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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - WWE Night of Champions 2013 Predictions

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Hey everyone. I am back with another opinion of mine. A few weeks ago, I posted on how I would book WWE Night of Champions 2013. This time however, I would like to share with you my predictions on what will happen at Night of Champions this weekend. Some of the matches I booked actually got booked in real life. E.g. Orton vs. Bryan. Other matches were half right and half wrong. E.g. CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel. Instead of the Intercontinental Title being on the line, Paul Heyman got added into the match making it a Handicap Match. Just before I give my predictions, I do not know why they would have the Intercontinental Championship be excluded from the list of titles being defended. Makes the scheduling of this match stupid. Why not have Axel defend the title at Night of Champions and then have him team up with Paul against Punk at the NEXT PPV? Pretty poor if you ask me. Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

[B]Tag Team Turmoil; Winning team gets a shot for the WWE Tag Team Championship later on
The Prime Time Players vs. Tons of Funk vs. The Usos vs. 2 3MB members vs. The Real Americans (with Zeb Colter)[/B]
First two teams to start will be 3MB and The Usos. The Usos get the win after one of them hits a Superkick on one of the 3MB members. The next team out is Tons of Funk. The Usos get the win again after one of the them hits the Superfly Splash on Tensai. Out next is the Real Americans Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro and Swagger win after Cesaro hits the Neutralizer on one of the Usos while Swagger has the other one in the Patriot Lock. The last team out is The Prime Time Players Darren Young and Titus O'Neil. This bit of the match goes on for about 5 minutes with Young and Titus getting the win after Young hits the Fireman's Carry Gutbuster on Swagger for the pin and the win.

[B]Winners: Darren Young and Titus O'Neil[/B]


[B]United States Championship
Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler[/B]
There were actually talks of this match being pulled from the card since it was advertised on but then got taken down. If that is the case, then the title of the PPV 'Night of Champions' is redundant. They might as well rename this PPV Unforgiven and add a stipulation one of the World Title matches. Either way, I will still give a prediction for this match since there is still a possibility it will go ahead. Ziggler has actually gone down in the rankings. He was Mr MITB earlier in the year and cashed it in but lost it a month later in his concussion storyline. It would be smart to put the title on Ziggler as he needs a proper title run for 2013 while he still can. However, I do not think either of the Shield members will lose their titles JUST yet. Which is why I think that Ziggler will NOT win this match. The finish comes as Ziggler makes a quick comeback, hitting his best moves such as the Stinger Splash in the corner followed by a Sitout Facebuster. He hits the Jumping Elbow Drop and readies for the Zig Zag. Ambrose counters and hangs Ziggler on the top rope, followed by a Kickout DDT for a close two. He goes for the Headlock Driver but Ziggler spins out, kicks him in the gut and hits the Fame-Asser for another close two. Ziggler goes on the attack again and shoves the ref out of the way, allowing Ambrose to hit a thumb to Ziggler's eye. Ambrose rolls Ziggler up with a handful of the tights for the dirty win.

[B]Winner and STILL United States Champion: Dean Ambrose[/B]

[B]World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Rob Van Dam (with Ricardo Rodriguez)[/B]
For this match, it was a puzzle to decide on who the winner would be. Del Rio has had a good run and could continue doing so but RVD has never won the Heavyweight strap before. Maybe RVD is going to be the fourth superstar to have won the WWE, World Heavyweight and ECW Championships. Maybe RVD can add another accolade to his career by winning the Heavyweight title OR perhaps he will be another guy to get a shot and fail to win it from Del Rio. I personally would love to see RVD with the World Heavyweight Title. But as for Night of Champions, I do not think that will happen. I think that Del Rio will walk away with the title somehow. The finish comes as Del Rio works on RVD's arm for most of the match. RVD comes back with a Superkick to Del Rio. RVD hits a couple of kicking combinations, followed by an Irish Whip in the corner and a Running Crescent kick to Del Rio. RVD hits the Split Legged Moonsault on Del Rio for a two count. He charges back at Del Rio and hits the Monkey Flip, followed by Rolling Thunder. Van Dam heads to the top but misses the Frog Splash, allowing Del Rio to hit the Superkick on RVD. Del Rio covers but only gets two. Del Rio goes for the Backstabber but RVD holds onto the ropes and hits a Springboard Savate Kick. He goes to the top again and hits finally hits the Five Star Frog Splash! RVD is slow to make the cover, allowing Del Rio to kick out at two and a half. Van Dam goes up again but Del Rio trips him. Del Rio goes for a Super Armdrag but Van Dam hits a light Roundhouse Kick, sending Del Rio to the mat. RVD dives off and hits a Diving Side Kick. RVD hits a Standing Moonsault for another two count. RVD picks Del Rio up but Del Rio kicks him in the gut and hits the Double Knee Armbreaker for a quick two count. Del Rio goes for the Superkick again but RVD ducks it and hits a Dropkick on Del Rio and goes back up to the top. RVD goes for a Moonsault but Del Rio trips him. Del Rio climbs to the second rope and hits a Reverse Superplex for a close three. Del Rio gets frustrated as Ricardo starts the 'RVD' chants. Del Rio gets distracted and RVD uses his Modified Roll Up on Del Rio for another close three count. Del Rio tosses RVD into the corner and goes for the Running Enzuiguri but RVD ducks it and hits a Tornado DDT to Del Rio. RVD goes back up to the top rope. Ricardo gets on the apron and does the RVD taunt. Just as RVD is about to dive, Ricardo grabs RVD's injured arm and hangs it up on the top rope. Del Rio comes up from behind and hits the Backstabber on RVD. Del Rio locks in the Cross Armbreaker on Van Dam. RVD tries to fight out of it but taps out, giving Del Rio the win.

[B]Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio via Submission[/B]

[B]WWE Tag Team Championship
The Shield (Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) (c) vs. The Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O'Neil)[/B]
The Prime Time Players would finally be getting the push that they deserve. Even though that they have come a long way in the past month or so, I cannot see a title change. Just like the U.S. Title match, I cannot see any Shield members dropping their titles any time soon. With that being said, I expect this match to go for longer than 5-10 minutes since Young and Titus have already competed in the night. The finish comes when Titus gets worked over by Reigns and Rollins for most of the match and makes a hot tag to Young. Young cleans house with Rollins as the legal man and hits a nice Fireman's Carry Flapjack for a close two. He readies for the Gutbuster again. Reigns charges at Young but Young spins around and uses Rollins to knock down Reigns. Rollins drops down behind Young and goes for a Neckbreaker but Young shoves him into the corner. He hits a Running Dropkick and then follows it up with the Fireman's Carry Gutbuster! Young covers Rollins but Reigns breaks it up. Titus comes in and takes out Reigns. He goes for a corner move but Reigns hangs him up on the turnbuckle and dumps him to the outside. Rollins goes for a corner move but Young sidesteps him and Reigns makes a quick tag. Rollins goes for a kick but Young ducks it and goes for the Gutbuster again but Reigns charges and hits the Spear on Young and covers him for the win.

[B]Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins[/B]

[B]Handicap Elimination match
CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman[/B]
For this match, as I said earlier, I do not think it should happen at this PPV. I think Axel should be defending the Intercontinental Championship against someone, not teaming up with his manager. It makes the whole theme of 'Every Championship is on the line' pointless. But still, I'll give you a prediction for this match. No doubt that this might end the feud between Punk and Heyman because after this, I think CM Punk will be going for the gold again, (maybe the World Heavyweight Title) or perhaps going into a different feud. The first one eliminated will obviously be Curtis Axel. This finish comes as Axel works on Punk with aid from Heyman. Heyman will watch as Axel beats Punk up. Punk will make a comeback and hit his Arm Trap Neckbreaker and Running Knee in the corner, followed by a Short Arm Clothesline. Punk goes to the top rope and readies for the Savage Elbow but Heyman runs over and tries to shove him off the rope. Axel attacks Punk and pulls him off the top. Axel picks him back up and hits the Hangman's Facebuster for a close two. Punk comes back with a huge Roundhouse Kick to Axel. Punk locks in the Anaconda Vise but Heyman breaks it up. Heyman goes to escape but Punk catches him quickly. He scoops Heyman up for the GTS but Axel takes Punk out at the leg and then hits the Perfect-Plex for a close three count. Axel goes for the McGillicutter but Punk counters it into a DDT. Punk waits for Axel to get up and runs the ropes and hits a Flying Clothesline. He goes back up to the top and finally hits the Elbow Drop. Punk readies for the GTS but Axel drops behind Punk and lays him out with a quick Neckbreaker. Axel goes to the second rope and goes for a Diving Axehandle but Punk hits him in the gut. He scoops him up for a GTS again but Axel shoves Punk towards Heyman. Punk comes face to face with Heyman. Axel tries for a sneak attack but Punk side steps and Axel knocks Heyman off the apron. Punk picks Axel up and nails the GTS and covers him for the three count! Curtis Axel has been eliminated.

Heyman hears the announcement and looks into the ring as Punk stares at him with a grin on his face. Punk goes out to grab Heyman but Heyman rakes Punk in the eyes and charges up the ramp. Punk looks pissed off but security comes out with Heyman in tact. Heyman screams and kicks as Punk looks on. Punk goes back into the ring and tells security to drop him right in front of him. Heyman tries to roll out but security push him back in. Heyman is on his knees and begs Punk not to hurt him and shouts out that he loves him and always has. Axel attacks Punk from behind again and then lays him out with the McGillicutter. He leaves as Heyman smirks. Heyman crawls to Punk and covers him. Punk kicks out just before the three count. Heyman looks scared again. Axel picks Punk up and goes for it again but Punk counters it and Clotheslines Axel over the top rope. He looks at Heyman again. Punk finally grabs Heyman and levels him with a right hand. Punk goes on top and lands heavy rights. Punk picks Heyman up again and hits kicks to his gut and knee. Punk hits a huge kick to Heymans leg which sends him on his back. Punk scoop slams Heyman twice and hits an elbow drop. Heyman crawls to the corner as Punk readies him. Punk hits the Running High Knee. He goes for the Short Arm Clothesline on Heyman but drops him to the mat. Punk goes to the ropes and dives out on top of Axel! Punk sends Axel over the announcer table. Punk slides back in and Heyman boots him in the head. Heyman starts stomping but Punk grabs his leg and starts fuming. Punk hits a huge Roundhouse Kick to Heyman which nearly knocks him unconscious. Punk goes for the GTS on Heyman and connects. Heyman is out of it. Punk goes up to the top and points up at the roof. He dives off and hits the Savage Elbow on Heyman. Punk goes out of the ring once more and hits the GTS on Axel again. Punk shouts out as the fans pop. Punk goes into the ring again and locks Heyman in the Anaconda Vise. Heyman taps almost immediately, giving Punk the win.

[B]Winner: CM Punk via Submission[/B]

Punk doesn't release the hold. He keeps it locked in as the referee tries to pull him off Heyman. Heyman screams in pain. Punk still doesn't release it so the ref calls for the bell again. The referee tells Tony Chimel to make an announcement. The referee is reversing his decision and awards the match to Heyman and Axel. Punk finally releases the hold and shoves the ref out of the ring. Heyman attends to his arm and tries getting to his feet. Punk shrugs his shoulders and picks Heyman up and nails a second GTS on him. Punks music hits and he leaves with a smile.

[B]Winner: Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman via DQ[/B]

[B]Divas Championship
AJ Lee (c) vs. Natalya vs. Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella) vs. Naomi (with Cameron)[/B]
Personally, I think that AJ's reign as champion is going to come to an end. I think that there will be at least ONE title change at Night of Champions and this will be it. Naomi and Brie go at it while Natalya and AJ go at it. Naomi takes out Brie with a Leg Lariat and goes for the pin, only to be broken up by Natalya. Natalya and Naomi go at it now. Nikki Bella takes out Cameron on the outside which distracts Naomi. Natalya hits a Clothesline to Naomi for a close two. Natalya immediately locks in the Sharpshooter on Naomi as AJ locks in the Black Widow on Brie Bella. Nikki jumps on top of the apron and distracts the referee as Brie taps out. AJ releases the hold and spears Nikki out to the floor. The referee turns back to the action as Natalya releases the Sharpshooter and then lays Naomi out with a Discus Clothesline! Natalya covers as AJ fails to break up the pin, giving Natalya the win and the title.

[B]Winner and NEW Divas Champion: Natalya[/B]

[B]WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Daniel Bryan[/B]
This match is one that I am looking forward to. I cannot wait for this. Even though everyone says that Bryan will win, it is kind of obvious that he won't. Still...that's not 100% guaranteed since anything can happen in WWE. But this is still just the beginning of the Bryan vs. Orton feud. As previously reported, they are planning on having Orton/Bryan continue over the next month or so, with the last match between them possibly being at Hell in a Cell. With that being said, Orton has not even held the title for a month. He does not hold the World Title as often as he used to. He went just under two years since his last reign so I think Orton will be holding onto it until Royal Rumble or maybe even WrestleMania. I think they will do the classic 'Heel dominates 3/4 of the match' type of bout. As for the finish, after Orton controlling most of the match, Orton will make a mistake, allowing Bryan to capitalize. Bryan sends Orton out of the ring and dives through the ropes. Bryan screams out 'YES!' as he tosses Orton back into the ring. He hits an array of kicks to the knees and gut and chest are. Bryan corners Orton and unloads on him with kicks to the gut. He Irish Whips Orton into the opposite corner and yells out YES! again and charges and hits the Running Dropkick. He covers Orton but only gets two. Bryan goes for the Running Knee Strike but Orton side steps and sends Bryan on his back. Orton Clotheslines Bryan to the mat. Orton goes for the Angle Slam on Bryan but Bryan drops to the side. Orton goes for another Clothesline but Bryan ducks it, runs up the turnbuckle and flips over Orton. Bryan runs the ropes, ducks another Clothesline from Orton and hits the Flying Elbow Smash. Bryan goes to the top rope and hits a Front Missile Dropkick for a close three count. Bryan goes to Irish Whip Orton again but Orton turns it around into a Scoop Powerslam. Orton throws Bryan onto the apron and goes for the Viper-DDT but Bryan jumps outside to the floor, causing Orton to fling into the ropes. Bryan goes onto the apron as Orton holds his chest and Bryan drops Orton with a boot to the head. Bryan goes to the top rope and dives into the path of an RKO out of nowhere!!! Orton covers Bryan but Bryan kicks out somehow. Orton goes for another one but Bryan shoves Orton away. Orton comes back but Bryan kicks him to his knees and hits a bunch of kicks to Orton's chest. He hits the Roundhouse Kick and covers Orton for another two count. Bryan picks Orton up but Orton pulls him into the turnbuckle. Orton throws Bryan back over the apron and hits the Viper-DDT to success. Orton goes for the RKO once more but Bryan turns it around and locks in the NO! Lock! Orton nearly taps out but Triple H comes down to the ring. Bryan gets distracted. HHH gets on the apron but Bryan dropkicks his leg and The Game goes face first into the apron. Bryan goes out and hits the Running Knee Attack off the apron, taking Triple H out. Bryan runs back into the ring and goes to the top turnbuckle. He goes for the Headbutt but misses. Orton rolls Bryan up and gets the three count, stealing the win.

[B]Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Randy Orton[/B]

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