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My Top 5: Vince's Surrogate for Wrestlemania 30

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Welcome to another installment of my sporadic Top 5 blog. In this edition I will list my top 5 surrogates for Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania 30. As many of you may know, the rumored/likely main event for next years event will be a heel Triple H vs. A face surrogate for a face Vince McMahon for complete control (on screen wise) of WWE. Now, I won't be making a prediction of who'll win, I'm just ranking who I think would be good choices/most likely choices. Also, I will put down what I believe the person will be doing if not placed in the match. Let's get started.#5 - Daniel BryanThis one seems like it would be extremely logical. With how the Corporation Storyline is going, it all seems to end with a match between Daniel Bryan and Triple H. This match has also been rumored to take place, not necessarily at Wrestlemania though. The reason I ranked Bryan so low is because I think he will be WWE Champion and defending the title here. Also, I don't see the pairing of Vince and Bryan going too well since Vince made it public he doesn't like nor believe in Daniel. If Bryan is WWE Champion come Wrestlemania, I see him defending it against CM Punk in one of the co-main events.#4 - John CenaThis one is a bit more logical than the last and here's why; Cena's the face of the company. It doesn't matter what fans think of him, he's still Vince's go to guy. The reason Cena's ranked so low is because well, the fans don't like him. The whole point of this match is to have the fans rally behind Vince to regain sole custody of the company. If you put Cena in that role, the fans will boo Cena and cheer Triple H taking the dynamic away from the match. If Cena doesn't get put in this match it depends on what else happens with other stars on the show. One possibility is having him involved in the WWE Title picture...again. The other is whether Brock vs. Rock happens. If it does, Cena will be facing Undertaker. Time will tell.#3 - Stone ColdWhen the Vince's surrogate vs. Triple H match was first reported, Stone Cold was said to be heavily favored for the spot. Now, I would love to see Austin return for one more match, but I'd prefer it be against Punk. It doesn't seem far off that Austin will team with McMahon since Vince himself has called Austin the best guy he's had in WWE. It would be weird to see an Austin-McMahon face duo, but come on, it's Stone Cold! Anyway, if Austin isn't in this match he will not be on the card unless Vince pulls the trigger on Stone Cold-CM Punk.#2 - The RockAlthough Cena's Vince's go to guy, The Rock will always be Vince's favorite. This match can very much take place if Rock decides to come back again. I wouldn't mind seeing a Hunter-Rock match again since the stipulation is so high. If Rock doesn't take part in this match but still comes back, it will be Brock vs. Rock II.#1 - BatistaCall me crazy, but Batista would be my number one guy. This pick is mostly because I'd book it this way. You may ask why and I'll tell you....Triple H has never beaten Batista. That could be used in the build up to this match and make fans believe Vince will regain control. The only reason it doesn't make sense is because Vince and Batista have never really had an on air relationship. I would like to see it happen, but that's just me. Even though Batista hasn't been connected to WWE in three years rumors have surfaced since Wrestlemania 29 that he may return soon. If Batista isn't in this match don't expect him to be on the card.Well there you have it. Let me know who you'd like to see as Vince's surrogate or who you think is the most logical choice. Thanks for reading and I'll see you all next time.

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  1. MP.Brouser's Avatar
    Shawn Michaels? Even tough he is retired, hunter said in an interview that he wanted his last match against the Show Stopper. I can see it happening!
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I figure Daniel Bryan will face HHH at WM30 even though I don't want him to. I want Bryan battling for the WWE title or Jericho. Out of the 5 though, I'd take Bryan over the 5 because I don't like or want rematches.Batista and Cena have faced HHH at Mania along with other times. I'd rather Rock/Austin stay retired than have another match with HHH or Taker. If Batista returns, I want him to face Brock Lesnar. Who do I want HHH to face? Dolph Ziggler!!
  3. Kajmere's Avatar
    DB seems like the only possible choice if you ask me. However, I don't really see how they can make it until WM without facing each other. You got DB and Orton main eventing pretty much every ppv until Survivor Series, while DB takes on at least one Shield member every week on tv.

    That being said, there isnt anyone left for DB to keep the feud going. How many DB-Orton matches are we supposed to see? I would expect DB to possibly face HHH as early as the TLC ppv. The only other scenario I can think of is bringing in a new member to HHH's faction to keep DB busy for the winter.
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