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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Thoughts on WWE's Current Storylines

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Hey everyone. Welcome to Double O! I am Ozfan and I am back with another opinion of mine. This time however, I would like to share with you my thoughts on the current storylines in WWE. These will include:
- Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton, The Shield, The McMahons and Triple H
- Big Show being 'broke'
- Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio
- CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman, Curtis Axel and Ryback
- AJ Lee vs. The Total Divas
I hope you all enjoy...

[B]AJ Lee vs. The Total Divas[/B]
I think this is a particularly good storyline simply for the fact that WWE has a decent storyline revolving around the Divas division. One question though...where the hell is Kaitlyn??? I haven't seen her since SummerSlam. Is she injured or is this part of the storyline? I can see AJ's reign as champion coming to an end when the feud eventually finishes. She even has Aksana, Layla and Alicia Fox in her corner. I have a feeling that they might have an 8 Diva Elimination Tag Team match at Survivor Series between AJ, Aksana, Layla, Alicia and Rosa Mendes vs. Natalya, Cameron, Naomi and The Bella Twins. Once this is over, I think that AJ will lose the Divas Title shortly after.

[B]Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio[/B]
Personally, I want to see RVD win the World Heavyweight Championship at least one time. However, I cannot see it happening just yet since he will be taking time off later next month after Battleground is over. Perhaps his match with Del Rio at the PPV will be a way to write him off television. His contract is also expiring in a few weeks so if he re-signs, I think he will be back in time for the Royal Rumble. Even though Battleground will probably be what finishes this feud off, I think it should go out with a bang. Perhaps have the World title match be a Ladder match. It would make sense. RVD could be 'injured' in it to write him off TV, he could utilize the Van Terminator again and Del Rio can retain the title in a clean way against Mr. Pay-Per-View.

[B]Big Show being 'broke' [/B]
I don't think that they should have gone with this storyline. They did this with Shawn Michaels 4 years ago and was pretty much forced to do JBL's dirty work for him in order to be paid. This is pretty much the same. Big Show following orders just so he can be paid. An easier way to do this was for him to turn heel (for the 50th time) and then act in more of a bodyguard role. Personally, there is no way out of this storyline. To make it feel real, he'll be forced to always do what they say. This could go on for ages and I can't think of a way of ending this storyline other than Big Show turning heel again. Unless they do what HBK did. Have a match in which if Big Show wins, he does not have to follow those orders anymore. Matches that would be most likely to occur would be a No DQ 3 on 1 Handicap match between Big Show and The Shield or perhaps a match between Big Show and Triple H with either Stephanie or Vince acting as Special Guest Referee.

[B]CM Punk vs. Ryback, Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman[/B]
I am glad they have finally given Ryback a storyline. Here is me thinking that Night of Champions would be the end of the Paul Heyman/CM Punk feud. I thought that Heyman would win (which he did) and that would be that. Or Punk would still get revenge somehow on that night and then move on. Instead, they got Ryback in the mix and named him the newest 'Heyman Guy'. I think this is a bold move because Ryback finally has a proper storyline. He has a 'Schoolyard Bully' gimmick, now WWE have given him a good chance to use it. I would like to see a proper CM Punk vs. Ryback match. A straight one on one match. No Hell in a Cell, TLC or Triple Threat match. If this happens, I would like to see Ryback pick up the win. It would do miraculous things for his career. It would give him another well deserved push. Once this feud dies down (which it probably will in a couple of months), then I would like Ryback or CM Punk to be pushed in the WWE Title path again. A Fatal-4-Way TLC match for the title between Ryback, Punk, Orton and Bryan sounds pretty good. If that happens, I hope that Ryback wins. But for now, I can see Punk losing once, winning once against Ryback and then having a major finish to the storyline.

[B]Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton, The McMahons, Triple H and The Shield[/B]
This is a good storyline. I love seeing what happens each week on RAW and SmackDown but mostly RAW. This is possibly the best way to build up Bryan as a major guy and I think he is actually the PERFECT superstar to be put into this storyline. Finally wins the WWE Title, loses it 5 minutes later. Finally wins it again, stripped of it one night later because of winning in controversial fashion. I love his new Running Knee finisher. So simple yet so powerful. Plus it looks even better by how well his opponent sells the move. I was shocked when Triple H turned heel. I saw Orton turning heel coming, especially with his Money in the Bank contract, but I didn't think The Game would be a bad guy again. One thing about turning a guy like Triple H heel is that it is so easy to turn him back to face. One Pedigree to another major heel and its done. So really, it is a pretty good choice. I can see this feud continuing on until at least TLC or Royal Rumble. Hopefully, Bryan has a match with Orton for the WWE Title at Hell in a Cell, which is most likely to happen. If that is the case, I hope Orton wins and then loses the title at Royal Rumble or at least hold onto it until WrestleMania.


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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    My 2 cents:
    Divas: haven't watched any divas match for a long time, FF on my DVR every time.

    ADR-RVD: I agree with everything you said, I will add that I really hate ADR on my TV.

    Big show- to the point where I want to FF all of his segments, but can't bc it ties in to the WWE title picture.

    Punk vs Heyman and co.: I like the heels getting over here, probably my favorite feud. Bravo using Punk to put them over.

    DB vs Corp: great storyline but I am really starting to hate HHH and Steph hogging tv time, esp Steph. Not sure how long the DB- Orton momentum will last. They've already had several matches this year before the title feud. Closed 2 ppv's already, now we got Battlefield and HIAC, and a likely team vs team match at SS. I would hope that they change it up by TLC. It's in my hometown, Houston, and I'm attending, and I don't want DB-Orton match #20 to main event.
  2. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    Move on already! Show broke gimmick was used before...when he got the so called "Iron-Clad" contract! What happened to that? Who gives 2 shits about the Diva feud, although I like AJ...ADR vs RVD = IDC...Punk went from the Best in the World...long reigning champ, anti-hero feuding with Vince and HHH, losing to Paul?! WTF!? Move on and tie the CM Punk, anti-hero champion to create a group with DB to battle the Corp!!! That feud fizzled and suddenly HHH, Punk & Cena got along. Have Punk turn his attention to HHH and Corp, beat Orton for the title and have Cena return as the Corp Puppet he is and feud with Punk & Daniel Bryan, along with HHH and'll be WWE Corp vs true wrestlers Punk/Bryan and the newly formed "CULT"! With Cena returning...gr8 opportunity to turn him heel. Down the road I see HHH, Cena, Orton & Shield going up against true wrestlers and fighters...non-commercial...Punk, Bryan, Sheamus, Cesaro, Swagger...maybe Dolph and ADR!!

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