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WWE Outside the Box

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Welcome to the first ever edition of the WWE Outside the Box blog series with Anthony_Eckman and mr. onemanband. Think PTI, only with hair.

We are very excited about this and hope you guys will enjoy it.

Now this blog is going to be set up like this, each blog OMB and Anthony will each select two ideas for the blog that isn't what most people would blog on instead of like, Best Superstar, Best Matches, etc., (ex; Best Entrance, Worst Gimmick, etc. circa 2005 since that's when Anthony started watching WWE) and disscuss and such on them. Then you guys will decide which one of us you liked better. You guys will also be able to choose an idea that will be used on the show and will be given credit for the idea. On that note, let us begin.

Most Disturbing Storyline

Anthony: Eddie Guerreo and Rey Mysterio's Custody over Dominic

I don't like how personal this story got. The matches were great at Wrestlemania and Judgement Day, but when they brought in Dominic's custody into it for The Great American Bash and Summerslam, it was just wrong. To enhance a story with a kid as bait is disgusting. Plus, huge logical gap where we're supposed to believe a kid can change parents that quick.

OMB: Booker T and Kurt Angle 2005

Well a couple come to mind. The first is Kurt Angle vs. Booker T. Now this is when WWE started to push Kurt away. Honestly, the fact that Kurt wanted and I quote "To have bestiality sex with your wife" that's not right at all. A former Olympic hero saying that. Yeah WWE, what on God's green earth were you thinking?

Anthony: Not to mention.....Gutter Slut!

Weirdest Moment

Anthony: May 19th

The May 19th story with Kane seemed like it could've been good at first, but just got weird. If I remember right, the story was that May 19th was the day the house burned down or something and that was all fine cause that's how Kane debuted, but bad writing ruined it. It was very weird with Kane and Big Show at Backlash 2006 during the match how you just heard Kane's voice over the speakers going May 19th and Kane flipping out.

OMB: A Hand is Born!

Lots of weird moments have happened in WWE, but the one, and only one, that comes to mind is Mae Young giving birth to a hand! Honestly, who the hell came up and said, "Let's have her give birth to a hand?". Vince okayed it too. Seriously? That makes about as much sense as a Bray Wyatt promo or TNA booking.

Anthony: That was one ugly baby!

Best Surprise Return

Anthony: He's the Cult of Personality

I didn't expect Punk to come back so quickly after he left MitB with the title. I was shocked after Cena beat Rey for the new title then Punk came out. When Cult of Personality hit I didn't know why it was playing. Then Punk emerged on stage and the crowd popped huge for him. I just recently rewatched it and I got goosebumps seeing it.

OMB: Daniel Bryan

You have many. Brock Lesnar return, JBL return, The Rocks, etc., but one that comes to mind that I bet a lot of people probably don't think of is this one....Daniel Bryan joins team WWE. I mean after his release who would think WWE would resign him? He could've been one of WWE's biggest losts of talents. If you think about it, if he doesn't return you don't see Miz vs Bryan at MITB, WM World Title match, the Yes! Yes! Yes! and No! No! No!, AJ Lee as crazy AJ Lee, over Team Hell No, Bryan vs Punk, Bryan vs Cena, Bryan vs Orton. All of that gone.

NXT Bust

Anthony: David Otunga, Attorny at Law

I really thought David Otunga had promise. He came in second in the inagural season of NXT and has the look Vince likes. He's also not that bad of a wrestler and he's good on the mic. He's also been a Tag Team Champion before with Cena and if you remember when Cena refused to lose the titles and Barrett made Otunga do it, Otunga looked like he was going to turn and it would've been great. Now, unlike other NXT season 1 alumni's like Slater, Barrett, Skip Sheffield, Daniel Bryan, and Darren Young he's never on tv and barely remembered.

OMB: Kaval or Low-Ki if you prefer

Many people go Bo Dallas, but he just needs repackaging. Then maybe Xaiver Woods, Eli, or Percy? How about someone who won NXT?
Kaval. He should've been something here but he couldn't make it. He was released from his contract and nothing was heard of him again. A man who was a pretty big deal in TNA and other indie scenes just couldn't make it.

Well we want to thank you all for reading. Remember, vote on whose choices you like best in the comments and don't be afraid to submit a choice that we'll debate for next time by messaging either of us or saying it in the comments. See you all next time!

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    Interesting blog. As far as future installments, I'd personally like to see y'all focus more on current topics (kinda like on PTI). For instance, maybe the worst/best matches of the week on WWE. Here's my scorecard for this blog:

    1. Anthony- the Booker/Angle bit wasn't that disturbing when compared to past Scott Steiner promos.
    2. OMB- the hand wins by a mile.
    3. OMB- I almost said neither but I decide to play along, I knew that Punk wasn't really leaving, DB was completely out of the blue.
    4. OMB- Although Kaval is way more talented than Otunga, he better embodies an actual bust since his career was super short.
    Winner: OMB
  2. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    Thanks man.... We apparaciate it and we will put your idea into consideration

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