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WWE Raw 9-16-13 Hits and Misses

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Overall: 6

Overview: This weeks Raw was Eh on a scale from whatever to okay. Usually, a Raw like this would be good, but after the past three post PPV Raws, this one fell stale. Again, the only story that got pushed was Triple H's power hungry ego one but they did a nice job doing it.


Opening Segment: Well, everybody saw this coming. My question is, why even let Bryan win the title then? To show dissnetion with Hunter and Orton? Actually I guess it was to have Orton become more vicious, which is fine. I did like how they just got right into it with Triple H coming right down. I could've did without the multiple replays of Armstrong counting, but hey, that's me. It'll be interesting to see where they go from here but I am enjoying seeing this play out.

Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler: This was a good opening match. From what I heard, it was better than their NoC match. This is becoming a nice little feud and I like seeing matches with these two.

Dusty Rhodes Segment: Now usually I'd say do not give Dusty a mic, but he did good work Monday. Also, Stephanie was good on the mic too. Who would of thunk it? Although it still made Show look like an idea, the emotion of Dusty's promo and how they're keeping this story going gives this a hit.

Randy Orton vs. The Miz: I like the vicious heel Orton. It just works for him. Sure we didn't see a punt, but the beatdown was well done. I also liked that they had The Miz fight back since most faces just take it. Although I hate The Miz, this story is actually doing wonders for his face character.

Paul Heyman and Ryback Segment: I love this pairing, but isn't it a few months too late? This pairing is either because Heyman doesn't trust Axel, Ryback had nothing going for him, or Axel was boring. I'm going to go with all of the above. I actually want to see Ryback and Punk matches instead of Axel and Punk. I'm not sure how I feel about Heyman kissing Ryback though.

Tons of Funk vs. The Real Americans vs. The Usos: After Tons of Funk left, this match was really good. I really thought Cesaro and Swagger would pull it out, but a great finishing sequence let the Usos win. Just a good match, after Tons of Funk left. By the way, since Naomi and Cameron are off doing their own thing, can Brodus and Tensai turn into monster heels please?

Bray Wyatt Vignette: Again, another week with this act getting stale since Kane hasn't come back yet, but overall another good vignette and promo by Bray. I like that they're having him talk about his past and giving depth to the character.

Daniel Brayn vs. Roman Reigns: Now, I didn't think this match would be any good, but I was wrong. Bryan can make anybody look good, but then again Reigns is a good athlete. The ending was eh, but overall great match. The aftermath was great and I'm glad they had the locker room finally stand up. I'm really looking forward to next week to see how it plays out.


Fandango vs. R-Truth: The match was okay but I hate filler. You don't have to have filler if you can come up with something for every above average mid carder you have. Also, that was one ugly leg drop by Fandango.

Total Divas vs. Anti Divas: This match was used basically for the conmentary with Natalya and AJ. I like the feud, but I hate Natalya's voice. It's so, momish.

Damien Sandow vs. Ron Van Dam: The match itself was blah and it was too short. Why does Sandow keep losing? Maybe it's too make his cash in seem like an upset. Maybe, just maybe, RVD will win at Battleground and Damien will cash in then. I don't know.

Well there ya have it. Sorry about the quality of the blog but I was in a rush to type it. Leave your opinions on Raw down below and see y'all next week!

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  1. rhyno535's Avatar
    Good blog, like your hits and misses. I share the same "problem" as you do. I feel that some matches are just boring to watch because they dont have any build up or storyline to it. Miz vs Orton had a story even if it seemed like a filler match. I really like how they are building the WWE championship title, but that is the only thing they are building.

    I dont like the total diva feud because first i dont like cameron even though she hasnt been involved and i dont like natalya. In my opinion she is very boring, the way she talks and the way she wrestles. Maybe WWEs fault but i feel that you can do so many things with the divas.

    There is to many guys just doing NOTHING. Where is the feud for the US title? Tag team title? IC title? I dont mean that you can only build up a feud with a title but the creative is doing nothing. I would love to see some creative guys only focusing on the midcard division.

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