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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Stipulations for the World Title matches at WWE Battleground

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Hey everyone. Welcome to Double O! I am Ozfan and I am here with another opinion of mine. This time however, I would like to discuss possible stipulations for the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship matches at WWE Battleground in a few weeks. I hope you enjoy.

[B]WWE Championship stipulation possibilities[/B]
Because the WWE Championship is vacated at the moment, there have been talks of a stipulation that results in an indecisive winner being included for the Night of Champions rematch. Here are a few that could result in this happening.

[B]2 out of 3 Falls match -[/B] An easy way to have no clear winner. Orton could score the first fall after an RKO, Bryan could score the next fall after a Running Knee and the third fall would be a draw. Maybe both guys could pin each other in someway (similar to John Cena vs. CM Punk ending at Night of Champions 2012) or maybe Bryan could lock in the NO Lock on Orton, Orton turns it into a Roll Up but Bryan keeps it locked in which leads to Orton tapping out at the same time as the referee's three count (similar to Kurt Angle vs. Undertaker).

[B]Three Stages of Hell match - [/B]Similar to a 2 out of 3 Falls match but this type does not happen often and I know one only happened a few months ago but still, I think this could be a good way to have an indecisive winner.
1st Fall: No Disqualification match
2nd Fall: Submission match
3rd Fall: Steel Cage match
Orton wins the first fall after an RKO on a chair, Bryan wins the second fall with the NO Lock and then both men draw in the third fall by escaping at the same time. Thus, having no winner and no champion once again.

[B]Iron Man Match -[/B] Probably the most obvious way to make sure there is no winner and champion. Have the match go for 60 Minutes and have Bryan and Orton draw. Have the dramatic finish where Bryan locks in the NO Lock with the scores level. Orton almost taps out but time expires just before that can happen, leading to a draw and no champion. The only thing I have with this is that if this happens, they will go into sudden death overtime (similar to HBK vs. Bret Hart in '96).

[B]Straight up one on one draw -[/B] These guys have had two normal one on one matches (if you include SummerSlam) so if there is no stipulation added, they might have both men be counted out, which again, leads to no champion being crowned. This might be the easiest way to make sure that happens. However, because it is a new PPV, I expect a stipulation similar to the above three choices to be added to the title match.

[B]World Heavyweight Championship stipulation possibilities[/B]
Del Rio needs a clean win over RVD. This rematch could be the way to do it.
If Del Rio is intentionally DQ'd, he will lose the title - Classic storyline. Champion retains via intentional DQ loss and then has a rematch where if they get DQ'd, they lose the strap. This could be the case once again. If that happens, one day I expect Del Rio to retain is by pure cleanliness OR Ricardo Rodriguez either A) Turns on RVD and costs him the match or B) Accidentally does something to cost RVD the match. If this were to happen, I would actually like to see Ricardo turn heel again.

[B]No Holds Barred match -[/B] Another classic storyline is that the champion loses via DQ to retain the title and then are put into a rematch with No Disqualification rules. This might have been hinted with RVD's VanTerminator that he did to Del Rio at the end of their match at Night of Champions. Because RVD is taking time off come October, this might be a good way to write him off TV. They could have Del Rio 'injure' RVD's arm to take him off TV and retain by himself, or they could have Ricardo turn heel as RVD is about to win, and allow Del Rio to then 'injure' him.

[B]Steel Cage match - [/B]This could be a way to make sure Del Rio has a clean win and to also write RVD off TV. If RVD has a 'bad fall', he could be taken away on a stretcher and Del Rio could escape by himself, allowing him to win clean and retain.

[B]Ladder/TLC match - [/B]Another possible match in which Del Rio can win clean and have RVD be 'injured' to be taken off TV. Perhaps targeting his arm again and doing stuff like locking in the Cross Armbreaker between a chair or ladder or perhaps the ring post and even wrapping a chair around it and shoving RVD into the ring post, which is what Del Rio used to do when he first came to WWE. If they want to go to the Extreme, they could try and have Del Rio lock it in, while on top of a ladder (similar to Jericho's Walls of Jericho on John Morrison at WrestleMania XXIV).

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Iron Man match is the rumored one.
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    Way too soon for another 3 stages match, out of the question.
  3. Jony Deep's Avatar
    i will watch battleground, it will be great event. i bought it on . it's cheaper than this official one from and working very nice not only to this event ,but also for next ones

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