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15 Amazing Facts and Weird Crap

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During research for my last blog, I came across a lot of interesting facts and figures that I was not able to utilize. I really didn’t want to discard the info, so I decided to parlay it into a new blog.

Anyways, I have produced for your viewing pleasure a list of 15 random, strange, and interesting facts about pro wrestling that I think you will find very amusing. These are mainly just surprising stats and occurrences, as I tried not to go for the most obvious information. It is not a true top 15, but rather, the top 15 from one night of reading, plus some other stuff off the top of my head. You may already be aware of some of these tidbits (common knowledge for some of you older users on this website), or even most of them. However, as long as I can present at least one new piece of information to each reader, well, then it means I didn’t completely waste our time. Fact checkers, get ready, because there is bound to be a small error or two in here somewhere that you can hopefully fix for us. Let’s begin the fun…..

15. Jimmy Snuka was the first ECW World Champion.
This countdown starts with Snuka winning a tournament to crown the first ever ECW Heavyweight Champ, and he even held the title for a then-record 24 hours (haha, get it? OK I apologize for that one folks). Maybe they wanted to start the company off on the right foot by giving the belt to someone credible. Um, smart move, Paul. Fortunately, WWE doesn’t recognize title reigns from the original ECW.

14. Diamond Dallas Page has only one victory in the history of Monday Night RAW.
Not as shocking when you consider the fact that he was a Smackdown guy, but interesting nonetheless. DDP still had several bouts on Monday night, but always came up short. No self-high 5 for that one.

13. Shane Helms is the last man to defeat The Rock on television.
As a former fan of his popular internet podcast (yeah I know, no one’s perfect), I learned this fact by hearing him brag about it on what felt like every other episode. This occurred during the Austin/Rock WM 19 feud, while Austin distracted The Rock during a match on RAW.

12. Scott Steiner won the main event of the final WCW Pay Per View ever.
In March 2001, Steiner successfully defended his WCW Heavyweight Title against DDP at WCW Greed (formerly known as Uncensored). Suffice to say, the PPV was garbage, and didn’t feature Sting, Hogan, Flair, Goldberg, and a handful of other WCW favorites.

11. There have been a total of 5 Buried Alive Matches, The Undertaker competed in all of them, and he was buried alive 3 of those times.
They don’t call him the Dead Man for nothing. Perhaps he likes laying around in the dirt? Either way, this match is definitely not one that favors The Undertaker statistically.

10. The Dudley Boyz actually had a total of 9 family members in ECW.
Bubba, Devon, and Spike were not the only “brothers”. True ECW aficionados know that there were six other half-brothers: Snot, Chubby, Sign Guy, Dudley, Dances with, and Big Dick Dudley also existed, not to mention a handful of other Dudleyz outside of ECW. Their parents must be so proud.

9. RVD once wrestled Kevin Nash…in WCW.
Many RVD fans already know this, but RVD very briefly competed in WCW before he was in ECW. There was a tournament for the TV Title and he took on a large man by the name of Vinnie Vegas, AKA Kevin Nash. Unfortunately, RVD didn’t fare well, and he was defeated by Nash, I mean Vegas, I mean, I don’t know…

8. WWE’s Night of Champions PPV has had a total of only 4 non-title matches in its history, 3 of those featuring CM Punk.
The PPV truly lives up to its name. Big Show, HHH, and Heyman/Axel are the three matches in which Punk competed without a title on the line, losing all 3. The 4th non-title match at NOH? Orton vs Ziggler. (Please don’t bombard me with comments about dark matches, they don’t count!)

7. Roddy Piper was not pinned in a WWE ring until Wrestlemania 8 by Bret Hart.
Although Piper has often bragged about this feat, I have heard that Jimmy Snuka pinned him in a strap match years before. I could not find this match online, and think that if it actually exists, it may have been non-televised or just extremely obscure. It’s cool, Hot Rod, I’ll pretend it never happened.

6. Spike Dudley beat William Regal in about 3 seconds for the European Championship.
According to my sources, this is actually the quickest full match in wrestling history, which obviously, also makes it the quickest title match of all time. Regal hid a pair of brass knuckles in the turnbuckle before the match, then Spike came out, grabbed them, and clocked Regal as the ref turned around to signal for the match to start. Ding-Ding! Ref turns around to see Spike pinning Regal, and counts to 3. We have a new European Champion!

5. After losing to the Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 6, Hulk Hogan would not lose clean again until he faced Lex Luger in 1997 for the WCW Title.
By far the entry in this blog that consumed the most time, I really tried to make sure I was accurate here. His famous loss as Hollywood Hogan on Nitro to Luger is the only clean loss I could find since the Warrior in 1990, the longest stretch of his career. If I am wrong, I would really love to know the correct match. Also, anyone that can produce a list of his only clean career losses will receive my undying respect. I have a small list in my head, but I’m likely missing one or two.

4. The first ever Casket Match took place in 1980.
Sorry Undertaker, but the first time this match happened was between Dusty Rhodes and Ivan Koloff. Originally called a "Texas Death Match", Rhodes picked up the win by knocking the Russian Bear inside the lidless coffin. The match was confusing, as the rules announced in the beginning were not followed. The men were supposed to rack up pin falls, followed by a quick count, and the man that fails to answer the count would be carried out of the ring in the coffin. Dusty was even awarded a botched 3-count. Variations of this match type also took place throughout the 80s until the WWE version debuted.

3. Hulk Hogan was featured in the main event of every single WCW Uncensored Pay Per View, losing only in 1999 to Ric Flair.
Like every Uncensored main event, this one ended in controversy. Hogan and Flair, in one of their numerous battles, went at it for the first time ever in a First Blood Barbed Wire Cage Match. Why did I include this piece of information? Because Flair won the match VIA PINFALL! That’s right, referee Charles Robinson gave a “fast 3 count” while Flair had Hogan in the Figure Four Leglock in one of the most bizarre finishes I have ever seen.

2. The Mega Powers (Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage) defeated a team of 8 opponents (including Ric Flair and Lex Luger) in a rare Tower of Doom Match.
Seems like a bit much, doesn’t it? The Tower of Doom, which occurred at WCW Uncensored ’96, is pretty much like the 3 story cage from the WCW movie “Ready to Rumble”. The Mega Powers were victorious in this extremely lopsided match after the Booty Man (don’t ask) gave Hogan and Savage a secret weapon to use: Frying pans!! I wish I was making this stuff up.

1. There have been a total of 27 world title changes in the combined history of both WWE RAW and Smackdown, which happens to be 2 more than the number of total world title changes in Wrestlemania history.
You thought the Grandest Stage of Them All pumps out legends? A higher number of world champs did it right in the middle of your living room on cable television, for free. Due to the fact that this statistic encompasses the entire history of WM, RAW, and SD, I felt that it was deserving of the number one spot.

I hope you enjoyed this presentation. What are your thoughts? Got some cool facts or trivia that you want to share? Bring it baby!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I knew some and learned some.
  2. GiantHaystacks's Avatar
    Great blog - really enjoyed it!!
  3. Kajmere's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by GiantHaystacks
    Great blog - really enjoyed it!!
    You have good taste, my man.
  4. JPaulC's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kajmere
    You have good taste, my man.
    Lol, dont know why but this comment made my day!!

    Any ways, i don't consider myself a die hard wrestling fan by any means so with that said... out of the top 15 you provided in this blog, today I have learned 16 new thing LOL.

    1st didnt know RVD was in WCW - 2nd didnt know RVD has been wrestling for so long that he faced Vinnie Vegas!! That's circa'92 pre WWF "Diesel" were talking about!

    I gotta do my homework/catch up with this type of info!

    Gr8 Blog BTW, how long did it take you??
  5. Kajmere's Avatar
    Thanks man, glad you liked it. It took like 3 hrs maybe? I didn't necessarily tally up everything manually. Like for instance the NOC stat, I read it on a website before the PPV, they did a special about it, then I went back and saw who Punk faced each year to complete the entry.
  6. Kashdinero's Avatar
    Nice blog, dude. Weird and random wrestling facts have always been my thing. Love me some stats!

    Don't take this as me trying to nitpick, but -sometime before the Goldberg match- didn't Luger cleanly beat Hogan for the WCW Word Title by making him tap to the torture rack? I've done no research here, and due to the interference based landscape that was the nWo era in WCW, there's every chance that it wasn't a clean victory, but that match was the first I thought of after reading number 5.
  7. Kajmere's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kashdinero
    Nice blog, dude. Weird and random wrestling facts have always been my thing. Love me some stats!

    Don't take this as me trying to nitpick, but -sometime before the Goldberg match- didn't Luger cleanly beat Hogan for the WCW Word Title by making him tap to the torture rack? I've done no research here, and due to the interference based landscape that was the nWo era in WCW, there's every chance that it wasn't a clean victory, but that match was the first I thought of after reading number 5.
    Thanks for the complement. And no, I'm glad you threw that in there, I invited corrections, especially on that entry.

    You are correct. It's funny bc during research for that one, I came across a video/article of that match and the caption said something along the lines of "NWO interference as usual", so I disregarded the match. Upon Youtubing it just now, it turns out that the interference was the NWO against Luger, not Hogan. Luger fended off Savage and the Outsiders, and managed to tap out Hogan, as well. So yes, I believe that technically counts as a clean win. Thanks, I just corrected the entry. Check out my top 20 blog on the homepage, it has a shit load of facts as well, mostly about movies though.
    Updated 10-06-2013 at 02:21 AM by Kajmere
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