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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Feuds that I would like to see happen/happen again in WWE

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Hey everyone. Welcome to Double O! I am back and this time, I would like to share with you a requested topic on the feuds that I would like to see in WWE. They could be new feuds or feuds that have already happened before. I hope you all enjoy.


[B]John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam[/B]
Cena and RVD were battling each other in 2004 while Cena was the U.S. Champion. It wasn't really a one on one feud since Booker T and Renee Dupree were thrown into the mix. I wouldn't classify Cena and RVD's storyline in 2006 as a feud either. I would include that bit as WWE's rivalry with the ECW brand since Cena was also beating ECW guys like Balls Mahony and Sabu with the RAW roster backing him up. I would like to see these guys have multiple one on one matches. I would love to see a match where Cena goes over RVD in a straight one on one match by pinfall, leading to RVD beating Cena in a Cage match. They would then have a tie breaker in which Cena would defeat RVD in another straight one on one match by Submission.

[B]Stephanie McMahon vs. AJ Lee[/B]
Stephanie is a former Women's Champion and AJ is the current Divas Champion. These two have had heated moments for a little while now and a heel vs. heel diva feud is always good. Take Layla vs. Michelle McCool or Melina vs. Beth Phoenix. I could not think of a better addition to the 'New Corporation' storyline than for Stephanie to become Divas Champion. Now I personally think, and I quote Triple H: ''It's best for business.''

[B]Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz[/B]
These guys have had a couple of one on one matches with each other but never a full on feud. If a feud does happen, I would like to see it happen over a championship. I would like to see Miz win the Intercontinental Championship once more, which leads to him retaining against Ziggler and then losing the title to Ziggler in a second match. The third and final match will be a rematch, perhaps a Ladder match since these two both have history in that match, which Ziggler ends up winning. These two could possibly re-ignite the feud a year or so later. I think that these guys could put on a few great lengthily matches with each other.

[B]Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro[/B]
These two have had a couple of one on one matches but not an actual rivalry. I think a push for Cesaro is needed and a guy like Randy Orton is the perfect guy to put him up against while doing so. If Cesaro could pick up at least two wins over The Viper, I think it could give his career a real shot in the arm. I can actually see Cesaro main eventing PPV's in the future and perhaps even winning the big one, one day.

[B]Ryback vs. Randy Orton[/B]
An obvious one. Orton is one of the very few guys that Ryback has not been up against. Yeah, Ryback eliminated Orton with ease in the Royal Rumble earlier this year but they have not gone one on one, let alone gone against each other before. I would love to see a normal one on one match with each other. If a match between these two ever does happen, I hope that Ryback would be the victor. Orton has beaten most of the top guys in WWE today but Ryback needs a victory against a guy like Orton in order to push him back up in the rankings again. A clean pinfall win in a one on one match would do wonders for Ryback's character. Even if both men are still heels at the time of the match, it makes it that much better because they might each try and win
dirty at one point.

[B]CM Punk vs. Jack Swagger[/B]
Jack Swagger has become a joke...again! He comes back, dominates, beats up top guys, has a World Title opportunity at WrestleMania and the only reason he lost was because of that marijuana arrest. After that loss, he has gone down in the rankings. Just like last time. I think Swagger has potential to be one of the best. Swagger needs to be in the main event. I think a feud with a guy like CM Punk would do him wonders. A couple of wins over the Straight Edge superstar would be good for him, especially clean victories. I would like to see these guys have a trio of matches. Swagger could win all three. Once by DQ or Count Out, the next cleanly by pinfall and then they could go one on one in a Submission match with Swagger winning with the Patriot Lock. If this happens, I would like to see Swagger pushed in the WWE Championship direction.

[B]Ryback vs. Big Show[/B]
This is an obvious one that has been thought of ages ago. The World's Largest Athlete vs. The Human Wrecking Ball (not a Miley Cyrus reference). And many people have asked the question: Can Ryback hit Big Show with Shell Shock, let alone pick him up for it at all? Ryback has hit other guys with Shell Shock such as Tensai, Kane, Mark Henry and even The Great Khali at one stage. Personally, I would love to see Ryback execute his finisher on Big Show, let alone see these guys wrestle one on one. I have a feeling Big Show might be getting tossed around the ring a bit. I would like to see these two have one match, in which both men get counted out, leading to Ryback slamming Show through the announcer table. It would then be good to see a No DQ match with these guys in which Ryback actually hits Shell Shock on the big man, and Big Show kicking out of the pin attempt and eventually picking up the win against Ryback.

[B]John Cena vs. Christian[/B]
These two were caught up in a brief feud in 2005 when Cena was WWE Champion but they only had one match and Chris Jericho was also thrown into the mix. Since then, these guys have only gone one on one once and it wasn't even a feud nor did the end of the match have a clean winner since Cena won via DQ due to interference. These guys have had multiple tag team matches against each other but never an actual feud. I would like to see these two battle each other in a few matches. Whether its a normal feud or over a title, it should be good. A good addition would be to make it for the World Heavyweight Championship. Three matches with Cena going 3-0 against Captain Charisma. I know I may seem very Pro Cena in this entry, but I'm just going by what I would like to see.


[B]Big Show vs. Mark Henry[/B]
I loved seeing these two go at it over the World Heavyweight Championship during late-2011. I would love to see this rivalry be renewed and have it go for a bit longer than last time. I would love to see two straight one on one matches between these two where a heel Mark Henry wins cleanly by pinfall both times. They will then go against each other in a final battle (perhaps a Last Man Standing match or Steel Cage match which Big Show wins. I want to see Mark Henry beat Big Show by pinning him. I do not think that has ever happened before. Henry's beaten Kane, Randy Orton, Viscera, CM Punk and even The Rock at one point. I would like to see him beat Big Show to add further to his career.

[B]Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam[/B]
These two have had a few one on one matches since RVD's return a couple of months ago, which Orton has won two out of three with both guys being counted out during the last. I would like to see a one on one match between these two where RVD finally beats Orton in a normal one on one bout. After that, I would like to see Orton win the second match which leads to a tie breaker between the two superstars which RVD wins. Perhaps the third and final bout could either be a Ladder match with the winner becoming No. 1 Contender for the World Title OR an Extreme Rules match where the two guys battle for a good 20 minutes with RVD picking up the win. Either way, I want to see RVD defeat Orton at least once or twice in singles action.

[B]John Cena vs. Triple H[/B]
I loved this storyline. It expanded over three years with other feuds for each guy in between. Their first match, WrestleMania 22, which saw Cena making HHH tap out to the STFU, then pinning him in a Triple Threat. These guys then re-ignited the feud at Royal Rumble 2008 when Cena returned and won by last eliminating HHH. They faced off in two Triple Threat matches, both times against Randy Orton and both times coming up short. They had three other one on one matches, which The Game won twice and then a double DQ. One last time in yet another Triple Threat in which Cena pinned Triple H to retain the WWE Title. I would love to see these two go mano e mano one last time, with Cena picking up a clean pinfall win over Triple H. Maybe even have the match at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship? One more title reign for Triple H couldn't hurt and this would be a good way for Cena to win his 14th World Title, because let's face will happen eventually.

[B]John Cena vs. Kane[/B]
I liked the 'Embrace the hate' storyline between Cena and Kane at the beginning of 2012. The feud never really went anywhere though. They only had one decisive match and that was an Ambulance match. Kane and Cena have rarely squared off one on one and only once has an actual winner been crowned, which was all the way back in late-2008. I would like to see a few matches between these two. Perhaps a Tables match and a Last Man Standing match. Kane wins the Tables match, Cena wins a normal one on one match by pinfall and then Cena defeats Kane in the Last Man Standing match. I wouldn't mind this rivalry being renewed.

[B]CM Punk vs. Randy Orton[/B]
These two had a very brief rivalry in 2008 when Orton cost Punk the World Heavyweight Title, which lead to Punk losing to Orton in a Lumberjack match. These two then had a proper rivalry with Punk costing Orton the WWE Championship and then pinning him in the Elimination Chamber match. They then squared off at WrestleMania 27 and then the following RAW, both times with Orton being the winner and then the last match, a Last Man Standing match at Extreme Rules 2011, which again saw Orton emerging as the victor. These two squared off on RAW a couple of months ago with Punk finally beating Orton in singles action for the first time. Punk has gone up and beaten the best. John Cena, Edge, Kane, Jeff Hardy, JBL, Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio and now I would like to see him renew his rivalry with Orton and pick up a couple of wins over him. Perhaps a feud over the WWE Title might be a good addition.

[B]Randy Orton vs. Triple H[/B]
I have a feeling that when this 'New Corporation' storyline ends, either Orton or Triple H will be a face once again. My money is on the Game but either way, these two will more than likely end up brawling to end the friendship, setting up a brief rivalry with these guys heading into one more one on one match with each other. If this happens, I would like to see Orton pick up the win cleanly. Not much is said for this renewed rivalry idea but it would still be good to see it happen.

[B]John Cena vs. Randy Orton[/B]
Again, not much is said for this feud. These guys have had countless battles with each other. They've face at nearly every PPV, in nearly every match type with both men picking up multiple wins over the other. Singles wins, multi-man match wins and Tag Team match wins. This feud is like The Rock vs. Stone Cold of the modern era. If these guys square off again, I could see them going a good 30 minutes with Orton picking up the win. Yes I am a fan of Cena but he can't win every big match in his career. He may be SuperCena but he's not invincible.

[B]Triple H vs. Big Show[/B]
These two have gone at it pretty much since Big Show came to WWE in 1999 as Paul Wight. When he changed his name to 'The Big Show', he stepped out onto the scene pretty quickly. He even beat HHH to win his first WWE Title. These two feuded in late-2005 through to early-2006, with HHH defeating Big Show at New Year's Revolution 2006. Triple H, along with HBK defeated Show and Chris Jericho to capture the Tag Team Titles. But these days, Big Show is pretty much the New Corporation's biatch. Normally, someone controlling says 'Jump', the other person asks 'How high?'. But instead, Triple H says 'Knock him out' and Big Show starts crying. Eventually, this feud is going to die down a bit. As I said earlier, Orton and Triple H disbanding will eventually happen, leading to a face turn for one of the guys. If this happens, Triple H might just remain a heel, leading to a match between him and Show where if Big Show wins, he does not have to follow orders from Triple H or Stephanie McMahon anymore. I would love it if Big Show could defeat Triple H. It would do good for his later career.

[B]CM Punk vs. Triple H[/B]
These two waged war briefly in 2011 when Punk accused Triple H of contacting Kevin Nash to ambush him, leading to Punk losing the WWE Title to Alberto Del Rio. They exchanged words with Triple H falling victim to one of CM Punk's infamous 'Pipe bombs', which lead to a match between the two at Night of Champions 2011, which Punk lost after interference from The Miz and R-Truth. That was a good match but I would love to see Punk go up against Triple H a couple more times with a clean win for one of the guys.

[B]John Cena vs. Ryback[/B]
I loved the WWE Championship matches these guys had but I actually wanted to see a match between these two that was a straight up one on one match with someone coming out on top with a clean win. There were talks of having one more match between Cena and Ryback with Cena winning clean by pinfall but it never happened. It would be good if it did. Two matches with both guys trading pinfall victories and then going their separate ways.

[B]Christian vs. Randy Orton[/B]
I loved the Orton/Christian feud. Only thing I hated about it was the fact that Christian not once went over Orton in singles action. It was always WWE having Orton picking up the win. Their match at SummerSlam 2011 for the World Title, which was Orton's rematch for the strap, even saw Orton go over Christian, who had only held the title for not even a month. His last reign also ended at the hands of Orton after two days of winning the vacant title. I think that was a mistake because Orton only held the title for a few weeks before losing it to Mark Henry at Night of Champions. I think that title win was pointless and should have seen Christian retain at SummerSlam and then lose to Henry at Night of Champions instead of Orton. But anyways, I would like to see this feud happen again with Christian gaining a clean pinfall win over The Viper, something that he has never done in singles action.


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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Feels as if you have more renewed than new ones. RVD vs Cena isn't a new is an old rivalry. Did they hate each other? No, but 2 totally different superstars which made the fans go nuts when they faced off. RVD used flashy moves to get over while Cena's moves arn't flashy a bit.

    I've been waiting for Cena vs Christian since Christian returned.

    Ryback vs Big Show is the match I wanted at WM this year.

    Dolph vs Miz would be good.....

    Who doesn't want to see Stephanie vs AJ?

    The only renewed rivalries really I want to see, Cena vs RVD or Christian based on the list given. Cena vs Barrett or Sheamus intrigues me a bit too....I'm just wanting something new. A lot of new stars right now, havn't really had big rivalries with anyone in the top spots. Guys like Ziggler, Bryan, Bray Wyatt, ect. Those guys are my favorites right now along with PTP, Sandow, and of course AJ.
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    I think Step-AJ would accentuate the fact that Steph looks like a lumberjack since AJ is so petite and there's about a 1 foot height difference. I like Punk-HHH, it never really got off the ground back in the day. As far as Ryback, I'd like to see him take on any and all main eventers for the next couple of years of his career.
  3. weems's Avatar
    I understand your logic for each feud but the only real ones I would have an interest in seeing unfold out are HHH v Punk and AJ v Steph. Others I would like to see include, Cena v Taker, Ambrose v Rollins, Cody v Goldust, Young v Titus, Ryback (face) v Lesner w/ Heyman (as the heels) and Punk v Ziggler.

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