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Wrestling in a Lull?

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I recently went to a TNA event for the first time. I actually haven't watched wrestling since around 2004 all the way back through the WCW vs WWF era. I was hardcore fan at the time with dire interest in backstage happenings and really voiced my opinion on how the companies should move and thought original ECW was the best, etc. So when TNA Impact came into town, I decided to just go for the heck of it because it was televised... and, to me, it was all just boring. Wrestling's nothing like it used to be. The matches seemed less than average with just a few nice executed moves.. but nothing really flowed or seemed entertaining. The wrestlers looked cookie cutter, it seemed more 'backstage reality show' with a lot of them talking about the 'business' instead of it pulling you into the story or matches.

I can't say the same for WWE because, as I said, I don't watch it anymore.. but this is based just on a live show from TNA. I know there are big fans of wrestling on this site because this is the one I used to come to back in the day, so any feedback would be appreciated. Have my tastes in entertainment changed? Or is wrestling, or TNA at least, just not entertaining like it used to be during the latter 90s/early 2000s golden era?

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    So you still keep up with the news and havn't watched wrestling in a decade? If it lacked your interest like you claim, I would have suspected that you wouldn't even post a blog or even visit a wrestling website. As far as TNA goes, I havn't been happy with the direction of the company since Bischoff/Hogan joined.
  2. Itsonlyleggy's Avatar
    I love TNA, but it hasn't known what to do with itself for a long time. Televised shows are the worst to go to IMO. They're sticking rigidly to a script, they pause for ad breaks etc. And they tape 2 shows in one night which is kinda draining on everyone.

    What you want is a house show. The wrestlers are more themselves when they don't have to worry about a camera filming their every move. The action's the same, you'll probably see some fresh matches though. And everyone just goes and has a good time. Borash and Hemme gee the crowd up constantly and the result is a noiser atmosphere. Talent can break character sometimes and it just feels more real!

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