 on-wards and it was always a show driven mainly towards the kids that watched it. Only when those kids grew up did Vince decide that the WWE needed to grow up with them and give them what they want to see. From then on we had blood, extreme violence, Naked women & swear words, and again......this got old & the Audience grew up and moved on. I feel that one day we may see a return of all that extreme ish that we got hooked on in 98, but first WWE needs the audience to grow up again.

    If they started running PG-14 shows now, they would lose half (if not more) of the Audience because they're young kids. In 5-10 years when those kids are older and want to see a more extreme product, maybe it will happen.

    It probably wont though as everyone has stated, WWE is making silly money now, why risk that?.........nevermind eh!
  5. weems's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by swillsy
    weems, you're a tosser. Daniel Bryan can lick dick. Leave Mr Right alone, he's just having a vent which frankly, is understandable with the current WWE.
    @swillsy, I am not sure where you are coming from. Never once did I criticize the author in my comments. If I did not enjoy reading the blog, I would not have spent time reading it in its entirety along with providing feedback.
  6. ewantu2's Avatar
    Not going to lie. "Daniel fucking gaylord Bryan" made me LMAO

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