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This Is Best for Business: Daniel Bryan, Big Show

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Watching WWE over the past couple months has become increasingly difficult because of how bad the product is when it comes to storylines and pushing the right stars. I know that I am a big supporter of Punk, Byran, Sandow, and Ziggler so I admit a bias. However, this product is very predictable and stale!

Daniel Bryan should be the champion right now and I am not saying that because of my bias. This guy did what very few have done in the WWE which is get 'over' by himself He does not have the look, size or gimmic that WWE endorses. He is the top draw in the company with respect to merchanise, in ring performance and crowd reaction. The WWE brass do not like to support guys that they do not build or create. Bryan comes from ROH and with the backing of HHH or Vince became a house hold name. Now some of you will argue that he has their support but he had two reigns as champion which lasted minutes at SS and one day when he was stripped on Raw. It makes you wonder if he will ever be given a legit shot. Anytime he is in the title picture which won't been soon, you have to wonder how they will screw him over again. Michaels turning on him was a given, how they chose to do it was the only question. He gets buried for no reason besdes that he is not a HHH or Vince guy.

Big Show vs Randy Orton headlining PPVs is best for business. What a load of crap! So let me get this straight, BIg Show comes back from injury gets degraded about persona finances (similar toJBL and HBK), does not wrestle for an extended time, gets fired, then holds the Authority hostage until he gets his title shot. So he not only did not earn his title shot but also gets a major storyline out of nowhere. Plus, Orton vs Show is not an attraction that should be headlining anything, not even house show! Nobody is going to buy PPV or watch Raw to see the as the main attraction (look at the ratings).

John Cena comes back from injury, wins the WH title in his first match without earning a title shot. What a complete load of BS! Now, I am not a John Cena supporter at all but I will respect that he cleanly put over Daniel Bryan who should have held the strap and set up rematch with Cena when he was healthy. He beats ADR because the WWE brass wants to reestablsh prestige of the WH title. Then, Damien Sandow does one of the best beatdowns on the arm of Cena withthe briefcase, chair and stairs and has an outstanding match (credit to Cena as well) but loses to a guy with one arm. Super Cena wins again which only infuriates most people! I know that simpletons exist and love that Cena is back and winning like always. There are better ways then having Cena as champ because he does not need the title and would have been better off chasing the strap then winning it after he earned his chance. To regain the prestige the champion (Sandow is my pick with Ziggler or Cody as the other possibe champs) should defeat main guys like Cena, Punk, Bryan, Kane, ADR, The Shield to gain back the belt's credibility.

If this is best for business, then business totally sucks because the wrong stars are in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. I have heard about the potential WM card which some of it I like and some of it I do not believe should or will happen (Sting vs Taker, Michaels vs Bryan in the will and Goldberg vs Ryback and Cena vs Hogan, remember how bad Rock/Cena was and both were healthy as the should). Most will disagree but that does not concern me. You're Welcome!

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  1. blink's Avatar
    So people that cheer and support cena are simpletons?
  2. temencer's Avatar
    I was with you until you resorted to insulting people who cheer for Cena. I personally am tired of the character, but those who still love him .. more power to them. I wouldn't call them simpletons. The are just fan.

    I'm not a huge fan of Sandow, but it feels like a roller coaster with him as far as the WWE goes. He's pushed, he's held back .. pushed, held back. If anything, they should give him a chance as US title or IC title.

    I do agree that giving Cena a title shot right out the gate was worthless and had zero draw. At least the Show vs Viper has a little history to it. But still, giving Show a title shot the second he gets rehired is kind of a kick in the nuts to D.bryan and to the fans who've wanted D.Bryan with the strap.

    But .. I don't work for WWE so what do I know. heh
  3. Dennis's Avatar
    I get that Blogs can be rants but I think you are wrong on so many levels in my opinion. I'm actually a huge fan of Daniel Bryan but I'm going to let the story play out. Daniel Bryan was still closing the show this last week, he's still a main event level talent. The Rumble is like 2 months away, it's a real possibility that Bryan will win the rumble and go on to main event mania. In fact, he's the odds favorite to do that.

    I also support Cena, it doesn't mean that I'm stupid. It means that I have a different opinion than you. Sure, I'm not his biggest fan, I'm not a member of the Cenation so to speak... But he puts on stellar matches against superstars all the time. He has the attitude that makes people want to cheer for him and that's exactly what I do. Does that make me stupid, or a simpleton? No, it means that I choose to vote for who I want to, even if other smarks don't like them.

    In short, I think you should give WWE more of a chance than a rant about the things that have been going on in the past month. Booking typically has reasons and nothing you have said made me believe that WWE is doing wrong by anyone.

    A bit of a tangent... If you believe that Cena has zero draw... I don't really even know what to say to that.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I'm not sure about this blog. I get that you're a Punk, Bryan, Sandow, and Ziggler fan just like the rest of the internet world. I'm sure you became that all on your own too and didn't follow the internet cult fans.

    Bryan is okay. That's pretty much it. Okay. I used to like Bryan a lot. But my realization that he's not, nor ever will be, THE top guy was with Cena's Breast Cancer promo. Cena is a man who is truly the leader of that company. He's the main man. The main attraction. I couldn't possibly even begin to envision Bryan giving that promo or acting in anyway like a spokesperson for a huge company like that. You say he's not the WWE prototypical, and that's because he's not someone who can represent the company on a Global Level. He's just not.

    Finally, Bryan did not get over by himself. It was WWE who put him into every situation you see him in, which was also predetermined and Bryan knows it. Just like Bryan knows he's in a Wyatt Family feud w/ Punk right now. He's Main Evented three PPV's in a row and the results were lackluster at best. And you can't say it was creative's fault or he wasn't built properly because he was. He's been in the spotlight for quite some time now with the main angle in WWE. The reason he's not in the main title feud now, is because the storyline has moved on.

    As for his size, well, all I can say is, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, CM Punk. Three guys who are, as you say, not the size that WWE "endorses" yet have gone on to have legendary careers...Punk still in progress...
  5. Cocop29's Avatar
    I thought Cena was still the biggest merchandise draw?

    You'r clearly looking through tainted goggles. This is your own personal feelings but doesn't make it the same as everyone elses. Are you going to retract all this if Daniel Bryan ends up winning a title at Mania? No you won't
  6. The Enlightened One's Avatar

    First off, Cena is not the biggest merchandise draw as he has been surpassed. Second, do not act like I will not admit when I am wrong as you don't know me. I could say what I really should but me sounding off on your stupid ass would be both trivial and pointless. If DB wins, I will gladly retract as long as it is a legit title reign and not like his previous ones that last one day. DB is not in the title picture as we speak for WM but I really wish he would be champion now. He wins, I will retract after WM.

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