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Top 10 Matches of the 21st Century

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Welcome back to Wrestling is Bischoff!!!! Today we are discussing a topic everybody has an opinion on. We all have different ones and most vary from generation to generation. So each one I will List the match and show it was at, Along with a brief description why it made the list.

10:Shawn Micheals vs JBL
No Way Out 2009
All or Nothing
A Really shocking moment that I'm sure even the kiddos remember. Shawn Micheals addressed how the "financial crisis" took a hit on him and he sold his soul to the devil. Well maybe not the devil, but JBL. You had HBK being a personal escort for JBL and him even laying down so his boss could become #1 contender. Then at Royal rumble he Sweet Chins JBL leading to a match that would either grant Micheals his pay and freedom or he worked forever for nothing for Layfield.

9:Edge vs Undertaker
One Night Stand 2008
TLC: Title vs Career
I believe that Edge's feud with Undertaker over the year of '08 was the best of his career.With Vickie at the control panel anything and everything could happen and it did. From Undertaker tombstoning Vickie to her banning the gates of hell, it all went down. But a match that left us all in awe. The Undertaker was close to winning the title so many times until La Familia came out through Undertaker off a ladder through a table. Which would "kill' the Deadman's career.

8:Sting vs Ric Flair
WCW Monday Nitro 2001
Final Main Event
I don't even think this needs a description. The end of the Monday Night Wars was a moment we all will remember. It was an awesome match and what a way to end it all but with these 2 facing off.

7:Edge and Christian vs Hardy Boyz vs The Dudleys
Wrestlemania 17 2001
This match skyrocketed all the men involved. This triple Threat TLC match for the WWF Tag Titles. Who can forget that moment where Edge speared Jeff Hardy from a ladder.If Edge wouldn't have hit it perfectly we would have seen the end of his career or life, which makes it the more entertaining honestly.

6:The Rock vs John Cena
Wrestlemania 28 2012
Once or Twice in a Lifetime
Everybody has that one dream match they want to happen whether it be Punk vs Austin or Sting vs Taker, the term is thrown around alot. I believe almost everyone was ecstatic that the most electrifying man in all of entertainment(pun no extra charge) was coming back for another match. Though it catches alot of slack it was a all in all good match.

5: The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
Wrestlemania 17
The end of Attitude
I guess the saying could be used here to "Rock screwed Rock". Holy S--T! What the F--K is going on!!! Why is Stone Cold selling out? Those phrases came out of every fan in the nation.We all hated Steve raising the hand of Vince.

The last four need no explaination

4: Chris Jericho vs Shawn Micheals
Great American Bash 2008
Eye for an Eye

3: CM Punk vs John Cena
Money in the Bank 2011
Walking out with the title

2:Shawn Micheals vs Undertaker
Wrestlemania 26 2011
The Cowboy rides into the sunset

1: Ric Flair vs Shawn Micheals
Wrestlemania 24 2008
"I'm so sorry"

Honarable Mentions:
Randy Orton vs Triple H vs John Cena vs JBL
Backlash 2008
WWE Title Fatal Four Way

JBL vs Big Show
No Way Out 2005
Barbwire Steel Cage

Batista vs Shawn Micheals
Backlash 2008
Special Ref: Chris Jericho

Undertaker vs Triple H
Wrestemania 28 2012
End of an Era

Nexus vs Team WWE
Summerslam 2010
Elimination Match

The Rock vs Kurt Angle vs Undertaker
Vengence 2002
WWF Title Triple Threat

John Cena vs JBL
Great American Bash 2008
Parking Lot Brawl

Hulk Hogan vs Randy Orton
Summerslam 2006
Legend vs Legend Killer

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar
Wrestlemania 29 2013
A King's Dethronement

Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit vs Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin
Raw 2001
The Power trip comes to an End.

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  1. Damian James Nagasaka's Avatar
    Like everyone else yeah it's totally your opinion, i wouldn't agree with everything as far as top 10 goes but you picked some great matches, you can definitely appreciate a good match and good build up. The one match I will fight you on(mostly because you had the nerve to say that most would agree with you lol) that the rock vs cena WM should be on their... that match was terrible, cena hating aside. People were constantly complaining that whole feud how annoying it was that the rock could show up once a month spit out an old catch phrase and peace out after. That was probably the only match I have ever die hard cheered for cena. It was the one match where I had respect for cena cause he was right, he is there all the time and he is a hard worker, not a good wrestler but a hard worker, and the rock was only there for his own well being.

    anyway nice blog, good detail, really made me remember some great moment.
  2. dub's Avatar
    I know this is ur opinion WiB but I gotta get HBK vs Kurt Angle WM 21 up there somewhere. That match was GOLD!
  3. weems's Avatar
    Sting vs. Flair, Nitro 2001. Was it a memorable match...absolutely! You are correct that it was the official end to the Monday Night Wars. However, the match was garbage. Sting and Flair probably wrestled over 100 times. It be hard to find a match between the two that was actually worse than this one.
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