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WWE Move On

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Now I have been watching the latest blunder by the WWE as are most of you. Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton started off as a great storyline and had the ingredients to make a solid feud carry over for a couple of months. However, they are just repeating the same mundane stale manner in which Bryan gets jobbed. I fully get how the want to continue to build him up as the new face and by having him continue to get screwed over makes the crowd want him to win more. It is ironic that the new face is the guy who got himself over without having much support from Vince or even HHH. Bryan's matches have the crowd going wild when he gets on the offence and they are hanging on his words in his promos something he has really soldified. I must give credit to Cena who put Bryan over and helped make his spot even more credible.

This new corporation is a remake from years past where you substitute HHH for Vince and Orton for the Rock. HHH is better suited in this role because he can get physical and make it legit. Orton is better as a heel but his mic work needs improving. The story is getting stagnant because it is the same ending to each Raw and for each Bryan win. Granted at SS HHH pedigreeing Bryan was the correct way to start the turn but realistically Orton should have RKO'd Bryan as there was a long time before a cover and if Bryan could outlast Cena then one pedigree should not have put him down. Now HHH is just jobbing Bryan because he has the power and he can. There are better ways to abuse your power then coming out and saying you are not the face, then saying here is the Shield who you have to beat 3 on 1. I like the Shield in this role but I don't need them always picking apart Bryan. Moreover, Byran wins and HHH comes out and says the ref counted to fast. What a lame way to take the belt off Bryan. HHH, Steph and Vince could get involved to make the odds tougher in the match and have the announcers say "Not like this, Orton can't win like this" just like JR used to do. Shame he was fired for reasons that were beyond his control. Bryan getting stripped the next night shows just how bad the planning is with his feud when that is the best outcome they decided on. They are degrading whatever title reign he gets by constantly taking it off him the next night. Moreover, you want Orton to get back to the old Viper, you don't have to have him lose the title, you could say that he has to lay out whoever he wrestles so that they need a stretcher. If he does not, then he will have to face Bryan again or something of that manner. Or call him out by saying he could not Bryan without their help so maybe then need a new champ to set him off.

I just don't need to see Raw end the exact same way with HHH and co. always having a beat down on Bryan as he has 3 or more to deal with and left to fend for himself. I love Bryan being the guy and like most think it took way to long even though there are some who still are not sold for whatever reason. WWE needs to push this storyline with different twists and turns and not having Bryan win only to be forfeited the next night. Battleground and on I hope that Bryan is the champ and has it till at least WM. He is selling out arenas and is way over. He should be champ and start running not stumbling because of boring abuses of power. You're welcome.

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  1. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Few things:

    1: Did you write this a while back? Bryan has come out on top for the last 3 weeks on both Raw and Smackdown.

    2: Stripping him of the title the next night once isn't doing it 'constantly.'

    3: You are aware of how feuds build right? As you seem to be lacking this knowledge.

    4: Like 99.9% of the Drive By IWC, you really need to learn what 'jobber' actually means.
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    Op, so you want him to be John Cena?
  3. The Enlightened One's Avatar
    First off, winning at SS only to lose that same night, and then win the next PPV and lose it the very next night, very similar. Winning an 11 on 3 should not be considered that impressive. Most of the time, Bryan is the one being laid out. Feud was already built when Orton won the title, he should have kept it by having Bryan lose different ways and then eventually win at like SS in November. Bryan been jobbing to get Orton more heel heat since he can't get it on his own.

    No, not even close to John Cena. Cena never had Vince always try and keep him down. This is what makes Bryan so good, doing it by himself to get over.
  4. Kajmere's Avatar
    I meant Cena in the sense that you want him to be dominant, not lose often, not get laid out often, not chase the title (which is what he's doing), and carry the title for several months to WM. These are things you asked for in your blog, so I drew the conclusion that it's similar to Cena. Not necessarily with agreeing or disagreeing.
  5. The Enlightened One's Avatar
    No, Bryan can lose and lose cleanly too. I meant that he should not be beaten down, 3 on 1 as he had been. I don't want him to be Cena because that is what bothered me about Cena, never lose and never sell. Bryan can chase the title for a bit but needs a solid title run when he wins it again. I know Bryan won recently but nothing to change how he usually gets punked.
  6. nothingmusic42's Avatar
    I'm thinking that they pulled these quick title turnovers with Bryan to artificially inflate his title count. They now get to call him a 2 time WWE champ.
  7. mrbluto's Avatar
    Just hold on, they are building this into a monster run for DB. The shield will turn on HHH and side with DB down the road.

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