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Dashing Rachel

WWE Alternate Realities: Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

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In honor of one of WWE Magazine's recurring articles "WWE Alternate Realities" which ponders certain "what if" situations on what would happen if vice versa won so and so and not the other?

And so, here's how the situation would happen if Randy Orton won the WWE Championship via a quick 3-count at the Night of Champions PPV and not Daniel Bryan?

Instead of stripping Bryan of the WWE Championship on Monday Night RAW the following night, Triple H would congratulate Orton for retaining the WWE Championship by telling Orton, "Even though the win may have been controversial, a win is still a win" and then praises Orton.

An irate Bryan would come out and question the botched 3-count and claims that Orton didn't beat him fair and square.

And so, there you have it. What would happen if Orton and Bryan switched places.

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  1. Dashing Rachel's Avatar
    What do you think the WWE title situation would be if Randy Orton won the match and not Daniel Bryan?
  2. Cocop29's Avatar
    Thanks for clearing it up. I have been having sleepless nights wondering about this. You've put my mind at rest
  3. NiallF96's Avatar
    Just put this in the forums. 'Blogs' like these are what make people not care about this section. They have to tread through shit to get some half decent verbage!
  4. Kajmere's Avatar
    Um, Racheal, I'm not trying to be mean, but I couldn't help but notice that you've been receiving nothing but complaints on your last several blogs. Specifically, people are telling you that they are way too short, they provide little to no content, and that they belong in the forum section. At this point, it is apparent that you are doing this on purpose.

    Care to address why to the readers out there?
  5. Dashing Rachel's Avatar
    OK, so how do I improve on my blog writing?
  6. Kajmere's Avatar
    Thanks for asking (not that I'm some sort of blog genius by any means). Begin with what you already know the readers want: longer blogs with more content, not just a quick intro with a few sentences.

    Let's begin with this blog. You basically gave us about 15 seconds of the alternate reality. Expand it and be more specific, perhaps lay out an entire scenario leading up to the next couple of ppv's. How does DB respond to this turn of events? What are his plans to get back his title? You can be creative here and pretty much lay out anything you want, as long as it is both logical and entertaining.

    Next, read other blogs to get a feel of appropriate lengths, layouts, and different ideas. The Great One comes to mind of someone that knows what he's doing, and when he gets criticism, he always responds to his commenters and likely takes into account their opinions. When people tell you the same comments over and over, it means you need to take action.

    These are just starting tips. Also, take your time when writings these, let ideas come to you, don't force yourself to turn something in. Remember, you have no deadlines to submit these, so you can spend a day or two coming up with ideas. Hopes this helps a little!
  7. stack6911's Avatar
    They need to add something new...If Big Show cant help and be the Team NO-SHOW then bring in Matt Morgan...MM to WWE to help his "bearded cousin" fight against The McHelmsleys/Orton/Shield....

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